The Daughter V. The Tracer Ch. 1

Warning: This series contains multiple Creepypastas. If you believe this will anger you from the author using Creepypastas that they do not own, or the author using these characters in their own vision, you should consider not reading this. Also this series has the origins stories “The Daughter” and “The Tracer”, and it is highly advised that you read those first, if haven’t doing so already. Thank you, and enjoy.

“Is all that we see or seem, a dream within a dream?”
-A Dream Within a Dream
Edgar Allan Poe

Lover’s Hill… a quiet hill a couple of miles away from the town. Carly Hail and Jacob Newlter sat in his car, removing their clothes as they kissed each other. Who… was going to get them first though?

“Jacob! Stop!” Carly pulled Jacob’s head away from her… instantly making him irritated. “What is it?” Carly tried not to panic as she stared at her watch. “Jacob, it’s midnight, my dad would kill me if he knew I was out this la-” Before Carly could finish her sentence, Jacob slammed his tongue into her mouth. “Jacob! I’m serious!” “Come on, Carly! Just… just a little longer… please.”

Jacob and Carly had known each other since they were in the 3rd grade. From giving each other Math answers to making out in a car.

Jacob put on puppy-eyes… hiding his horny self, only looking for a night where he isn’t bored. Carly sighed and gave into his cheap display. Their act could be heard… by the two figures… standing behind their car.

Carly jumped a tad when a tap came from behind the car. “What was that?” “It was nothing…” Carly looked over to the rear window… to see nothing but darkness. “I don’t know… I could have sworn…”

Suddenly, a knock came from the driver-side window. Carly nearly screamed. Turning to the window… Jacob and Carly could see a girl. It was strange for someone to be out here in the middle of the night. This place was known around the town for being a make-out spot. Seeing someone out here alone was just plain odd.

Jacob rolled down his window cautiously, turning to the girl outside the car. “Hello?” “Can you help me? I’m trying to find my way back to my campsite. I got lost, and I can’t find my way back.” Jacob observed her up and down… searching for any reason why he shouldn’t trust her. She looked to be about 18. She wore a white and red hoodie, black skinny jeans, and black hightops. She certainly did look like she was on a camping trip.

For some reason, Dejavu hit Jacob like a truck. Why did this girl look so familiar? “I got a map in my car. Here, I’ll get it for you.” He reached into his cupboard, taking out a large roll of paper. There was no way to check phones up on Lover’s Hill, since there was no cellphone service on the mountain. That was one of the reasons why people came to the mountain… you could never be interrupted by calls or texts… leaving more time for make-out sessions.

Jacob stepped out of the car, grabbing his phone for some light. “Alright… here you go. I’ll hold the phone.” “Oh, thanks.” As Jacob helped the stranger, Carly checked her phone for the time. “Ugh… I’m going to need to go home soon…” Jacob turned to the girl… who was reading the map. “Say… have we met before? You look really familiar.” “I do? I’m not even from this town.”

Jacob sighed. “Umm… what’s your name? If you don’t mind me asking.” He tried to contain himself. “Umm… remember a news report a while back… about a missing girl and a burned down house?” Jacob reached into his brain and nodded. “Jane Flynn…” The girl smiled. “The girl who lives…”

Suddenly a pain took over Jacob’s stomach. Carly turned to her left to see her boyfriend falling to the ground with a knife in his chest. She screamed a gut wrenching scream when she glanced up at the white haired girl. The girl smirked as she stared over the car. “Get her…”

Carly quickly opened her door. It felt like blood was rushing toward her brain, making it feel like she was going to faint from the trauma. She stepped outside of the car, preparing to run. Carly suddenly stopped in her tracks… when she realized someone stood in front of her.

“Look at me…” Carly stared downward as the male stood in front of her. “Look up… n-now…” He stuttered over his words. Carly… slowly… lifted her head upward. Her heart continued to race as her hands twitched from the tension. Her head lifted up fully… so she opened her eyes… to hear… “Boo…” The girl on the other side of the car smiled as Carly screamed her lungs out.

The sound of her partner’s hatchet slamming into someone’s skin always put a smile on her face.

Suddenly… the sound of screams stopped. Her partner sighed as he stood up. “It’s… hm… done.” “Good… thanks Toby.” “No problem… it was actually quite fun.”

Toby was Jane’s partner. When the Slenderman brought Jane in… he said Toby was going to show her the ropes. After Jane grew in ranks, there was no student or teacher, only partners.

