I should warn you that in Minecraft, there is a monstrous being that lurks in your world and comes to life. That’s what happened to me. I was playing Minecraft on my Xbox in my survival world. I had iron tools and ready to go and find diamonds. But then random symbols started to appear in the chat. I for some reason ignored it. I regret that badly.

I went into a cave and try to find them. I found something else. There was an ore called $:@% ore. It was the same symbols from the chat. I thought this was cool. But then someone appeared behind me and murdered me. And I mean MURDERED ME. He stabbed me with what looked like the ore I have but as a sword. Blood was launched around my corpse. The ‘You Died’ said something else. It said, ‘YOU’RE NEXT, BILL’. That was my name. He was coming.

I tried to hide under my bed. I waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. Then I heard something behind me… I couldn’t wait any longer. I tried to crawl out. But it grabbed me and said, “PAY THE TOLL!” I woke up to a horrible sound. It sounded like a screech or something. I could barely see. There was also creepy music playing. It sounded like… Disc 13.

I tried to find the door. I found it and it led to a huge hallway. But I wasn’t so lucky. I heard footsteps. Then a loud screech. I jumped and heard more footsteps. But these were fast footsteps. They got louder. I started to run. I ran down the hallway. But I wasn’t faster than the thing. All I felt after that was a really bad stinging pain in my shoulder. It was a red axe!

I turned around to see the thing. It wounded my arm badly. His face was super bloody. Has he had more victims? I started to run to a window maybe or stairs or even a door. All the while, the monster was running. I don’t know how I got ahead of it, but I did. I found stairs going only up. I had no choice but to either hide behind the stairs or run up them.

I ran up the stairs. But the stairs were cracking! I got up before they broke. I thought I was safe. I saw wood walls instead of stone walls. Was I in a basement that whole time? Anyway I could see better. I saw a door and a window! I tried to open the door. But it was locked. So I tried breaking the window to no avail. I ran into another room and found a key. Actually many. I tried the keys but many didn’t work. I heard quick footsteps behind me! I took out a key and jabbed it into the monster’s eye. He was knocked to the ground. He has a key. I tried it on the door and it worked. I was free. I tripped and fell. I got up and looked behind me. The place was huge. I looked away and the monster was in front of me!

“No ONe esCApeS fROM TEXE!”

  • TEMGamingYT225

    Oh god. I remember this… It was the worst story ive ever made lmao