The Appointment

It was a day like any other I guess. I divorced my wife a few months ago so I have been pretty lonely. I’ve been trying to get a job but things just didn’t work out. I’ve applied for about 10 jobs, today was my 11th interview. I drove home in the car I could barely even pay gas for. On the way home a paper hit the windshield of the car I caught a glimpse of a few words on the paper… “Cash reward for rare…” The paper flew off the car windshield.

I stopped the car and pulled over to the side of the road slowly. I tried to find the paper in the wet grass. I knew I needed money not only did I need it for myself but I needed it for food for my dog Ace. I dug around the grass. People driving by must have thought I was crazy, but I didn’t care. After a few minutes, I decided to return to my car after 20 minutes of looking. I sighed and got in my car. I felt something wet under me, on the seat. I got up, and look down on the seat. There it was the wet piece of paper. The page was wet, and torn but still readable.

“How did this get in here?” The thought flew out of my head when I read the page. “Cash reward for rare blood types… AB-” That was my blood type… funny. I keep on reading, “Has to be over 20 years on age… check,” I was 30 years old married, my wife at 27, it was a good relationship until I found out she was having an affair with one of her co-workers… It broke my heart… it broke everything I had. Now I need any sort of money no matter how it was made was needed. I kept reading, “If you have an AB- blood type you are entitled to a $10,000 reward!” This is exactly what I needed, of course, I’ll still need a job but this will help me with the bills, and the gas for my car. I read more, and more trying to find where it was. “Opens at 5:00 pm November 24 on 1631 North Summit Street Toledo OH USA.” Well now I have an address so now I will be able to go there, and maybe get a cash reward if god is on my side. Strange I’ve been down that road, and have never seen a hospital there before, but I’ll take my chances.

I drove home to my little house it a rundown town. One of my cousins lives near, by towards the town so if I ever lose my home I could live with him for a little while. I opened the door to the house. My dog Ace greeted me at the door with kisses. She was a sweet dog, lovable, loyal. She was the only thing keeping me together with the rough times. I put the paper on my refrigerator hoping I would remember it. I went upstairs to my room, and lay on my bed, and yawned. My eyes slowly closed. I was so close to sleeping when, “Crash!” I jumped out of bed.

“W-Whos there!” I shouted. I grabbed a flashlight and darted to the kitchen. I heard my dog barking at something. “Someones in the house,” I ran back to my room, and grabbed my hunting rifle, and went to the kitchen. My dog Ace barked louder, and louder, “Who’s there… I have a gun!” I kept yelling… No response. I ran to the kitchen was my dog was barking only to see her barking at the refrigerator where the paper was… I grabbed her by her collar and put her in her cage in the other room. I searched the house 3 time over… I sleep with the gun close to my bed that night.

The next morning Nov 24th.

My alarm woke me up at around 6:30am, and I’ll be going to the hospital today at 5:00 pm so a while from now. As I was at home I applied for more jobs on my computer. I stroked my light brown hair with my fingers, reminding myself of last night. Why was she barking so loud last night? I took her out of her cage, her fur looking more matted than usual.

“Hey Ace want to go for a walk?” She usually loves hearing that she’d speak up every time but this time she just sat their eyes… dull, and full of nothing. I put a leash around her, and took her outside. She pouted wanting to go back inside. But why? She hates her cage, it was like she wanted to be there so she’d be safe. I took her for a little stroll around town she seemed to perk up a bit more as we walked in the sunlight. All I could think about was the cash reward, I’m not a greedy man but money like that just for some blood was a steal.

Ace and I walked a bit longer about 25 minutes and then walked back. As we got closer to the house Ace started growling again. I patted her head telling her she was safe with me. When we walked inside she ran right back to her cage. “She’s acting strangely maybe I should take her to the vet tomorrow?”After a while of watching Gordon Ramsey, I looked at the clock at… 4:26 p.m. It was time for me to go to the hospital to exchange my blood. I got in my car and turned on the music. The car did not start the first few times, but after a while, it started to work.