Toby walked over to Jane’s side of the car, holding his hatchet over his shoulder. “What are you going to collect this time?” Jane smiled, searching the car. “I’ll take this necklace. Do you think it’ll look good on me?” “Why are you… hm… asking m-me?” Jane smiled, shrugging her shoulders.

She had always took trophies of her killings. It was sort of her trademark. Toby eyed her, giving off a suspicious look. “Where did you get that hoodie?” Jane turned to her white hoodie and shrugged. “Does it matter?” Toby rolled his eyes and sighed. “I just never… hm… seen you wear that h-hoodie before.”

Jane chuckled, turning back to Toby. “Stop being such a worry-wart, Toby. I know we’re partners, but you don’t need to be all protective over me.” Toby stayed silent… smiling under his mask. “The Slenderman would kill me if I wasn’t. You’re my p-partner for a reason… so just remember that. I’m going…hm… back with the others. Do you w-wanna come?” Jane sighed… thinking over her decision. “Umm… I think I’ll stay out here for a little longer.”

Jane turned toward the sky and smiled. “It’s just… so pretty out here.” Toby chuckled at his partner. “Only you… I’ll go t-tell the Slenderman, hm… that you’ll come later.”

Toby grabbed his hatchet, swinging it over his shoulder. “Later, Jane.” Toby began to walk off into the dark forest once again. Toby always put a smile to her face. It was amazing to believe that they have known each other for only two years.

Jane turned toward the sky once again. Who knew a place where people came to make-out would be so pretty?

Jane climbed onto the black car, laying over the sunroof. She turned to her black Rolex… waiting for the time to pass. “Come on… where is he?” Minutes passed as Jane stared up at the stars. It was just a slow process… waiting. She was starting to wonder if he wasn’t coming at all. Suddenly… in a raspy, deep voice… her suspicions were proven false.


A smile formed on Jane’s face when she heard that raspy voice… one she knew far too much about. “Jeffrey…” Turning around, she could see a dark headed, joker-like sociopath walking towards her, with him rolling his eyes from her statement. “You know I don’t like to be called that.” “Well I don’t liked to be called sweetheart, so that was payback.”

Jeffrey Woods, also known as Jeff. Jeff was shot in the face with a flare gun, making him blind in one eye and messing up his face. There are many rumors as to why he has a permanent smile cut into his face. Jeff really never talked about it. He wasn’t wearing his usual white hoodie, mainly because Jane was wearing it instead.

“So what is a lonely girl like you doing at Lover’s hill?” Jane sighed, staring out toward the city of glowing lights. “Just waiting for someone.” Jeff smirked purposefully, walking toward the black car. “Well… who are you waiting for?” “No one… just a douche who smiles too much.” Jeff chuckled, turning to her. “Well… may I sit beside you… and wait for this douche as well?”

Jane shrugged. “Sure…”

The radio played soft, rock music. With the music echoing out the doors, Jeff sat next to Jane on the top of the car. It was sort of a mystery how Jeff could go from a total psychopath to a normal-acting guy. It was no secret how psychotic Jeff was. For the most part, Jane had only heard the stories. She didn’t even want to know the facts.

“So who is this guy you’re meeting with?” “He’s a d**k… nothing special.” A soft chuckle escaped Jeff’s lips as he stared up at the moon. “He sounds like a blast.” Jane chuckled… staring up at the moon. “I’m glad you came… Jeff.” “No problem… just here for a fellow minion of the slender one.”

Jane sighed, turning to Jeff. “You… you should really join, Jeff. I could talk to him.” “No… he wouldn’t let me in. Also… that just isn’t my style. I don’t want to be ruled… unless it’s a hot girl.” “God you’re sick in the head.”

Something about Jeff just made chills go down Jane’s spine. She sort of felt bad for him. Jeff had it a lot worse than Jane did… every one of the proxies all had it worse than her. She felt like… a waste of space. When she was with Jeff… she felt like she wasn’t going to be judged… because they were equally as crazy.

Jeff smiled and he stared up at the stars, then turning back to Jane. “So… Lover’s Hill-” “Not happening, Jeff.” Jeff growled in frustration, yet amusement. “S**t…” So… it was left at a close.

