STitCHeS pt. 9

Author’s Note: Heyloo, my mother and grandmom has finally arrived from Wisconsin. I will keep on doing these updates because I mean, what if you guys are worried about me? I mean, sure y’all won’t but some of you out there will. (Sorry. I’m trash, I know). Anyways, enjoy!

“Ah, so you finally came, Elizabeth,” she said.

“Uh, who in the right mind are you, exactly?!” Stitches said, being leery of what might happen if this weird lady asked for a battle like any other anime.

“Oh,” the lady replied, “Where are my manners? My name is Jacine,” she said, “And I’m actually suppose to help you be stitched, but Zacc took my bait,” Jacine said, playing with her bottom lip, then disappearing without a trace, still surrounding Stitches with her voice, “You was something special right? Like for instance, you being MY bait, I could have made you beautiful, instead of making Zacc look like a so-called ‘artist’,” Jacine said, air-quoting ‘artist’, “You know something, I wish that you were my bait so bad.”

“Is this some kind of lesbian thing? Because I’m not about that life, you know?” Stitches replied, not caring of what Jacine’s speech meant.

“You imbecile! I’m not trying to convince you to go out with me! I have a husband but now he’s dead thanks to you!” Jacine shrieked. “You’re such an idiot,” Jacine said, setting her feet down to the ground.

“You mean baka? Which is ‘idiot’ in Japanese?” Stitches asked.


“Okay, sheesh,” she replied, rolling her eyes. “Well, uh, lady, I mean, Jacine, can you help me with somethin’? My pet snake ran off somewhere while I was on a killing spree with some baka’s in that bathroom.”

“What’s in it for me, then? Let me guess, a little bag of dust? If so, then no thank you, I’ll pass,” Jacine replied smoothly.

‘Jesus, is this woman really such a baka? No wonder I have a feeling I don’t like her,’ Stitches thought to herself, slowly trying to find a stick to poke her to see if she can actually hit her. Jacine looked back at Stitches with a menacing look in her eyes.

“Are you trying to find something, Elizabeth? If so, then what is it?” A flash of lightning struck behind Jacine, making it look like she’s too scary to talk to.

“Uh…” Stitches said with her voice crackling (when she lies, her voice crackles). “No… I’m just…” she cleared her throat, “I’m just seeing if the police were behind me… Heh, yeah, that’s all…”

Jacine looked at her and scowled, “I don’t believe you. Not at all.”

‘Aaaah crap, now she’s onto me. But what should I say? Do nothing and stare into her ghostly eyes? Or make a run for it… Oh I know! I have a knife in my pocket so I can try and st–‘ she tried to pull out her knife slowly out of her pocket, but Jacine noticed and smacked it out of her hand. “HEY WOMAN! I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU GOT GOING AROUND HERE KNOWING WHAT I’M THINKING AND STUFF, BUT YOU GOT TO QUIT THAT! HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO THINK THAT YOU’RE AN ACTUAL HUMAN!” Stitches shouted, being really mad with this woman who knows about her future like the anime ‘The Future Diary.’

“What am I, you ask? Well, that’s pretty obvious, don’t you think? I, silly, am Jacine. Like I introduced you while back, idiot,” Jacine replied, giving Stitches a smile that made her feel uncomfortable.

“NOT YOUR NAME, BAKA! I’M ASKING YOU WHAT ARE YOU?! NOT WHAT YOUR NAME IS! I ALREADY KNOW THAT OKAY!!” Stitches yelled, not giving any f’s about the police any longer. “AH FORGET IT! I’LL FIND OUT MYSELF!!” She reached over to grab the knife that Jacine slapped out of her hand and started to charge towards the woman.

‘Okay, now, this lil’ brat is coming at me with only one direction and full speed,’ Jacine thought to herself, dodging the attack the girl had tried to reach for. Breathing heavily over on Stitches side, Jacine raised her hand in the air, causing some blue-ish smoke colliding together with some purple smoke. “You want a challenge, fine. It’s my turn anyway,” Jacine said with a menacing smile on her pale ghostly face. While menacingly smiling, she fired some weird fire ball thing with the odd colors. “Are you going to stand there like a fool? Why are you standing there like you cannot move? Are you scared? Are you gonna run to your little dead mommy?”

Stitches took a few deep breathes and shouted, “DON’T TALK ABOUT MY MOTHER LIKE THAT!! SHE’S DEAD BECAUSE OF A STUPID DRUNK DRIVER!!”

“Oh, sweetheart, don’t you know the mystery? I was this so-called ‘drunk driver’.”

“YOU KILLED MY PARENTS! YOU SON OF A B***H!” Stitches had tried to charge for the ghostly woman, but somehow, she wasn’t running. She stopped and looked down. She was floating in mid-air! Jacine laughed.

“You idiot. Let’s see if you can hit me in air!” She was fading as the laughter echoed through Stitches ears. Holding her knife.

“I’m ready, you little piece of s**t…”

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