The Diary of Felix Tomson – Part 1

This diary belongs to Felix Tomson, passed onto me a writer, by his sister. The events that transpire in this diary are graphic, unsettling and borderline disturbing, it is also noted that many people, including myself, that have read this diary have witnessed strange events. Some people, such as Felix’s sister, believe this diary is cursed. You have been warned.

Day 1:

Hi my name is Felix! This is my first diary entry I guess, I’ve been told to keep a diary by my councillor to help me cope with depression and my chronic sleepwalking problem, honestly I don’t think this will help but f**k it lets give it a try. Going to bed soon so fingers crossed no nightmares or sleepwalking tonight, good night diary.


Day 2:

Finally home from work, gods I hate that job but it puts bread on the table so I can’t complain. Last night… like the nights before, was bad, I have a good idea of how the nightmare played out so I’m going to write it down before I forget, here it goes… I wake. White Light shredding through my eye lids, upon opening them they reveal that the light was coming from street lights, hanging ominously above me as I find my self laying on hard, cold concrete. My vision reaffirms itself and the light dims allowing a beautiful night sky overcast itself upon me. I stand, feet wobbly, legs aching but overcoming the pain none the less. I look at my surrounding, a park, a dark, haunting park, thick trees loom over me and beyond then contains large fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. I happen to be standing on one of the many walkways in the park, I fix my vision the on the concrete path that lay before me. Something appears to be on the path with me, I squint, a faint outline of a person that appears to be wearing a hoodie stands on the horizon line, waving at me, slowly and methodically . I yell, “Sir, have you any Idea where we are?” after a pause a large gust of wind moans through the trees causing me to shield my face from the leaves.

I place my hands back to my sides and a shiver shot up my spine as I find the figure walking away from me, whistling a small nursery rime. The strangest thing about it was it echoed around me, as if he was whistling inside my head.

Before I could think anymore my body gave way and I found my head plunging towards the concrete floor below me and with that darkness enveloped me. I shoot awake and find myself in bed, the room was ice cold even with all the windows shut, probably due to the damp in the walls.

Anyway that’s the dream I experienced, similar to most of my other dreams but they seem to progressively get worse, more intense as I dream more. Well time for a bed, good night diary.

Day 3:

*unreadable handwriting*, a shadow was watching me last night, I don’t mean in the dream I mean in real life. I wake up after the same nightmare but this time I find myself asleep¬† downstairs in my living room covered in sweat, trembling in fear.

To be continues on part 2…