The Candles

It’s weird how you think something so unhazardous could turn out to be something so horrific.

It was a Monday the worst day of the week. As Skylar wrote in her journal about her day she heard a knock on the door. Not on her bedroom door but outside. She ran downstairs opened the door and saw a package. It looked as if someone or something had tried to get into it there were scratches on the sides and the address was scratched off.

She called her mom and asked if she had ordered anything but her mother said no. Since it was almost her birthday she thought it was from her dad who no longer lived with them. So she brought it up to her room and opened it.

Inside was a pack of candles and a piece of paper it read, use these to make 12 wishes but be careful what you wish for.

She was scared for a minute but then took a candle from the box. She lit it with the matchbox that was underneath the paper. She thought of something to wish for so she said I wish I had a Iphone X. Nothing happened so she put the candles down.

Later she heard a thump and soon realised it cane from her room. She saw on the ground a box that had an Iphone on it. She got so happy. She called her friend and then once her friend came she proved to her that they worked. Skylar went downstairs to get something while down there Skylar’s friend took a candle lit it but couldn’t blow it out because Skylar had called her to come downstairs she dropped it on the floor still lit. They went to the store and when they came back all they saw was fire.

Skylar rushed in and when she entered the hallway a dark figure appeared telling her not to go any further but she still did.

News Report A girl named Skylar was found dead inside a house that had seemed to be on fire. They found her in a closet with her throat sliced and her holding a box of candles matches and in the other hand a sign that read careful what you wish for. I’m Jessica James and your watching Fox 5 News.