STitCHeS pt. 5

Author’s Note: Hey guys. I really don’t have much to say right now, it’s just that I’m getting to the part where stress is coming and all of this madness is just like a normal situation for me. School has gotten to me where I can’t keep up with the series and it’s just troubling. That’s all. Anyway, let’s begin. Enjoy!


Stitches took Lily with her and walked out the house. Lily seemed so cold due to the wind blowing outside, this wasn’t just any normal snake that would bite you and get poisoned. This was like a dog or a cat, but switched in an animal way. When Stitches thought it was safe to walk, Lily held onto her tight. “Lily, don’t do that! Hey!!” After trying to get Lily off of her tail, she heard sirens again. She snatched Lily off, wrapped her around her arm, and started to run again, running pass the cabin that she found Lily in, non-stop. She ran through bushes, sticks, thorns, just to run away from the police. She kept running and running, out of breath, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to stop and refuse to give up. Her heart beating uncontrollably, like it’s going to explode. Lily started squeezing her arm hard, alarming her to go, but Stitches refused. She took Lily off her arm and looked into Lily’s eyes, “Lily, I don’t think we’re gonna make it. It’s over. Our life is stitched up, we can’t be fixed again. We are going to jail,” she started to tear up. “I’m sorry…” Lily started to wrap around her arm and shoulder, like she was giving a hug to her. When both stitched girls heard the voices of police giving up, Stitches thought to herself, ‘Wait a minute, I thought that police never gave up on investigations… Is this GTA all over again?!’ After hearing car doors slam, Stitches and her little pet, continued walking down the dark, long road.

Then, the morning sun arose from the hills, beaming a warm pink glow, along with the night sky fading into a dreaming blue. As Stitches kept walking, and walking, and walking, she had finally reached a busy road. Cars, non stopping, back and forth, oddly colors, just a big mix-up. Lily, sleeping on Stitches shoulder, was awoken by the sound of busy cars. Surprised that the sun has risen, she looked curiously at her new owner. Stitches had to get a ride, but decided not to because she knew that no one would help her. She decided to continue walking, but turned right, to where most cars are heading. Her legs were sore from walking five miles down the darken road, her legs and arms were in cuts from sticks and thorns. She felt slight dizziness when she found Lily in that green liquid. She felt like she couldn’t walk anymore, felt tired, numb, just everything negative. She stopped, trying to continue walking, but she couldn’t take it anymore. She shut her eyes.

While waking up, she felt a warm rush of energy through her. Opening her eye, she saw Lily around her face. She manage to mumble, “Lily…you’re on my face. Can you get off? Like…now?” Lily slithered off of her face, while doing so, she felt like being grabbed by her feet. She looked down quickly, seeing nothing but the sunlight shining bright. ‘Eh, I’ve had worse. Whatever,’ she thought to herself. She stood, picking up Lily, and started to walk again. While walking, she noticed that there isn’t many cars passing anymore. She looked behind her, and saw one of the worse things she wished she could just erase the memory like it was written in pencil.

  • Mason Heimsoth

    Please make more I love the way u did the story keep going please