The bustling city below had people from many walks of life. Because of this… some were not all pleasant… or normal. “Aww! Come on, baby! Just one more!” A drunk nobody could be heard from The Half-Full Shot Bar. This bar had a reputation for itself. There were many rumors about it. Rumors of prostitution, organ trafficking, money laundering, drug selling, anything you could think of. The guy who owned the bar disappeared one day, giving ownership to his brother… making the matters even more suspicious.

“Get away from me!” “Come on… I’ll pay you double.” Smoke emitted from around the corner… watching every move. “Please… I don’t want any more.” The man continued his advances toward the woman in passion-red. “Haven’t you heard?” The man grew closer as the smoking gun fell to the ground… forming into ashes. “In this world… you women are just tools for our pleasure.”

“I’ll haft to disagree.”

The alley lit with gunshots. One after another, shells fell to the ground. The sound stopped… forcing the silence to enter. “Well… that was fun.” The lady gasped as she stared at the gun holder. He traced her up and down… examining her… yet it wasn’t who he was looking for.

“You… you saved me. Who are you?” “None of your business.” The person in front her lit a cigarette… turning back to her. The woman smiled. “I… I need to pay you…” “If you’re telling me that you’ll give me a free f**k-session… I’m not interested.”

The woman chuckled under her breath. “I know why you’re here. You aren’t here for money or women… you’re here for information… and I think I can provide.” The smoking figure perked up. “I’m listening.” The woman smiled. “Rumors around town talked about a young troublemaker… looks like the rumors are true. Other rumors suggest that he was searching… for a woman.”

The smoking figure shrugged. “Perhaps…” “Maybe if I get the name of the person who saved me… I could give you some information… and not tell the cops of our little meetup.” The smoking figure sighed as he puffed out his cloud of smoke. With a mysterious grin… he traced her.

“Tracer… the Tracer.”

“But we loved with a love that was more than love, I and my Annabel Lee.”
-Annabel Lee
Edgar Allan Poe

The moon shined brightly over the tall trees. The leaves began to snap and crinkle under Jane’s boots. Toby had said that “the boss” wanted to see her. To Jane… this meant her father wanted to see her. Jane’s hair shined in the moonlight as she stopped in her tracks. “I’m here, Father.”

A tall figure stood in front of her. She knew this figure’s face far too well. “Hello, Jane… my child.” I am sure you know who this figure is… right, viewers? This figure was called… the Slenderman. Even with no eyes, mouth, ears, or any face at all… he managed to speak to Jane… in more ways than one.

“You needed something, Father?” The Slenderman nodded as he walked in a circle around Jane. “Yes…” He put his hand on Jane’s shoulder, sending slight chills down Jane’s spine. Something was wrong… and Jane could sense it.

“There is a new killing which needs to be done.” “Any details I need to know?” The Slenderman circled around Jane once again, now standing in front of her. For some odd reason… he crouched onto his knees. “There are many details… that I must inform you of… daughter.” He lifted his soft, gentle, murderous hand, touching her right cheek.

“Father… what’s wrong?” He could see the pain in her eyes. She suspected something… and she had a good mind to believe so. “Jane…” Slender began, “There… is someone trying to stick his nose into our business… he needs to be taken out. He is looking for us… and wishes to take you away from me. You and Toby… both of you need to end him… and only you and Toby.”

Everything seemed normal. Besides the part about “someone taking Jane away from him”, everything was a part of the average routine. Jane sighed, staring at her father. “What is his name?”

He was hesitant… he couldn’t fathom the words he was searching for. He wanted to tell her… he really did. “I…” He began, “I… can’t say.” Jane stared at him oddly. “Why?” The Slenderman shook his head, trying to reassure Jane. “I… have my reasons.”

It was suspicious… Jane knew that… yet she never questioned him. She knew that he loved her… yet she didn’t want to get on his bad side. Jane smiled, holding onto her father’s hand. “It’s alright if you don’t. Toby and I can figure it out on our own.” The Slenderman, even with no face… he seemed to have smiled up at his daughter. “Thank you for understanding…”

The Slenderman stood to his feet once again. He stared down toward his daughter… his beautiful… precious daughter. “Toby will tell you the rest of the details… now… go out there and make me proud.” Jane nodded… letting go of his hand. “Yes… father.”

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”
-Edgar Allan Poe

“Alright… spill the details. Where are we going to find this guy?” Toby turned to Jane as he stared down at the city from Lover’s Hill. “Master said t-that he would be somewhere in the, grr, city. There was a bar that he w-would hang around. They call it the Half-Full Shot Bar.” “Than… that is where we’re going.”

