Stitch Mouth

The night I saw you, the night you smiled at me, you didn’t scream when you saw me as many have done before. The night you let me in, not just in your home, but in your heart. I was only looking for a kill, but I found you. Something about you, I couldn’t bring myself to harm you; you made me feel… human.

I told you my story the best I could, but you still listened. I listened to you as you shared with me yours. We were both broken in some way. We both felt alone.

Your pale hand on my snow-white hand looked so strange, but your skin felt so warm. I liked it. You would giggle when my long black nails touched you. When you laughed, it made my black, broken heartbeat.

Every night before you went to bed, you would sit outside with me, drawing things; behind every artwork was a story about faraway places and the people who lived there.

You drawled me a few times. You didn’t care if my soulless black eyes didn’t have color. You said they were like the night sky.

Every daybreak, I’d go back to the forest to hunt as you woke for the day. If you didn’t have to work, I would watch you from afar as you watered the beautiful flowers or were drawing. Whenever you spotted me, you never screamed or never ran away. You would smile at me and wave.

The only thing you dislike was that I’d killed humans, not for food or a good reason, but for fun and games. You asked me, begged me, made me swear to never again…! For you… I agreed. I didn’t want to break our promise or break your heart.

I remember the night you kissed me. I have no lips, so you just kissed my cheek. I smiled. It hurt a little when the stitches pulled the skin. A pain I haven’t felt in such a time and thought I’d miss, but at that moment with you, I didn’t. Yet, I couldn’t stop smiling.

One night I came to see you again, but you weren’t waiting. I climbed to your window, I saw you sleeping, so I thought, but when I came in. You didn’t say anything, except you were crying.

I lay beside you taking your warm hand into my cold hand, making sure my nails didn’t harm you in the process as I ran my other hand over your cheek, pushing your black hair out of the way to see your bright tear-filled gray eyes shine in the moonlight. You moved closer, embracing me, and you were so warm that night. I liked it a lot.

Last night you asked to draw something on my chest. I let you, it tickled. When you were done, it was a bright red heart. I loved it. Last night you kissed me again, but this time it was on my stitches after you told me that you love me… I’m a monster, but you love me… Thank you…

But tonight, I smell your blood, blowing in the freezing night air. Tonight your back door is kicked in. I hear you screaming for help! I listen to objects and items breaking from inside your home that was dark! Your neighbors were too slow…!

The man who once loved you now held a knife in his bloody hand! Your body lies at his feet! Your gray eyes were closed! Your pale skin is now stained blood-red as it’s forming a pool around your body!

The man who once loved you is laughing!

He doesn’t see me!

He doesn’t realize I’m getting closer!

He didn’t even have time to scream!

I’m sorry, my love, but I broke our promise… I had no other choice…

The man who once was alive is now in pieces. The blood from him isn’t touching you.

Holding you in my arms, trying my best to shake you awake, but your eyes never reopened, black liquid dripped down from my eyes. That same black liquid ran down the sides of your beautiful lifeless face as it mixes with your red blood. I’m crying…

The blinding lights from their flashlights shine on me as I held your body closer. They scream, raising their guns, ready to fire!

I’m sorry, my love, but I broke our promise once again. I had no other choice.

Standing in the forest as the sun rises above the trees, the blood now dries. I couldn’t save you, but you loved me… Thank you, but I’m sorry, my love, I can’t keep our promise… I have to kill the real monsters in this world as I have no other choices.

  • PyrOPanda

    I can’t even finish the story, it had so many grammatical errors that it was hard to read. 1/10

    • JaneTheReader

      I believe that is exaggerated slightly- I’m aware there were quite a few grammatical errors, but it was still a good story if you have the patience to push through. It was worth it. Lovely piece of romantic writing. šŸ‘

  • Anagothika

    I LOVE this! Your grammar is terrible! If you can fix proof read, and fix all of the errors, this would be such a lovely story.
    Luckily I had the patience to read and understand it, but many others will not.

  • Darkrai Darkrai

    It’s a pretty good story

  • Zack

    It’s a really good story, it just has a lot of grammar errors. It would be a lot better if they were fixed.

  • Alice150

    I loved this story! Some grammatical errors you might want to fix. Please write more stories!

  • Sierra

    Very good, like everyone else said maybe just fix the run on sentences, slap some commas in there and what a great freakin story. Reminds me of the movie “Mama”

  • Uneasefeline

    Thank you all for your feedback I’m using grammarly and some reason it doesn’t tell me all my errors, and I do have a hard time trying to find them on my own, grammar isn’t my strong point sorry about that, but again thank you all

  • Angel

    Beautiful love story!!! That’s how real love is done!!!!!

  • Insaneic_the_Insane_666

    Now you just made me cry, white violet was awesome and thrilling but this was depressing

    • UneaseFeline

      Are you going to write anymore stories? šŸ™‚

      • Insaneic_the_Insane_666

        Also may I copy and paste this story to ask a girl out, it might boost my chances

        • UneaseFeline

          You could said her a link, it would be easier and I think it would be copyright if you copy and paste

          • Insaneic_the_Insane_666

            It worked I got a yes from this story, Iā€™m gonna include you in a story of mine to repay you this was awesome