That Night

How do I explain my story? Well, let me start by explaining my name and who I am. I’m Ava Rosewood, my brother is Liam Rosewood, we live in America.

This all started in a fire in our old home. I don’t remember a lot since I was 7 at the time (I’m 12 now). My younger brother, who was 5 at the time, and my mother, who just turned 36 that day, burned to death, both of them.

My brother suffered from (and still does) major depression. Liam isolated himself from others, regularly crying. He only ate and drank. That’s when we saw him or at school were he was heavily bullied.

That’s were we’ll start, at home.

I knocked on Liam’s bedroom door, “Can I come in?” I said softly as Liam opened the door.

“Hm?” he sighed, placed himself on the bed looking at the floor. His eyes had dark circles around them.

“Are you okay?” I sat next to him and gave him a hug.

“Yeah…” Liam was prone to lying, always doing it. “I wish mom was here. But I plan to socialize more soon, anyways,” he ruffled my hair.

A couple of months later…

I sat at the top of the stairs waiting for Liam to come back. It was 11:30 PM. I heard the door open and Liam walk in. He walked over to the kitchen.

“How was work, boy,” my dad laughed. Liam didn’t.

“The usual. My boss wasn’t there though. But, it was okay and so were the costumers,” Liam walked out the kitchen and upstairs. “Ava, you should be asleep,” he looked at me, he was right I should be.

“Okay! But your late!” I punched his arm. Liam smilies and laughed a bit before picking me up and placing me on my bed.

“Night,” he smiled.

“Night,” I said.

I couldn’t sleep. It was 2:10AM, but I started hearing scratching from my closet. I grabbed my torch and baseball bat from school practise a year ago, although it’s plastic it could knock someone out in 5 hits.

“H-hello…” I stuttered. I breathed and opened the closest. Something shot out and put its hand around my mouth. The hand was cold and smooth. I tried screaming but it was muffled.

“Shhh, Ava, It’ll be fine,” the voice was male for sure.

A blade was put against my neck it was sharp. I tried kicking but nothing worked he just tightened the blade cutting my neck forcing blood to drip down my neck. Tears rolled down my face.

“I’ll let go when you stop struggling and promise you won’t scream,” he said taking the blade of my neck. I dropped my bat and torch. Nodding. “Alright but don’t scream,” he let go, I looked at him.

He had black hair, crimson eyes and horns, his skin was pale like the blood was drained from him.

“Liam turn the lights on,” the man said.

“Okay,” Liam said, yes it was my brother, yes I did cry more when I saw Liam’s white hair and yellow eyes. He was wearing a blue hat though and a black mask.

Me and Liam looked nothing alike by the way. I had black hair fading into brown and I had black eyes. But that’s not the point back to the story.

“Ava, you’re coming with us, Zalgo needs a word with you…” The unknown boy grinned. “Cody, look at her! She’s in tears,” Liam giggled. “Sleep tight,” Liam picked up my bat and swung it at me.

I woke up in someone’s house I was on a sofa. I had a headache.

“Dawn, she’s awake,” a strange voice called.

“Huh…” I felt scared and safe, I sat up.

“Take it easy, those kids hit you hard with something,” the person smiled.

“One of them was my brother…” I sighed.

“Glad your awake, Ava,” another voice spoke, it belonged to a girl. Sadly it was blurry so I couldn’t see well.

I felt comfort not fear.

“Dawn what even happened to her?” I recognised the other person as a boy.

“Zalgo proxies tried to take her,” Dawn said.

“I know this young girl’s brother, Liam, he got taken by Zalgo, well tricked, Ava, your family has connection to Zalgo greatly,” she added, “That fire was caused by him. Your mother broke Zalgo’s promise. The promise was not to have anymore kids. She did. She had you and Jacob, Zalgo hoped to kill you all but Liam. You and your father escaped,” she sighed.

“It’s Zalgo’s fault Liam suffered with depression…” I felt a few tears run down my face.

“I’m sorry to say but, yes,” she said.

“That’s just wrong… I knew Zalgo was evil but…” The boy looked at me.

I help out with Dawn and Luke. Luke is the boy, usually cooking cleaning and delivering mail to other creepypastas. Dawn usually kills people but only if they find out about us. Luke is a watcher he makes sure he knows everything.

You must be curious how I’m writing this. Well, we have a laptop and I guess that’s my story, bye.

(Note: Zalgo is not my character. I am not sure who owns him. I believe it might be VladimirViskoff but I’m not certain. Most of the characters are mine but you can use them as long as you do not claim them as yours, always credit the creators.)

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