STitCHeS pt. 4

Author’s Note: Hey guys. I’m back with more of STitCHeS. Now before we begin, I would like to say a few things. I have a BIG issue with grammar. Yes, I’ve caught myself when I published the story that I’ve made mistakes. Even on part 3. Another thing I would like to pronounce is that my uncle had passed away on Sunday, 28th of August. He was something special to me, like a best friend…but now, he’s gone. I hope I could get some prayers from the readers but anyway, TOO EMOTIONAL THOUGHTS RIGHT NOW!! I’M SORRY IF I SOUND LIKE A CRYBABY!! It’s just that I lost something that was very special to me… Anyway, that was all I had to say. Also, I’m REALLY busy with school and all that, and I just feel REALLY tired from 8th grade and all this and that. It’s going to take a while to publish the series. So be patient with me, please. Thanks! Let’s begin.


Stitches saw Zacc running after her with the knife in his hand. She felt her heart sinking within each step that he was coming towards her. She glanced around the room for any weapons to defend herself, but she found a snapped metal pole and ran to grab it. Zacc swung the knife and missed. Stitches finally grabbed the two metal poles, one in each hand. They stood away from each other, standing. She felt anger rushing through her and remembered how much he hated him from what he did to her body, from lying to her, everything. She ran towards him at full speed and swung at him with both poles and missed?! ‘But…how did I miss when I ran at full speed?! Impossible!’ she thought. Zacc swung the knife and caused it to hit her on the back, causing her to bleed. She slowly got up, feeling pain inside of her, from the hit, from the stitches, she felt a slight breeze flow pass her, making it feel like it was a windy night, a late night battle between two enemies in a anime series. Zacc smiled evilly with his teeth slightly showing, he seemed like he was determined. Stitches held onto the two poles hard, and whispered, “C’mon Elizabeth, is that all you got?” Zacc finally quite smiling and started to run towards her. She could feel all the anger, sadness, and felt like she was trapped. She made a little mark when he came closer, when he finally stepped on the little mark she created, she swung both poles, closing her eyes, so she won’t see what damage she had done.

Stitches opened her eyes, slowly, and turned to see Zacc on the ground. She walked to see if he was still breathing. Seems like he IS alive, but he is unconscious. She saw the knife laying in Zacc’s hand. She grabbed the knife and got on top of him, sitting on his stomach, holding the knife in the air, she felt anger rushing through her, and stabbed him. After that, she ripped his shirt off. While trying, she carve a “S.W” in his skin, he found some wires taped on his chest, and a little microphone. “What…?” she mumbled, “I was recorded?! Was this a stupid SETUP?! Ah, it’s no biggie, I’ve been caught by cops in my past.” She quickly carved a small “S.W” and ran to the exit, but what’s worse is that she can’t find the exit. She opened every door in the warehouse, until she finally saw a red sign saying “EXIT” in a red glow. She felt a joy of excitement rushing through and ran towards the door. With all of her strength, she pushed the door open. ‘Finally! The night sky…oh, how I miss seeing freedom again,’ she thought to herself as she looked around and seeing nothing but trees and lighting bugs. She took a right and started to run, trying to find a road or something to find a ride. It felt like hours of running until she finally found a little road. Doesn’t look much useful, seeing nothing but the road, the trees, and the starry night sky with the moon shining a little bright glow. She looked down to her outfit, seeing blood from Zacc, she saw her reflection on the road. Until something bright caught the corner of her eye, a bright yellow glow down the road, looks like it was coming her way.

Stitches felt excited until she saw the red and blue glowing from the top of the car. Her heart sank and she ran towards the other side of the road. Her feet, sore from running miles in the woods, her hands, cuts from bushes and sharp sticks. Her eyes, well, her eye, felt like it was dry from running fast. Her hair, felt like it was covered in leaves and twigs. Stitches kept running until she saw a little cabin in the distance. She looked back and heard voices coming from behind her. She ran towards the small cabin. She opened the door and slammed it. She locked it, so the cops won’t come in. She saw a little flashlight on a little table near the door, grabbed it and turned it on. She was apparently in the living room. She looked around until she shined the light towards a dark hallway. She started to walk slowly down, being cautious of any hill-billy jumping from a room, pointing a shotgun at her. She tiptoed in each room in the cabin, finding nothing but just abandoned furniture, a bed, a dresser, some little toys, and a small television. ‘Wow, a few kids were here. Interesting.’ she thought to herself and continue exploring. She reached the final room on the right and closed her eye, trying to block the surprise until she opened the door. She opened her eye and saw a little lab, filled of bright neon green and fill the room with a bright glow. She noticed some animals and people, covered in stitches. ‘Is this…Zacc’s house?’ she thought to herself. She noticed a little baby snake in little stitches. She saw the description on top of the baby snake and said:


Stitches saw the little baby snake. Lily. She had one eye and the other one stitched, like Stitches. Lily had an odd looking color to her, like pitch black and a slight lime green, a pattern. Stitches everywhere, like Stitches. She opened the lid to grab Lily, being aware that Lily might be poisonous or may even bite, but Lily seemed to be calm. Stitches couldn’t stop looking at her, Lily was beautiful. “AWWWW!! YOU’RE JUST A LITTLE CUTIE!! You’re so cute!! I should rename you…” Stitches was looking into Lily’s eye, Lily was looking scared, frightened, terrified. Stitches paused, thinking that she might’ve scared Lily. “You know what? I’m gonna leave your name like that. Lily,” She hugged Lily carefully. Lily doesn’t seem bad, yet.

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