The 13th Floor

When I first got here I thought it was a good idea to visit a “haunted” hotel. I thought it would be fun to see if I could find any ghost or something stupid like that I used to think those were just stories to help advertise the place to get more attention. Either way I was getting dizzy and started to drive in a zig-zag pattern on the road. So I did what any normal person would do and stopped at a nearby hotel.

I got my room key and started to go to my room, I hardly got any sleep last night, nothing scary happened it just felt… off. Like something wasn’t right there.

As soon as I got on this floor I just started feeling really uncomfortable like I just walked in on a murder scene.

I woke up the next morning and got ready to leave I got my stuff and left my room. As I made my way to the elevators I noticed something, there were no elevators it was just a dead-end. The stairs had a cement wall almost as if the hotel employees were trying to trap me.

I dropped my bags and started to panic I ran throughout the hotel floor finally I found an elevator but all but one of the b*****s had letters on them, it read “you should have checked your floor number”. And the one button that had a number had a thirteen on it, now I don’t know much about elevators but I know that they don’t have 13th floors I didn’t know why but now I do they’re haunted, carry a curse that will send you into insanity get into your head making you see the strangest things. As if you’re having a night terror. The floor went dark except one light at the end of the hall.

Something was standing there, I say something and not someone because it looked to distorted to ever be a human. Its head was backwards, back to me bent in a way a human can’t. It started to run towards me I couldn’t see it until its hands were up against the elevator door. The elevator went black and I heard a voice say in a deep ominous tone.

“Don’t close your eyes!”

That’s the last thing I heard, so far. I can’t stop blinking though and I’m not going to last long.

So these are my final words to you check your hotel floor and leave if it has a 13th floor.

  • tsundrei

    It had a wonderful start, which got me hyped. The ending, however, was completely dull and confusing.

  • Rose Morrison

    Agreed, good start, though poorly punctuated, but the rest was very rushed. Needs expanding, with a good edit to weed out the sentences that don’t make sense and add punctuation, then you’d have a great, readable, piece.