The Door – Chapter One – Don’t Talk

It is said a door awaits for a being with imagination and wonder to arrive. This door can be old or new, shinny or cracked with jagged wood. You will know if you arrive at this door because one sentence is carved into this door with large creepy letters, “Don’t talk about the door”… that’s it. This door belongs to no one and no one belongs to this door.

Robert was turning thirteen in the middle of December. Snow fell heavy on the woods and the animals moved slowly. Christmas music can be heard in these dark woods from an old but cozy cabin. Robert Kurt and his family were celebrating his birthday near the warm fire-place where the flames grew as bright as his family’s love for one another. Chris, Jane, Paul and James sat next to Robert on the big family rug.

Robert and his friends were thick as thieves and got into some trouble last year in the summer of eighty nine. A fair took place that year for all the country folk and famous loggers in the town. The man who could cut the most wood would win their family a white as snow check for twenty thousand dollars. The race would start the next morning and end on that same day but Robert knew his dad was the best logger… still one man worried Robert, Stan Pat.

Stan Pat was the runner up against Roberts dad and that made Robert worry about loosing the money for his family. Robert gathered his close friends and devised a plan, If his friends helped him he’d give them all five dollars and some chewing gum. Robert and his friends silently ran over to Stan’s truck and grabbed his chain saw.

That chain saw shinned so bright and proud, it made Robert sick. Robert took out the piece of Black Jack gum he was chewing and rammed it into the pull of the chain saw in hopes of it getting stuck and not running. Robert went to sleep that night feeling clever and proud for tomorrow was going to be a joyous one. Robert woke up with a sparkle in his eye and a jump in his step as his family headed to the fair.

Roberts dad looked very strong and ready that day as he stood next to Stan on the stage. Roberts dad proclaimed he was the best logger and Stan challenged him. Roberts dad made a deal with Stan to prove he was the best, He would trade chain saws with Stan and cut more wood. Stan agreed interested in the Idea as a gun shot and the challenge began.

Robert and his little brother John rode in the truck with their dad for they needed to see how a man works. Robert tried to tell his dad about the chain saw but in a confident high shrugged it aside and told the boys to “See how it was done”. Roberts dad pulled up to a giant dead tree he had his eye on for this very purpose. Robert, John and their dad stood next to the tree as the boys dad was getting frustrated that the chainsaw wouldn’t start.

Robert cried out to his dad but just made his dad spiral more into a rage. Roberts dad pulled hard on the chainsaw as it started to run loudly then something terrible happened… Roberts dad slipped and the chainsaw went right into his brothers right leg cutting it off from his knee cap.

John screamed in agony as his dad chucked the saw into the lake right by the tree and ran to his son. Roberts dad took his shirt off and tried Johns dyer wound. They rushed to the hospital and got John the help he needed but time was against them, only so much blood can be lost before you slowly die. Robert sat outside the room where the emergency surgery was taking place, time meant everything and nothing at this time.

The doctor finally came out and in the late hours of the day telling Robert they saved his brother but he would have to stay for a couple of days. Roberts dad stayed in Johns room for weeks until he got well. Roberts dad promised with his maker and Robert he’d never get angry around his kids again. Robert and his friends vowed to never speak of that day with anyone but trouble still came upon them… in their minds.

“Happy Birthday!” John said shifting over to his brother with his wooden leg Roberts dad crafted for him. John hugged Robert tight and proclaimed his love for him. Robert looked down as a tear rolled down his fave with the shame he had felt. John wanted to go see the lake with snow on it for the sight of it joyed him.

Roberts dad of coarse said no and sent them all to bed. The hours got late with Robert and John with their friends in his room. Robert wanted to help john feel better about his day so he convinced everyone they should sneak out and see the lake. Everyone agreed because they had also felt the same shame and pain for John.

They silently got bundled up in warm clothes and sneak out of the cabin. Jane grabbed some rope and a sled laying near by and sat john on it as Robert started to pull him towards the lake. As the kids walked on the storm got worse but Robert was not giving up on his brother. The kids reached the lake and John almost cried saying Robert was the best brother ever until suddenly Paul pointed out a door by the lake connected to nothing.

They walked towards the door and saw a little glimmer of light forcing its way out from the bottom of the door. As the kids got closer they came to a sudden stop when they realized a dark figure was standing next to the door with half of his body behind it. The figure stood still, so still it caused a shiver down the kids spines. The figure had a giant smile and laughed very slow but very creepy with squeals at the end of each laugh.

Robert asked bravely what the figure wanted. The figure threw something at Roberts feet and said “Robby you like to chew gum?” Robert looked down at his feet and saw something that tore all the courage he had, it was an empty pack of Black Jack chewing gum. Robert look up as the figure stepped away from the door revealing a chainsaw, a chainsaw that shinned so bright he knew that chainsaw belonged to a man named Stan. Robert and his friends started to run until the figure yelled, “I can get Johnny his leg back and your hearts wouldn’t be torn like they are now!”

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    Oh god i hope there’s no more of this. What a load of gibberish with very bad grammar. Just total nonsense