The Messenger of Nar Haviish (Part 2)

I awoke. I don’t know how, nor do I care. All I know is that I was awake in a hospital bed. The kitten from hell was nowhere to be found. I never knew kittens could be so demented and demonic. I looked out the window of my room to the sky. It was snowing. Winter. But it was just summer! How could this be?! As cliché as this is, a nurse walked into the room at that exact moment and saw that I was conscious. She must have been horrified by the discovery, because she dropped the tray of tools and whatever else she was carrying and ran out of the room screaming. I guess it surprised her to see me conscious, question mark? Either way I was perplexed at her reaction. Sooner, rather than later, I’d find out why.

I hobbled into the bathroom and shut the door. I looked into the mirror and almost screamed just as the nurse had. My face was hideous. It looked like I’d been mauled by a bear or something. There were scratches all over my face. Some were so deep you could see bone. But the question arose; if my face was already like this, then why did the nurse seem so terrified? Unless she was new, there’d be no reason for her to scream like that. I walked out of the bathroom to see the faces of the nurse along with a couple of doctors who seemed just as… amazed, for lack of a better term. I asked what had happened and one of the doctors said they had no idea. The doctor was a young-looking gentleman with spiky brown hair and pearl green eyes that would reflect the sun right at you. He was somewhat short compared to the other doctor, who was an older man with very little white hair. He was almost bald and had an elongated face that almost resembled a tiki. Large nose with sunken eyes and a large mouth. He seemed to tower over the other two.

“You were completely fine when you came in, other than the fact that you were unconscious and had a large lump on your head,” proclaimed the older doctor. He still had a look of bewilderment on his face. I still had one question. I asked, “Wait, a lump? What do you mean?” Okay, okay. That was two questions but whatever. Shut up and listen to the story.

“Yes. You had fallen down the stairs to your basement apparently. Your mother found you and drove you here. You were already unconscious and slipping into a coma upon arrival,” replied the older one. This started me, as I had no recollection of the event. I told the staff members thank you and waddled back into bed. It felt like I hadn’t used my legs in months. Then again, I HAD been in a coma.

I spent a few more days in the hospital so the staff could make sure I didn’t slip again. I eventually went home with a little device they use to monitor brain waves implanted in my head. It would be removed after a while if all went well, but for the time being, it was a necessary evil. I got home and all I wanted to do was sit in the darkness for some reason. This was strange for sure, but nothing compared to what would happen while I did this. Thoughts started flooding my head about old friends and family. Thoughts that could paralyze the mind from the sheer terror and reality. One of my friends who had passed away in high school, Ben, (may he rest in peace) came in to view with a background of fire and ash. His features were all torn and mismatched. He didn’t even look human anymore. See, he had committed suicide in sophomore year. We were all heartbroken because he was basically everyone’s friend. Not a lot of people were close with him, but he was always there if someone needs it. It finally dawned on me what Nar Haviish meant. I hadn’t been there for Ben. No one knew he was suffering, but I sure as hell could have talked to him more. I didn’t even make an effort when he was around. I was such an a*s. Tears started filling my eyes and the vision faded out. A bright blue light filled the room, followed by what sounded like a chime, then silence. I wasn’t sure of what to do. But I knew what to think. As cliché as this is, it was just the beginning.

I woke up in a haze with my mother looking down at me. I was in bed and there was daylight. I asked what time it was. “4:30 in the afternoon,” my mother replied. “I was starting to worry. You must have been really tired.”

“Yeah,” I said groggily. “Rough sleep.”

“Just glad you’re alright. By the way before you ask, cheesy potato soup. You’re welcome.” She was referring to dinner. My favorite.

I went and ate my cheesy potato soup without hesitation. It was fan-flipping-tastic. I turned on my Xbox and started playing a game when I heard a noise. It sounded like a grunt coming from right outside my door. I got up and opened the door. There was fancy beige suit man in broad daylight. I was shocked, to say the least. My stepfather was sitting right there in the living room watching TV. How did he not see this? Gary (that’s the man’s new name from now on. Tired of the long name) spoke, “Greetings, fair peasant. How fair thee?” I wanted to punch him but I had no idea whether he was opac or not, so I decided against it. I told him I was decent but tired of his s**t already. “That’s too bad,” he said, “I hath come with a new message from the dark one. Thou hath witnessed once a murder. Thou must endure another many before thy journey beith over. Think well on these and thine. The next may be thy last, if thou art not careful.” He left, and my stepfather was looking at me with a confused expression. “You okay?” he asked. “I’m not sure. I might go back to sleep.” I went back in my room and did exactly that. Nothing happened in my sleep. For once.

Time seems so consequential to us, but we are only half right. Humanity has only been around on Earth for 0.0000000001% (or something like that) of the planet’s life. Yet we’ve managed to nearly destroy it in such little time. These “monsters” such as Nar Haviish seek to rid the Earth of people that mean to harm it. I found this out from Gary a couple nights after the weird incident. I was sitting in bed doing absolutely nothing when he showed up in the middle of my room. “Dost thou know thine history of thy species? Humanity started small. Unpredictable and without a purpose. It hath wrought destruction for such a small time. And now, it beith a blight. Another question; dost thou know why the Dark One seeks to purge?” he waited for an answer this time. “Uh, not really. I just assumed he was being a di-” He cut me off. “It is because he is trying to rid the world of those who seek to hurt it. Thou hath no idea how much thou hath hurt it. Thou beith not the only one to suffer. No, many others before thee hath been tried, accused or relieved, and dealt with accordingly. Learn thy ways. Change them. I beg you.” That last line threw me off a bit. “I-” He disappeared. Quite rude of him to keep interrupting me like that.

