STitCHeS pt. 7

Author’s Note: Hey guys. Now I know what you’re thinking, “When is she going to add more to this story!?” Now, here’s the reason why. My anxiety disorders are starting to click. Like, I can’t really focus onto my story because of school. So, I shall try my best to actually catch up with the series before Season 2 is released on Christmas break (In Georgia), now there will be, I suppose 10 to 15 parts of each season. It’s actually gotten to the point to where I can’t catch up and if I don’t type or make anymore stories, it’s because I maybe grounded for my grades or something else. So, don’t panic about me. I’ll be fine. While I’m grounded, I could think about how am I going to improve my stories a lot better. So, I advise you to calm down and chill…okay? I’m sorry, I was rambling I might as well continue the story. Skip this message if you want.

Stitches felt a breeze flowing through her hair, a soft voice sent chills going through her spine. She turned slowly, being leery of an attack occurring. She happened to notice a small pale face, with light blonde hair, a white or gray gown, but something caught to her eye, that she had a little blood stain on her chest level. For the most part, she couldn’t resist but to fully turn around. Stitches was actually shocked on how beautiful the girl’s eyes were. She couldn’t resist but to ask, “Who are you? And what pretty eyes you have.” The little girl didn’t speak, not a word.

‘Just as I thought… She seems shy, not kind of a person that you would sit down and have a talk with. She must be the little girl that mom used to tell me when I was 4,’ Stitches thought to herself. She noticed that the little girl was holding a teddy bear, looking like it was a hand-me-down from generations. But how could it last that long? The little girl was staring into Stitches eyes with a death glare saying, “Leave. Now.”

“Okay,” Stitches said, tilting her head back slowly, “If you don’t want to talk, fine. Have it your own way then.” She turned away from the little girl, not minding of what the little girl might do. Suddenly, she heard a soft voice behind her, “Wait…” Stitches turned her head towards the little girl, “Are you alone, Elizabeth?” She was provoked of what she said ‘Elizabeth’. Her name swirled around her as it kept echoing through her head. “H-how did you know my name? Who set you up just to come get me, huh?!” The little girl grew silent.

“Well, answer me, God da-” She realized what she was about to say. She glanced into the little girl’s eyes… She could tell sadness swirling through her eyes, with anger shifting to one place to the other. “Jeez, sorry kid. I didn’t mean to-”

“No one set me up, Eli. Are you unaware of people trying to capture you so they can execute you? Or do you want them to capture you, like they did to me? The name’s Emmi. I was popular because of my looks back in 1377, where people would rage over my beauty. After war broke out, my mom and dad abandoned me. I once tried to find someone who could take care of me, but not one person didn’t even bother to help. So I decided, ‘Well, why not take something from one of my favorite stores?’ But it was a terrible mistake, I was caught and sent off to Hokusai to get executed.” Emmi seemed like she was going to cry, but she tried to continue, “After 638 years of scaring people and seeing them suffering, I decided that inside, I was going to take advantage. That I want someone to help me find my hand. Will you help me?” Emmi held out her chopped off hand, looking like a deadly scab.

“Uh…okay I kinda found the history of 1377 on wiki…and there isn’t much history in it. It don’t even recall you at all. It’s just some boring info about some Rome-ish stuff,” Stitches pointed out on her Samsung S4 phone.

“ARE YOU THAT BIG OF AN IDIOT?! I TOLD YOU WHAT HAPPENED IN HOKUSAI! NOT IN AMERICA! Ugh, whatever. Believe whatever you want, I’m going to go and find my own hand. Later,” Emmi replied, walking away, seeming like she was fading away.

“YOU BAKA (idiot in Japanese)! THERE IS NO WAY THAT YOU’RE GONNA FIND YOUR OWN HAND BY YOURSELF! Oh, come to think about it… where’s Lily?”

Emmi stopped, turning around with a menacing glare. “Lily?” she replied. “You mean that snake that was helping you kill those annoying brats in the bathroom?” Stitches glanced at Emmi, “Uh…I suppose. She’s my pet. I found her in some creepy dude’s lab thing at an abandoned cabin. Maybe Zacc’s lab? Why did you ask, do you know her or something?”

“Yes, in fact, that was my mother’s first name. I should have known,” Emmi replied, knowing what would happen if she told the backstory of how Lily used to be a human. “But, since you’re pretty dumb and don’t know any better, I’ll tell you.”

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    Series is still awesome, sorry to hear about your anxiety. I have high anxiety as well, it s***s and does make things difficult. But take your time with the series, I think they’re awesome and read em when they get posted.

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      Thank you. I’m just trying to get things straight with my family and its chaotic. but im trying my best to get with the story tho 😀

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