The Blood Rose Phantom – Final Chapter

Chapter 3: Family

After, I return from school I was greeted by my little brother.

“You’re home,” and he hug me.

“Miss me that much?” he nod he’s head in reply, got in to the house, and close the door behind me. I have 3 siblings two boys one girl but she was the big sister and I’m the second one, “Where’s mom and dad?”

“They’re go out to get some groceries,” she said.

“I’m hungry”

“It’s in the kitchen.” So, I walk to the kitchen to get some leftovers in the fridge and microwave heated about 1 minute. And my little brother came next to me. He was the fourth the youngest. He gave me he’s milk bottle because he was hungry.

“You’re hungry, just wait OK?” I walk to the kitchen sink to wash his bottle but then I saw it.

You maybe think that this is fake, but it’s not the moment. I am going to tell you right now the reason why I tell you this story.

I saw my uncle, ‘How can he find us?’ I thought. He must be so mad at dad because dad save their parents money. My uncle wanted the money all to himself. I hold my little brother and said to my other siblings, “Run!!! He’s coming!” We all rush upstairs to our secret hiding place behind the book shelf’s.

“Do not ever get out of here!”

“Wait!, where are you going!” my oldest sister shouted at me.

“We are not going to keep running in all our lives anymore, I’m going to do what’s right.”

I close the secret door and move slowly downstairs. I grab a knife from the living room beside the flower pot. I walk at the kitchen and he was still there. I open the back door and I walk towards him.

“Dad isn’t here right now,” just then he ran fast towards me with a butcher knife. I ran back to the door but the door was lock shut. I turn around and ran towards the forest. My lungs was hurting and I almost out of air but I just ran and he still keep up on me like a lion chase it’s prey.

I trip up on the stupid old branches near the tree. I turn on my back and he was raised his knife high and it hit me on my stomach. I felt pain rush though my body. Somehow I managed to kick his face and run away.

I hold my stomach because it was so painful. I didn’t look back, I just ran and ran until I found it.
That weird place, a rose garden that the monster show me when I was little. My brain is spinning and I stared to feel numbness from my stomach. I can’t hold the pain anymore. I fall back I land on the roses near the tree that grows roses instead leaves.

At that moment I know I’m going to die. My eyes were blurry but I saw him, offender man, near the far tree watching me. After that I pass out. My body couldn’t move but the roses it wraps itself around me. It’s getting into my wounds and it’s starting to get out and poking out of my own skin. There was blood dribble into my skin and it’s starting to grow from my hair scalp poking out it stem as black and red roses stared forming from my face and body. I can’t move and I don’t know what’s going on,

After that I woke up. The figure has gone. “My family,” that’s the first thing came to my mind. I dash back to my house praying that they will be ok.

But… I was too late. The place was covered in blood. My older sister intestine spilled out with blood covering her face, and my little brother hanging on top of the fan with its intestine hanging from above.

“My baby brother,” that’s when I realise my youngest brother is missing. I ran upstairs into his room and… there he is covered in blood on the floor. He’s stomach was open, then I walk slowly to him, holding him in arm, and I cry. I touch his hair slowly, “I’m so sorry, I was to late…”  I than sing his favourite lullaby and rocking back and forward slowly.

‘ Goodnight my sweet little one ‘
‘ I will always be by your side ‘
‘Goodnight, goodnight my sweet little one ‘
‘ Tomorrow your eyes will light up my heart’

I put my brother’s body slowly on the floor and I walk to the bathroom mirror, my face it wasn’t human anymore…

“I will bury them in my special place, the place where our memories live on.”

I carry my siblings bodies and I go into my ‘special place’ and then I walk to the tree and I bury them under the tree. After that the figure was right in front of me.

“You poor thing,” the figure talks. He doesn’t even have a face but he wear a long coat and a fedora hat. I just stare at it.

“Come with me,” he give me his hand. “I will take you to my home, and be my proxy,” I got nowhere else to go, and our parents probably left us because they’re never came back for 2 weeks. Without hesitation I take his hand.

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