The Hole in the Wall

As ever since I was born, me and my family were moving a lot. I didn’t know why. Now I know, but it doesn’t matter.

I was age 5 when I experienced something paranormal. It was something to remember. This was a date that is today unknown to me and the worst date ever. Since we moved into our new home, I liked it.

Day after day, it passed in this house. Since I have two younger brothers, I slept on my own bed while they slept in bunk bed. It was about 3 months before we moved to our next home. I was sleeping in my bed. Having a nice dream.

Suddenly I was woke up by something. That something touched me. I was sleeping on opposite side of the wall. As that something touched me with three fingers, I turned around as fast as I could to see that creature. I turned around and saw a hole in the wall leading infinity down deep.

I rubbed my hands against my eyes and looked again. Still a hole. But this time, there was something glowing in there making a shadow that looked on the floor like THREE FINGERS. I got so afraid I started crying and calling for my mum. Since I turned around opposite of the hole and I heard my mum coming, when she arrived I pointed at the wall.

When she looked, she said there was nothing there. I took a look, there was nothing there. I said that I saw something but I never told her what. Next day, I spend mostly looking at that wall. Next night, I fall asleep again opposite side of the wall. This time something touched me like it wanted to wake me up.

I turned around and looked into this creature that was now looking at me with its red eyes and creepy hot breath. This time there was blood around the hole. I was shaking. The creature blinked and vanished and the hole started to shrink. Ever since, I sleep looking at the wall.

Since I am 13, I live on other side of town and still remember it in details. This is a true story and I still don’t know. Was this a nightmare? This experience, I had one more time when I was 9.


    I’m almost 13 XD

    • Dominik Kalezić

      What does that have to do with this story

    • baily

      Well I have 3 more years but it still scares me lol