The Greener Grass


Editors note: this is a very true story, I know it isn’t scary or about paranormal activities or anything like that. What makes this story so scary is the things i went through.. be careful what you wish for.

Emile. Was his name. I met him on an online dating website, he was 21, long dark hair. He was very attractive, most importantly he was very sweet to me. He would smother me with love, told me i was beautiful everyday. He was my prince charming. The only bad thing about this was i was in a relationship. A 5 year long relationship when i met him. The loneliness of being with a man who always worked and didn’t ever have time to give me attention or even tell me he loves me. Emile gave me comfort. He gave me something I’ve never felt before. Although i never admitted to him my love for him, as i was a loyal woman. He was just a little bit of comfort. Most women will understand the feeling of being with someone who doesn’t seem like they love you like they used to.

About 3 months into late night phone calls and me sneaking off to talk to Him, i decided to let emile actually meet me. He lived 300 miles away from me. I waited about 6 hours for him to show up at my brothers house. When i met him and actually hugged him it just felt so right. We had an amazing weekend, we went to the Zoo here in my city, he took me to expensive restaurants, wine and dined me. He gave me that exciting feeling of a new relationship i just wanted to hug him forever and never let him go.

He left that Sunday morning. I felt so happy. I thought i found the person i wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Months went by and we still talked. Everyday. I swear, that boy could make me smile like no other before. When youre raised the way i was you would know that smiles are hard to come by.

September. I remember it vividly. It would be the worst month of my entire life. Emile couldn’t wait to see me, as i couldn’t wait to see him again. We had planned for months to meet again before halloween. I snuck away for the weekend again from my boyfriend (like he noticed lol). Once again me and emile had a great night. It was romantic. Like movies type of romantic. Nobody had ever gave me such excitement.

Me and emile were hugging, about to part ways. As he was hugging me he started crying, me being me i asked him what was wrong. He told me he wanted me to leave my boyfriend for him and move away with him. I wont lie, i wanted to. So bad. The state i grew up in wasn’t the place I wanted to spend the rest of my life, but my father.. my brothers. I couldn’t leave my family.. and poor caleb (we will not discuss his real name) he would be crushed. Even though emile Excited me i just couldn’t. Caleb and I were together so long I just couldn’t up and leave.

Well enough with the details,
Emile got very upset when i denied his request. Like deathly upset. He was holding onto me on his knees with this puppy dog look pleading for me to go away forever with him. I couldn’t. I knew i couldn’t. I tried to walk away, i walked into my front door and as I got to the opening i asked him to leave. He got into his car and left. I thought that was the end. I was crushed. I loved him very much why couldn’t he understand?

The next few days were the worst days of my life.
Emile knew every detail of what i did on a regular. I wasn’t a working woman, as caleb took very good care of me. As he went to work one day, i heard a knock on the door and when i answered it I was speechless. There he was, standing in front of me with my initials carved into his wrists, bleeding everywhere as if he had slashed a vein in his skin. Ill never forget when he grabbed me by my neck and threw me down onto my floor. He stood over top of me, smiling. Like something was amusing. I quickly got up to run over to my phone to call 911 and as i did that he pushed me down, put his knees into my chest and beat me black and blue. He hit me so many times i couldn’t even count them, the blows to my face got worse and worse. The next thing I know his hands are wrapped around my neck and i could feel the life coming out of me. I felt like my soul was leaving my body. When he let go, i could see it in his eyes. Ive never seen someone look so.. evil? I cant even describe it. After that he fled. He left and after he left I called my brother. We decided not to call the cops, cops would mean court and court to me would tear me apart as i remember being 11 years old having to stand in front of the man who abused me my whole childhood, it scarred me. I couldn’t go through it again

The last 3 years since that has happened I’ve heard from emile everyday. Hes harassed me, my father, and every single one of my friends. He would go as far as to tell me and caleb he was going to kill us in our sleep. I’ve moved twice from fear. Ive changed my phone number about 12 times. Me and caleb fought so much over it, he didn’t look at me the same. As of right now i am scared. For my life. I have been for the past 3 years. I can’t go anywhere without looking over my shoulder.

There is so much more that i myself couldn’t explain. The look in his eyes is what haunts me the most. I dream about it every night.

Emile is in prison right now. For involuntary manslaughter.

When he beat me up i was 24 weeks pregnant. It took me years, but I finally built up the courage to prosecute him, for he had taken a child from me. Caleb left me, after the death of our child we couldn’t just ignore that we were growing apart.

Take my words as advice, the grass Is never greener on the other side.

“Hold the person that you love closely if they’re next to you. The one you love, not the person to simply have s*x with you. Appreciate them to the fullestop extent, and then beyond. Because you never really know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.”

  • ThatoneAmericanDadFan

    Oh my god. Im so sorry. I know how it feels.

  • Konner

    I… I don’t see how this is a true story, considering I’ve never heard of it before. It seems like a big deal but I’m sure I would of heard of it. I don’t know. You had so many mistakes (simple ones, yes, but ones you could of easily fixed by proofreading). That also makes me feel more like this isn’t true. I mean, if this happened, I feel you would be a little more passionate about writing it. 3.5 stars.