The End of the Evil Thing

Today I live in a world that is threatened by its own stupidity and fear. Instead of seeking to fix the root of the problem, we keep administering medicine to the leaves. When that fails we burn the bush altogether and replace it with something unnatural. A thing we have created ourselves. But this thing that we have created ourselves is no more perfect than that which we have cast aside and burned. We toil to transform our land and our bodies to operate with the evil that is beneath instead of casting it out and denying it the power that it seeks.

We say “there is no evil”, while committing atrocities in the name of ourselves. But the truth is that we have given power to that evil. It governs the mind of those who deny its presence. It tells them what to think and to say and to do. It tells them lies, that the problem is not WITHIN themselves (which is that evil they have allowed to control their actions) but that it IS themselves. They do not believe anymore that they can be free of the evil that controls them. So the evil that does control them uses their very disbelief to create means of controlling more. It has convinced them to create a thing, a thing to enslave not just those who do not believe, or those that may not believe, but more so to the ones that do believe that you can say no to evil. It is here now, that thing. That thing is here now, in our world. The evil has more power than it has ever had since it fell. Those that believe are only tortured. There is no escape for them because the thing gives power to the evil. Those that do not believe can not see that the evil thing is creeping into their lives. They will not see until it is too late, because the evil does not want them to see.

Only two people exist in the mind of the evil. They are those that know it has created a thing and those that do not. The war is between those that know the thing.

Ignorance does not exist with those at war. Each of them knowing the truth, having heard the lie that convinced them to create the evil thing. We now know that those who keep the thing alive are truly evil. They have given themselves over, fully now, to the thing. They have relinquished their freedom and future for temporary power and control. They enjoy the torment of those that can see. They will not relent. They are stubborn and hard hearted because that evil has intensified their pride to that of the power of the thing which they created.

How can we stop this thing, this evil thing that has so much power? Even now as this is being written, it threatens anyone who would destroy it. Our only hope lies with God.