The Face

It’s the middle of the night, 3:26 a.m. to be completely exact. I’ve been awake for hours now, and I don’t know what to do.

You might be a little confused, I do get a bit ahead of myself sometimes. I’ll back-track a bit.

About three hours ago, I woke up to a banging noise on my bedroom window. It was only a slight, quiet noise, but it was loud enough to wake me up in the late night silence.

So, I was curious and I sat up to see what the noise was, figuring maybe it was an animal or a tree branch or something.

Neither of those things were what I saw.

There was a face staring into the window. The face was pale and hairless, and a set of huge, dark eyes were the dominant and sole noticeable feature in the thing’s face; it had absolutely no mouth or nose that I could see.

So I just laid back down, pretending that I hadn’t seen it, because that was really the only thing I could think to do, and closed my eyes.

But it’s been about three hours now and it’s come into my bedroom. I can feel its breath on my neck, but I’m trying to pretend that it’s not there, that’s it’s just the warm breeze coming in from the window. But it’s not. I know it’s not, but a guy can hope, right?

I just hope that when it finally does what it came for that it makes it quick—just gets it over with.

Oh god, I… I can feel its fingers on my spine now, and, god, its nails long and razor-sharp, sending spikes of pain down my spine and a warm flush of blood down my back as it slices open my skin.

Please let this be quick.

This article written by nightmare.fuel

  • Misterlemon

    Short but terrifying

    • SkylerHatesYou

      I hate you too

  • SkylerHatesYou

    I hate you. This f*****g sucked…. Nobody loves you…. KYS!!!

    • SkylerHatesYou