The next day was somewhat uneventful. I sat at home watching YouTube all day. At one point, I thought I saw someone watching me through my window. As soon as I turned my head to look, they vanished. Of course. Why wouldn’t they? It was that night that I actually got some decent sleep, albeit with a strange dream. At least it wasn’t a vision for once. I dreamt that I was skydiving (something I’d never actually do on my own) and my parachute wouldn’t open. I was only about 500 feet up when it finally opened and caught me. Scary stuff, for sure. It was the next day that really threw me for a loop. All day I kept hearing a familiar voice say, “Heeeeeyyyyy.” I didn’t know the voice. It was so vague yet so familiar to me, like I’d heard it so many times. It was about 9:00 p.m. that it finally came to light who the voice belonged to. Gary visited me again, though this time it wasn’t he who spoke. His face wasn’t the same either.

“Hey (insert narrator’s name here). How are you?” It was my ex girlfriend, Michaela. She was the only woman I’d ever slept with, and I regretted it. We were “madly” in love. Or so I thought. We were supposed to get married and everything. But not even two weeks after we finally hooked up, she broke up with me to sleep around with other guys. It hurt so bad that I nearly killed myself from the crippling depression that followed. I never forgave her. I just couldn’t.

“I… I… What the F**K are you doing here!? I thought I made it clear to you that I never, EVER, wanted to see or hear you again! What is wrong with you!?” I let out a few other choice words, but I’d rather not repeat.

“I missed you. I know I messed up, but I couldn’t help it. I loved you so much. I just didn’t know how to handle it.” She was so sly. I let loose.

“You call that love? You call that love? You don’t break up with someone you spent so much time with, someone who gave you everything you wanted, and call it love. You’re a b***h. You’re a liar. And you’re a cheater. Your existence is meaningless to me! Honestly, I wish I’d never met you.”

She wasn’t going to let it go. “Listen, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’m lost without you. I know you miss me and still love me.”

“See, everything you ever did and said…” I glanced behind me before balling my hand into a fist, “… was wrong.” I turned around fast as lightning and struck her… it… in the face. All around me I saw what looked like shattered glass flying in all directions. I would never hit a woman. Never. But something took a hold of me. I couldn’t stop myself. My father would be disappointed, but oh well.

“Thou hath…” I wasn’t having it. I threw another punch, connecting with the stomach. It sounded like an explosion as it sounded like the air or whatever escaped Gary’s lungs. Time stood still for a minute. As soon as I heard my own breathing, I spoke up. “You don’t ever bring her into this. I don’t care what I’ve done to deserve this mess. That will never be my fault. I will kill you in that fact.”

Gary answered, wheezing, “To understand thy sins, thou must suffer, no matter the cost. Thou…” I cut him off, just as he kept doing to me.

“No. That’s not suffering. That’s just p*****g me off. I don’t give a DAMN what you think you’re putting me through with that. I’ll kill you. And your master too. Don’t ever bring her up again, or I swear, I’ll be able to kill gods with my hate, let alone you.” And with that, he left.

I looked down at my hand and saw that it was bleeding. I decided I’d wrap it up and go to bed. I walked out of my bedroom and through the house to the bathroom. There were some bandage strips in there I could use. After wrapping up my hand, I walked into the kitchen to get a drink. I saw shadows everywhere in the darkness. I didn’t bother turning on the lights. No longer did fear grasp my mind. After everything with Nar Haviish and Gary, there was nothing to truly fear. I got some tea and headed back to my room to get some sleep.

I don’t know when I awoke. You’d think it’d be easy enough to just look at a clock, but no. See, time was standing still. It said 2:00 a.m. on my phone, but ten minutes went by and it still showed the same time (I counted the seconds). Another “trial” was upon me. There was no doubt about that. I welcomed Gary before he even had a chance to fully materialize.

“Hey Mr… yea whatever your name is. Thanks for stopping by.” I felt his presence behind me but he didn’t say anything. I turned around and was taken somewhat aback. It was Gary, but not Gary. He was wearing some sort of cat outfit… or… something. Definitely a cat tail and cat ears but I couldn’t understand the rest. It was all wavy and dark, like a shadow. I heard the voice of another ex of mine. The one I hoped I would hear again, but not under these circumstances.

“Hey. I’m sorry things didn’t work out, but I’m not sure I was or am ready.” It was her. I won’t say her name, out of respect for her, but she was near perfect. I knew she’d never come back. I also knew why.

She wasn’t very talkative, therefore there was some lack of communication. She would never tell me “no”. I wanted her to say something. I wanted her to tell me where her limits were, but she never did. And one day, I took things a little too far. Before I go on, I would never force anyone to do anything, especially s*x. So before you stop reading/listening, I didn’t do that. But what I did do could almost be just as bad. We were in my room cuddling and watching a movie. We would sometimes get a little frisky but never went too far. Just touching and kissing. But this time, I asked out of curiosity.

“How far is too far?” She just shrugged. So I started touching her more. “Is that okay?” I asked. She sort of nodded shyly. I did it some more. She shut her legs kind of tight and I knew I’d messed up. I hugged her and tried to console her. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to know.” It was all I could think of to say. Part of me believes she was understanding, but at the same time I know it wasn’t right.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so so so so sorry.” I broke out in tears and fell to my knees. I knew it wasn’t real, but the emotions were. I just couldn’t let go. She meant so much to me and it about killed me to know that she would never be back.

“I’m sorry too,” replied Gary/her, “but what’s done is done. And now, we become the wind.”

“W-what?” I had no idea what that meant. He/she vanished. Dammit Gary. With tears still in my eyes, I lied back down and continued sobbing until I finally fell back to sleep. That had to be it. The final trial. Nothing, and I mean nothing, hurt more than that. It was the only thing I couldn’t do. I couldn’t let go. Eventually I started drifting off and let the darkness envelop me.