Toby rolled his eyes, holding onto his hatchet. “God… I h-hate, grr, the city.” Jane’s eyes lit up, shaking her head in disagreement. “That makes one of us.”

“These woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”
-Robert Frost

Drugs… s*x… alcohol… these were the three words which described this city. To most… it seemed like a dream… to its residents, it was Hell. “Stay close…” Toby latched onto Jane, grabbing onto her left arm. Jane turned to Toby, staring at him oddly as they continued walking. “What are you doing?” “Protecting you. If I d-don’t, Master will have my head.” Jane sighed… “You’re my partner, not my boyfriend.”

Jane stayed close to Toby, since Toby wouldn’t give her any other options. The streets were filthy, with scattering trash beside the sidewalk. The buildings were skyscrapers, and a large statue of a bull made of wire looked over the city.

In the sidelines of the city… in the heart of the state… stood a lonely bar named, The Half-Full Shot Bar. The place looked like a trash dump… but it was larger than your average bar. Jane and Toby stared upwards at the bar’s neon sign. “Why would anyone even c-c-come to… this place?” Jane shrugged, staring up. “I heard rumors about this place. If the rumors are true… then people come for many reasons… and not the good kind.”

Jane turned to Toby, who was clicking his t*********a subtle manner. “So who is the guy we’re looking for?” “Master said he was rugged… sm-smokes…. Wears a trench-coat… and kills for a certain item.” “Item?” Toby shook his head. “N-not really an item… a person. That was all that Master told me.”

Jane sighed, turning to Toby. “We can’t find this guy just by standing here. I think we should split up. This guy would probably be in an alleyway or something like that. I’ll take the one on the right… and you can take the one on the left.”

Toby turned to Jane, concerned. “Are you s-sure you can handle it alone?” Jane sighed, quickly grabbing Toby’s shoulders. “Yes Toby… this is not the first time I have killed. Stop worrying… and just trust me.” Toby stared Jane down with a concerned glare. It was torture for him to just let Jane wander around without supervision of any sort. Yes, Jane and Toby were the same age… but to him, Jane still had not discovered the true evil of men.

“Please,Toby…” Jane gave Toby puppy eyes… making Toby sigh. I mean… how could he resist his… partner’s… eyes. “Fine… just don’t get hurt, alright?”

A cheeky little smile former upon Jane’s face as she stared up toward Toby. “Thank you, Toby!” Jane jumped up, giving Toby a quick hug. “Alright, don’t get too excited…” He never knew how Jane could get excited over the stupidest things. She would be impressed with anything… which to him… Was the reason why they were partners.

“Alright,” Toby began, “be back soon and yell if anything happens.” “Sure thing, Toby.”

Jane stared down the dim, cramped alleyway. It sort of made her chuckle. “Mom always chased me down the halls while playing tag…” Jane looked down at her wrist… staring at her shadowy Rolex. “But this time… I’m the ‘it’.”

She began to walk down the alleyway. One footstep after another… she continued to walk. Tap… tap… tap. On the firm walls were graffiti, gang posters, and cryptic doors leading to uncharted locations. The dreadful smell of smoke and alcohol filled the air as she continued to walk. She could faintly harken the distant sound of a soft stomp ahead of her.

Jane could see the alley changing paths. Ahead of her, she could see the path shift to the left. Was it worth turning the corner? What if there was some guy around the corner? Or… what if there was the target? She debated her choice in her head… predicting all possible outcomes.

“Tell me, princess… are you just going to stand there… or are you going to show yourself?”

The majestic, raspy voice frightened her. How could he know she was there? “Come on out… I won’t hurt you.” Jane panicked, she didn’t know what to do. “And… what if I don’t?” The figure chuckled slightly… sending chills down Jane’s spine… tempting Jane in more ways than one. “If you don’t… I won’t have a drinking buddy for the night.”

Jane sighed. “Hate to disappoint… but I don’t drink, smoke, or anything like that.” “Just one conversation… I’m lonely.” Why was Jane even here? Why was she conversing with a complete stranger? Something about this guy… just seemed so familiar. “What’s your name, sport?”

The man around the corner smiled, holding his bottle of beer. “Ugh… The Tracer.” “The Tracer? What an odd name…” “Why don’t you come over here and tell me that?” Jane’s heart skipped a beat… holding onto her chest. “Fine… if you say so.”