“Phew,” I said. I turned on the radio to Rock 101 and started driving. It was a smooth drive until my radio started to freak out so you could only hear static. “Must be because I’m on a dirt road.” The dirt road leads to the highway so it would be a faster way to get to the hospital. I tried to find any channel that would work, but none worked. I stopped the car for a minute and opened my glove box to grab my album of the Queens. I slid it into the radio, but instead of playing it normally, it played all of the songs backward. “Probably just the radio.” I took the album out, and keep driving. “Great, the DVD is scratched.” Just my luck too… After a few more minutes on the road, my car stopped. “Don’t be out of gas don’t be out of gas,” I probably said that 20 times nervous. I was in the middle of nowhere. I tried to start the car but to no avail. I grabbed my phone, and got out of the car to call for help. “No bars ugh!” I walked into the woods to see if I could find any bars. Of course nothing. I keep walking hopefully I could get something that could help me.

The Doctor

As I walked in the woods I could faintly hear a voice, a little girls voice. I hid behind a tree hoping I could see something. Then I heard, “Are you still hungry?” Who was this girl? There was no one else there with her. Was she talking to herself? Her hair was a light brown with blond tips. She was wearing black gloves, and she was… she was holding a hammer! She was covered in blood. I ran to my car hoping she would not see me. On the way I dropped my phone. I would have gone back for it if I didn’t hear the running footsteps behind me. I ran faster, and faster. As I did the footsteps behind me felt more, and more distant. I jumped into the car and tried to turn it on. I saw something in the woods something watching me… the girl.

The car finally started, and I drove away. “I should call the police,” I told myself. But there was nobody there, no dead body. It could have just been an animal, and a young girl like that can not kill anyways. They would be too weak. They are just developing. I dropped my phone anyways, so how could I call them. A few minutes later my heart still pounding in the chest, I have finally arrived at the hospital for the blood donation. I got out of my car and slowly walked into the building, the door creaking as I opened it. As I walked into the lobby a young man greeted me, “Hello sir, are you here for the blood drive?” I responded, “Yes I am, I am AB-.” The young man was pale as a ghost his eyes dull, but his voice so full of passion. “So you are entitled to win our $10,000.” He got up from his desk. “Right this way sir.” He leads me to a room and told me to sit down. I did as he asked of me. “All I need to do is take a little sample to see if you’re lying or not.” He laughed and said, “Not that I don’t trust you, sir, it’s just business, oh and can I have a name?” he was obviously new to the place, but he eyes just stared into my soul, they were so dull but so trustworthy its hard to describe. “Tyler… Tyler Tamiki.” He wrote my name down on a little notebook, and smiled, “Perfect.” He grabbed a nettle and took the blood sample. “Alright sir all I have to do is run this by the lab, and we’ll be set,” he told me. “Alright thank you,” I said. Something about this place tipped me off, why was there a hospital in the middle of nowhere? Why have I not seem any more patients walk in? Why have I never seen this place before? These questions kept echoing in my head. I look around the office reading some of the posters till a note on the door caught my eye, “Rose Tamiki Missing!” That was my sister’s daughter, my niece! What was she doing missing? I haven’t seen her since she was three years old. When I get out of here I’ll call my sister Jennifer after the appointment… No, I’ll use the money I get to hire a detective to go and find her. The office seemed smaller now so much of my worries fulled it. Then I sniffed the air. “What’s that smell?” My head started to spin, there was a ringing noise in the room like the air conditioning was turned on. I got up from my chair only to collapse. My head was the thing ringing now. I tried to keep my eyes open but… I couldn’t…

The Appointment

It felt only like a few seconds have gone by but it must have been hours. Where was I? I could not see anything it was so dark. It didn’t take me long to figure out I was blindfolded, and tied to a wooden board. I could still speak through, “Where am I!” I started to squirm around. Then I heard the young boys voice again, “Shh it’s alright sir, if you want I can take the blindfold off.” I gulped maybe I can see where I am if I say take it off. “P-please do.” His ghost wight hands grabbed the blindfold and tore it off me. I was in a dark room with one light dangling over my head. There was a cart with a tray of needles all filled with different liquids. “What are you gonna do to me you prick!” I shouted. But he stayed calm, “I just want to play with you,” his voice seeming more psychotic, taking deeper breathes with each word. “Are you going to kill me?” I don’t know why I even asked I was too scared to know the answer… “No I only have ideas that the law would not allow, but I am not a killer,” he paused, “I tried to find the perfect subject for these tests… In fact, your whole family has some special connection to the other worlds.” he grinned. “What other worlds, and what powers?!” He was obviously crazy another world? he really is mad. “Have you ever noticed things watching you in the corner of your eyes or nightmarish creatures in your dreams that would never be there?” What does he mean? But sometimes I have seen black figures near me but I called them off as just my head… I didn’t speak. “I was going to go for your niece Rose, she is the strongest in your family when it comes to necromancy, but seeing as a shadow demon has already claimed her soul I can’t touch her… but, my master, he sure as hell can,” he said. What was this crazy man talking about, shadow person? Souls? What was he talking about? “How do you know about Rose?” I asked. “My Master has been watching your family for a long time Tylor, and I’ve been dying to test some products he’s given me on you!” His voice sounded more and more excited. “Let me out of here you f**k!” I shouted not because I was mad but because I was scared. He slammed his hand on my mouth, and his eyes started to show a little more color. “You know bad boys like you get punished… it’s just amazing what a little air can do in the human body!” He held a needle to me neck full of air. My eyes widen in fear. He took the needle away from my neck and sighed. He grabbed a b******g out from under the table and strapped it to my mouth. He helds a needle with clear fluid near my neck and injected me with it. “Now be a good boy, and fall asleep…”

