The Missing Man

I was thirsty as hell. “Did I have some coffee this morning?” I said out loud. I shrugged and turned the coffee pot full of water on. As I opened the coffee can, I looked out the window. There he was again. I saw him last Tuesday at the park. He was wearing the same clothes as he was the day he went missing. His hair was slicked back, his shoes were polished and shiny, his pants were neatly ironed and the collar on his shirt was tucked. He loved dressing nice no matter the occasion and if his pants weren’t ironed, he wouldn’t go anywhere. Something looked different today. This time, his hair looked longer. Is this him? He looks different… And he’s smiling.

The coffee pot started to squeal. It made me jump and look away. I quickly looked back out the window and he was gone. I took a deep breath and proceeded to make a cup of coffee. The phone rang and I jumped up. Why am I so jumpy this morning? I put the mug down and went to answer the phone. “Hello?” there was silence on the other end. Irritated, I say hello again. I heard a loud cough and then a man’s voice said hello. I felt chills run down my spine. I knew that voice. I used to love that voice but this time, it scared the daylight out of me. After a long pause, I hung up the phone and ran outside to my car. I had to get out of there. No question at all, that was him… the man outside my window.