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quite understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”
-Ann Landers

The oceans were once peaceful. The oceans were happy and full of life. One day… the oceans came clashing into each other one day… creating a tsunami which ruptured the shores of each island and everything on it. One day… the oceans being rageful.

Today… was the day they became rageful.

“You… oh my God…” “No… it can’t be.” The oceans began to clash… staring out at the other sea. A tear fell down Jane’s cheek as she stared out toward the man. “M-Max…” Black hair… long, black trench-coat, eyes of a wolf… and tears rolling down his cheek. “Jane… JANE!”

Max rushed toward Jane with tears in his eyes. “Jane!” A strong force took over Jane’s body, making her gasp from the familiar… yet faded feeling of Max hugging her. His head laid on her shoulder as he clutched harder. “I… I c-can’t believe it’s you…” “I… can’t believe it either…”

Copying homework…




Secrets which no one could tell…

All of it… was what kept them going. There was no mistaking it though… Max was the target. “Max… what did you do?” “What do you mean?” Jane let go of Max, turning to him… with disbelief. “You… did you kill?” Jane was Ben Franklin, her question was the kite, and Max was the lightning. A spark lit inside of his eyes. He was like a tiger… finally being released out of captivity. A large grin appeared on Max’s face… sending chills down Jane’s spine.

“They’re all dead, Jane… those who wronged you.”

“Dead? Who?!” Jane put her hands on her head, turning away from Max. “Everyone! All of those… monsters… That spoke bad about my princess… ALL OF THEM ARE DEAD! I AVENGED YOU!” Max grabbed onto Jane’s arm, pulling her toward him. “Max! Let me go!” She struggled in his grip. He grew stronger over the past two years.

“Don’t you see, Jane? I… I was meant to be yours! You were meant to be mine! And I… am all that you need! Every last one of them… Meghan, Ruby, Jacquelyn, Kurt… all of them are dead… because your slave… me… killed every last one of them.”

Jane stared into the eyes of the thirsty… starving… cannibalistic animal. The only person who scared her this most… was Jeff and Toby… yet in a different sense. This fear was different… she was terrified beyond belief. Her old friend was calling himself her slave.

“Max…” His eyes widened by the sound of her voice. He was starving… he needed a taste. “Max…” “Yes…?” He licked his lips… showing his wolf-like teeth. The feeling faded quickly… for a tear rolled down Jane’s face as she stared upward at him. “Jane?” “How could you?!” A burst of shock took over Max as Jane pushed him off of her.

Nearly tripping over his boots, he quickly turned to Jane once again as she sobbed. “What did you do?!” “I… I blew up the school during a football game.” Tears fell down Jane’s cheeks, forcing her to cover her eyes. “Oh my God, Max!!! You killed innocent people!!! INNOCENT PEOPLE!” “I DID IT FOR YOU! I DID IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!!”



Tell me reader… have you ever had your heart broken? To confess your love… and then just to be rejected? If you have ever felt that… than you would understand Max’s feelings at the moment.

“What… did you just say?” Even Jane was wondering that. What did she just say? Jane’s eyes turned to Max as she grabbed onto her sides. “I…” She began, “I… don’t feel the same.” “B******t!” A gasp escaped from Jane’s lips as Max reached out a pistol, aiming straight toward Jane. “You love me and you know it!” “Max… please don’t do this!”

His eyes reeked of bloodlust. His teeth gritted together, scaring Jane even more. “Someone… someone stole you from me. Who is it?! WHO IS IT?!” “Max… I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He stomped his foot in anger, grabbing onto his hair. “You know exactly what I mean. Who was it? Hmm… it could be any one of those proxies or anyone even around them…”

Jane stepped back, backing toward the brick wall behind her. “Max… put the gun down.” “No, Jane. I need to do what I need to do.” He cocked the gun, still aiming toward Jane. “Max… PUT THE DAMN GUN DOWN!” “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner.”

Max grabbed onto his hair for the final time. “Max!” “If I can’t have you… no one else ever will…” Just like a deer in headlights… “MAX, NO!” Lightning struck… and a single bullet… escaped the hole of the pistol.


“Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone’s face? Did I say words of healing? Did I let go of my anger and resentment? Did I forgive? Did I love? These are the real questions. I must trust that the little bit of love that I sow now will bear many fruits, here in this world and the life to come.”
-Henri Nouwen

The Daughter V The Tracer shall continue…

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