The Broken Promise

Jack’s POV

Growing up I’ve always thought that the supernatural was just something people are up to get attention, I’ve always found them unrelatable. That was till this happened.

I and my mom had just moved and as you can imagine I wasn’t too happy. I loved my old school and there I was standing in front of my new standing in front of my new school, no fear yet no happiness.

I’ve heard lots about this town one being the sudden murders in the forest, but one caught my eye. It was a story that seemed to call my name, it was something that seemed to be fake yet you can’t keep yourself from reading it. I didn’t remember it at the time but decided to wipe it off, that was until people started to warn me not to go into the woods.

So after school that day (which ended up sucking) I went to the library, it wasn’t much help till I asked the librarian about the woods. She seemed to shake in fear before pointing to the back, I thanked her and began walking to where she pointed. I looked around until I finally found it (which felt like it took an hour) I looked at the dusty cover, it looked like it had been left there for years or maybe not even touched! I read over the title soaking on every detail, on the front of the book there was a black gate the seemed to lock in a forest. The words in golden said ‘the promise that knocked on death’s door’, I looked at the book and ran my finger over its gray hardcover.

I began to walk towards the librarian but has soon as I got up to her she said, “Please keep it get to away from me. Please!“ I looked at her as if she was crazy before walking off with the book. I walked out of the library and towards the woods if there was one thing I liked about school it was reading and u could only really read in quiet places (you know how when people talk you get distracted, ya).

As soon as I made it to the woods I got the feeling of being watched, I looked around but saw no one not even slender man (of course he’s a f*****g myth). I walked towards a tree or at least I think it’s a tree, it’s so f*****g tall I can’t even tell! I opened the book but as soon as I scanned the first word I felt something come in contact with the back of my head, and then just a s**t load of black!

I woke up in a pitch black room, but that soon changed once the black changed into a scene. We were at my school or at least the older version of it, at least from 1981. All the middle schoolers seemed to wear only navy blue while high schoolers only wore black (I couldn’t see any elementary kids). Then all the sudden the room burst into yelling.

“Fight, fight, fight!” was all you could hear, I walked towards the crowd weaving through everyone only to see a middle school kid laying down holding his stomach.

In front of the brown-haired boy were two high schoolers, “Hey, leave my brother alone!“ compared to everyone else voice this female’s voice seemed to pound on my head as if trying to break into my skull. A female came out of the crowd looking the exact same as the male (probably twins), she walked up to the bully and stared at him in the eye. It seemed that this female had no fear when looking straight into the bully’s eyes.

“Oh yeah, and what are you gonna do about it?!“ asked the leader of the group.

“I’ll make a deal with you since I don’t want to fight!“ said the female.

“Aspyn don’t do it, it’s not worth it,“ said her twin.

”If I jump off the cliff and into the river that’s in the forest then you have to stop bullying Ross even if I die,“ stated Aspyn. The bully spit in his hand then held it out as a way of saying deal. Aspyn spit in her hand then shook the bully’s.

“Then we got a deal,“ she said.

“After school we meet up at the front of the forest,” said the bully.

Just as he was about to walk away Aspyn said, “Oh and Miguel, you’re not allowed to bully Ross for the rest of the day,“ and with that she helped Ross up and walked off with him.

Then the scene changed, this time I was in the forest. Aspyn was standing in front of a cliff looking down, below the cliff was a river seeming to flow by at a steady pace. All the sudden Aspyn jumped, but something didn’t add up. If she was going to jump why was she screaming like someone had pushed her.

“Ha! That should teach her to get in my way!“ said Miguel. That’s when it all clicked, Miguel had pushed her off. Not only that but by the sickening crack the came from the river he had killed her to get her out of the way of stopping him from going after Ross, plus it would make it look like he was a victim of someone’s suicide!

Then the scene changed again, this time in front of me was Aspyn. She wore a mask of red and gray with the red half having a smile and the gray has a frown, her skin was a see through black and you could see the cracked bones yet her body seemed to take the same shape of a human without any broken bones (which were blue). I think what scared me the most was her left eye, it was a chilling blue and had been stabbed straight in the pupil. The black of the pupil had run all around her irse creating swigging lines, she didn’t wear the same clothes she wore that day but instead a blue hoodie and black skinny jean. She held an ax that could scare people off in seconds, she once held up dirty dishwater brown hair was now untangled and almost covered her left eye.

“I didn’t think anyone would get my book,“ she said.

”What do you mean?“ I asked.

”No one has even dared to pick up my book out of fear, there’s a saying and it says that us human fear what we do not know.“

What she spoke was true, growing up I’ve always gotten scared of what confused me even school!

“I just wanted them to leave Ross alone!“ she yelled, ”I just wanted him to be free!“

She broke down into tears after that.

“I didn’t even get to say goodbye,“ she lifted up her mask to wipe her tears showing me her disoriented face.

“Thank you for listening, that’s something this world doesn’t seem to do anymore,“ she smiled at me before finally I woke up, I looked at the sky and saw that it was going to be night soon. I got up and walked off, but not before whispering.

“Good night, Aspyn.“

After that day I went into the forest to finish the book I had got that day, reading it out loud hoping she could hear it. Sometimes to this day, she whispers the names of the books that she loved, I even got to see what she looked like out of her school uniform at home. While Aspyn still kills people who come into her woods who can blame her, the people of this town took away what she loved most!

  • Alysha Maynard

    I found this story a little difficult to read and even follow. It definitely has potential, though!

  • Blackwidow

    I loved the story it’s kinda of sweet just a littel difficult to read but ather then that it is awesome

  • eliana


  • Kostas Dimitras

    A little difficult to read but generally a good concept!

  • eliana

    I loved it