The Man in the Tux

The Man in the Tux

By Jocelynn McFarlane

The man smirked at the defenseless boy and touched his cheek, Adrian would’ve punched the man in the jaw, but he was tied to a wooden chair, his legs tightly squeezed together, same going for his hands.

“Who the hell are you? And what do you want with me?!” the poor boy said.

The man turns around, adjusting his red tie and walks over to another chair and takes out a small black box. The man has a very manly shape for his age of 17, with a slim body shape and longish brown hair that went down to his shoulder area, being held up in a bun. The boy on the other hand, is more scrawny and helpless looking, his name being Adrian, he’s probably around  6’1… and is in his senior year of high school.

Adrian looks around the room looking for an escape, the only one in sight was a rusted window near the middle of the wall, tinted in dried blood from his past victims. It sent sickening chills down his spine.

“I’ve been watching you for a while now… Every little step you have taken to become the pathetic man you are today,” the man says, itching behind his ear. He then opens the box and takes out a long needle and a bottle of some medicine. The mysterious man then kneels down and puts the syringe into his mouth, to be able to use both hands to do his procedure.

“This drug right here little man, is a truth serum. This will alter your mind and make you incapable of lying… I am dearly sorry. For this is gonna hurt a lot~” the man says taking the serum out of its container and inserting it into the syringe.

“Let me go!! Who even are you?! What did I do to deserve this! And get your goddamn hand off my leg.”

The man notices that he was touching Adrian’s thigh and quickly moves it and begins blushing.

“Shut up. And the whole reason that I’m doing this is because I need to know who you are… For research perposes~” The man says, he is inches from Adrian now, his warm breath hitting his cold sweat.

“I will count to three… Will that help you Adrian? I am warning you… This is gonna hurt like a b***h.” The man says staring at Adrian with slight concern.

“I don’t want you to do this stop!!!” Adrian pleads.

“One…” The man says slowly.


“Two…” The man then looks at Adrian with a slight smile at the poor boys agony.

Adrian is crying now, his tears running down his face, to his chest.


The man quickly slides the needle into Adrian’s vein on his arm, a loud yelp comes from him as he balls his eyes out.

“Ok tough guy… Now Its night night time~”

The man then stands up and as quick as lightning, goes behind Adrian and punches him in the head. A huge ring goes through Adrian’s ears and the world goes black.

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Is that it? I mean, come on this gives you nothing but the men’s looks and that he likes boys

  • Becca

    Where is the rest? This makes zero sense. And the second one I’ve read like it today

  • HEX

    No decent self respecting killer would ever wear a bun!!! You got to make it more real.