The Mistake

She woke up, quietly amidst the glass shards which surrounded her. She sat up straight, and with a soft cry, she picked up the glass shards, but while doing it she pricked her hand, but she didn’t let out a cry of pain. Things breaking in her house was a common thing, then she threw the glass shards in the dustbin, she then went to the living room, sat on the chair of the coffee table and sat thinking about her life, how could it have been different, if she had not commited that mistake. The mistake which has taken everything from her. There are mistakes and there are consequences. The mistake which she had done took everything from her and took her to a life full of sorrow, misery, gloom and pain. She had experience so much pain, that she does not feel the anymore. There are mistakes, and to hide them one commits another mistakes. If, only she had been a little considerant, it wouldn’t happen and she could live a  normal life. She sat down on the sofa, recalling the mistake she commited.

Hugo, who was her husband, had gone out for work. Her baby was fast asleep. She loved Hugo from the day they started going to school. Our baby is an obstacle, she would always think. She thought the baby was pulling Hugo away from her. Due to this reason, she would always be cranky and sometimes, depressed.

One day, situation took a turn for the worst. The baby caught cold, Hugo dropped his office that day just to take care of the baby, while taking care of his baby, he ordered her to prepare a soup. But, that soup turned sour and Hugo created a row over it.

The next day, with Hugo away. The baby and she was left alone. She was being driven to madness. She couldn’t stop herself. Then, she did it, she killed her own baby, which she had given birth. She confessed this to Hugo, thinking that he would understand. On hearing this Hugo fell on his knees crying. His world was shattered. He even threatened her that he would get her arrested, but he couldn’t. He didn’t have this power, this courage. From that day, things never became normal, and they argued over everything, everyday.

That was two years ago, but she still remembers it like it was yesterday.

She couldn’t even leave her because she was afraid. Hugo also couldn’t leave her.

But, it yesterday, it was her world which got shattered. The day passed normal. Arguing at the morning as well as evening, when Hugo came back from the office, he had gone to take a bath when she suddenly decided to check his phone, his calls, his texts. There was a girl named Annie, whom he frequently contacted and texted with. When he checked his messages with Annie, she was shocked. He told Annie EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM. How she killed the baby, how she went to a place and buried the baby. She felt breathing a problem. She went directly to Hugo and yelled, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS HUGO? HUH? YOU TOLD EVERYTHING TO ANNIE, AND WHO IS SHE?”

Hugo replied,” I did the right thing, and oh!! How silly of me to forget! I am giving you a divorce and then I am gonna hand you over to the police. Y’know, I suspected you from DAY ONE. That is why, I hid a security camera. I saw all the recordings. You are DAMNED!!”

She said dashing towards him,”You…!!”

Hugo, who was stronger than him, grabbed him and threw him on a glass vase. It broke, she fell and fainted. Hugo went to sleep.

Today, while picking up the glass shards, she felt pure anger and hate for Hugo, at the same time, she was also afraid. Then, she went and slept on the bed.

It was 8:45 p.m. when Hugo returned, he said nothing and sat down on a chair, pouring beer to his glass. She woke up and sat up straight, she headed to the washroom. She stayed there for two hours, crying at her life, how could it have been different, when she came up with a plan, she was going to kill him when he is asleep. So, she waited until Hugo went to bed and at 1:00 a.m. she took the sharpest knife from the kitchen and slammed it into Hugo’s chest. He was dead.

She laughed, laughed, she had finally got what she wanted for the past two years, freedom. She was free. She went to the washroom and took a bath, then she washed the room, plates, fridge and everything using gloves and socks which the police can utilize to derive her fingerprints thoroughly and washed the knife and took it with her, she also took all her belongings and went out of the room and on the street, she was laughing and smiling at her freedom, the freedom which she got after two years’ of struggle. She was so overjoyed that she could not notice a truck coming and then she was under its’ wheels. Now, after a long time she could feel pain. Pain in every limb of her body. Pain in every feeling of her. And, finally, pain in not getting the freedom she was almost going to get. Then, she suddenly saw someone running towards her, she saw her face… it was Hugo and then it was all darkness for her.

  • Advice from a pizza

    Okay, the biggest issue I see with this story is redundancy in word choices. I advise using a thesaurus in the future to help substitute words with the same or more pronounced meaning aka synonyms. It goes a long way and can really spice up a story. I would do a full review but Disqus isn’t a fan of lengthy posts, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    • KillerF999

      Thanks for your suggestion, Advice from a pizza, I’ll be sure to look into ‘Roget’ and try to remove my redundancy in word choice.

  • Bonnie Manz

    Honestly there were so many grammatical errors that it really was not possible to finish this story. You might want to try reading it out loud to help edit this story.

  • Lucas Myers

    Redundant, no pace, and some grammatical errors. More periods would be nice for incredibly long boring sentences. The use of “then” “suddenly” and just carrying the sentence too long killed me. I got 60% through and skipped to the end I couldn’t read any more.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    Tons of grammar errors, the most annoying of which is the random switching between “him” and “her” for both characters. I love the concept, just like Advice from a pizza said, work on the redundancy, not just in words but sentences. Don’t repeat the same thought or sentence over and over in very slightly different ways. Keep writing!