The Run Away

My eyes slowly started to open. I was in a different room this time. This room was a light blue with one window to the side, and a chair on the side of where my bed was. There were tubes running into my arms, they didn’t hurt, but after all I didn’t feel anything I was numb… He must have injected me with something so I could not feel. The tubes were filled with this black liquid. I tried to move to pill it out, but nothing. What was going in me, what was this black liquid? I tried to yell but nothing worked. My mouth was tied shut. “There is my little patient! How are you? did you sleep well?” The same young boy from before walked into the room with a new tray of needles. He was well aware that I could not speak so I just stared at him. Looking angry but full of fear I just stared at him hoping he would reconsider what he was doing. Even though I was well away he would not. He told me he would not kill me but deep down he was lying. I know he was lying. My gut wrenches every time he spoke. “Don’t look mad at me I can be really fun when you get to know me?” he said. Every time he spoke to me he took deep breaths with every word like he was trying to whisper but he was still loud enough to hear. “Don’t worry I won’t kill you… Or at least the physical you.” What? What did he mean?! Then he spoke again, “But I can’t say the same for the mental you.” Now I understood… He was going to break me… He picked up a needle with a dark red liquid, way darker than blood it was almost black but in the light, you could see the tint of red. “I injected you with Antivan so you won’t feel a thing… good thing too if you could feel it would be like your skin would be burning on the application site almost like fire.” I tried to move even a little movement would help me, but nothing. He wiped my skin with some antiseptic, and then stuck the needle in my skin. He was right I could not feel anything. But when he injected this strange liquid in me. I could see it through my skin as he injected it in me. He took the needle out of me. I could no longer see the liquid in my arm. I felt nothing. “See? That wasn’t so bad was it?” I still could not speak. I wanted to ram his head in, to hurt him for what he has been doing to me. I knew that would not make me any better than him, but can you be better than someone if you have a justified reason to hurt them? I know its law, “If you are threaten or almost killed you have the right to kill them as self-defense,” but does that still make you a good person it’s still manslaughter, it’s still taking a life. But every time he spoke I just wanted to hurt him. “I’ll be right back to check on you, be a good boy now, and stay still.” Prick… He mocked me as I was powerless. I felt my bones crunch under my skin. The rope holding my mouth shut loosened I could finally speak but no words came out just screams, “ach-ahh!” I was in so much pain I could feel my bones crack under my skin. I screamed louder not for help but because I was in so much pain. My skin felt like it was on fire he lied! I could feel the pain “Ah-ah-ahh!” I felt something fall from my head, brushing my skin… hair? I saw my veins touching the inside of my skin they were the same red as the liquid that man injected in me. “Ahhh!” I broke out of the leather straps that held me down without even thinking. I fell on the floor and tried to choke myself. The pain was so unbearable I would rather die than live with the memory of this. All I heard was the bones cracking under my skin. I turned over and looked at my seemingly dead appearance… My skin was wight I had no hair, and I could see my pausing veins every where on my body, my eyes were wight looking as if I was blind. My lips were not even pink like normal. I looked like a monster from the dead. My head pounded, I held my head…

“I was no longer human.”

Author’s Note: If you have not read Karma’s Fear or else you will not get the story. I will be making a part two to karmas fear, but it will not follow the story of Rose .