STitCHeS pt. 1

Author’s Note: Ok… So I’m kinda new at this so I’m just gonna kinda make up some things. I drew the character that I’m gonna tell you about. It won’t make any sense because I’m just…blank. Ok. Enough talk, let’s get started.

A girl named Elizabeth Wildwood was only 10 when she started to lose her mind. The only way to calm her down is with her favorite thing, a knife. No, not a butter knife, but just a normal knife. Her parents died in a car crash so she has to stick with her grandparents for now. Her only way to calm herself down with a knife in her hand, she would go sneak out and see if anyone would be lurking in the shadows. She loved scary things so she isn’t afraid of the scary monsters or the mysterious things in the woods. She’s used to it. She would stay out until 9, which is what time her grandparents would wake up. If she got caught again, which she was being warned about 3 times everyday, she would go to jail. She thought it didn’t make sense.

One morning, Elizabeth went down the hallway slowly. She wasn’t a morning person so she was just mad or stressed. She didn’t want anything but she just came out to see if anyone was home, but the house was silent and…empty. Elizabeth rubbed her eyes and said in a weird tone, “Grandma, where’s breakfast?” No response. Elizabeth called her grandmother one more time, still no response. She felt oozy from her heart to her black-painted toes. She went down the hallway ’til she finally reached her grandparents room. She opened slowly so she won’t wake them up. “Grandma? Grandpa? Are you in-” she paused. They weren’t in the room, so where were they? Elizabeth went outside to see if they went to work but…their vehicles were still here. ‘Where are they?’ she thought. She put on some flip-flops and went outside.

Elizabeth was curious and felt a sharp pain on her face. She went around the backyard and saw her grandpa standing there. She called out, “Grandpa?” He never turned around. Elizabeth walked over to where her grandpa was and called him again, “Grandpa, are you okay?” He seems pale, “You seem a little pale-” She froze to see the horrifying look on his face and blood splats on his white t-shirt. “Grandpa, how did you get that on your shirt? Hey, can you at least answer me, old man? Hellooo?” He gave a little blink. Elizabeth looked down to see a body all bloody with an axe in the chest. It was her grandma. She backed up in horror. The smell of rotten meat filled the air. She looked at her grandpa and he seemed to be laughing. “Why did you kill her?! She was your wife for crying out loud! She wasn’t meant to be killed like THIS!!” She noticed that he was laughing.

Elizabeth had nothing else to say but just mean words about and to him. She was curious about why he did this to his love. She asked him, “Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?” He looked up with a creepy grin on his face and said in a dark, deep voice, “What’s funny, my dearie, is that you’re next.” Elizabeth backed up a few steps and ran. She ran as fast as she could into the woods with the grandpa running after her with an axe. She could hear the leaves crunching behind her and her heart was pounding like crazy. She couldn’t run anymore, so she stopped. She took a few breaths and stopped to hear if he was still after her. Silence. Elizabeth took a few more breathes and started walking back home.

After the long walk back home, she noticed something when she walked in the house, a note on the refrigerator. She grew curious and grabbed the note. When she opened it, she was shaking in fear. She thought she was never afraid of anything but she thought wrong. She dropped the note which read, ‘I’VE KILLED HER, NOW I’M AFTER YOU, YOU LIL SCAREDY CAT.’ And it showed all these unknown signs of things she didn’t know about. She crawled under the table and pulled her phone out. She called 911. After the third ring, someone picked up. A woman in a happy tone said, “Hello…! 911, What’s your emergency?” Elizabeth was trying to explain but explained it too fast. “Whoa. Slow down sweetie,” she replied with her tone being faded away and being serious, “What’s your address? The cops will soon be there in a few minutes. While at it, tell me what happened.” As soon she was going to say something, she heard a male voice through the phone, “189 Central Wood Hill.” Elizabeth had chills down her back as she heard that male’s voice. She knew who it was anyways. Her grandpa.

  • Stephen White

    Was that address supposed to be a reference to something?

    • Ernest Cantu

      The grandfather is toying with her. He was listening through the phone (knowing that’s what she was going to do) and he gave their actual address, which naturally instills more fear. He knows exactly what she’s doing and he’s going to kill her and doesn’t care if he gets caught. He’s psychotic at this point.

      • DeadCry3232


    • DeadCry3232

      Nope. Just a normal address.

  • Eyeless_Unicorn

    Please make the part 2