Smiley Heidi (Aftermath)

I saw it. I know I did. People call me crazy, insane, but I know what I saw was real.

My name is Annette Thompson, I’d just moved into an Apartment building after my parents kicked me out because of college. I’ve always been creeped out by the apartment, especially in the bathroom at night. I look in the mirror, and I see a face. The face is pale, a girl. I look closer, and then the face isn’t there. It happens every night. It’s gotten to the point where I avoid the bathroom sometimes. I’d just shrug it off like it was nothing. One night, I invited my friend, Sally over. I wanted to show her what happened at night. An hour later, I checked the time on my phone. 12:00 AM. I woke her up off of the couch. I had to prove what I saw, I led her into the bathroom and left her there, I waited silently outside the door.

“Hey Anne, I don’t see”

She cuts off. I heard the sound of ripping and splatter. I open the door. Sally was there, her mouth open. He lips, eyes, teeth, and tounge was missing, the skin had been ripped off of her neck, her veins and muscles were visible.. There was blood scattered all over the walls. I screamed and, Frantically move my eyes around the bathroom, I set them on the mirror. A huge, bloody, smiley face. Sally’s teeth tounge and eyes were sticking to the mirror. It was terrifying. A bloody happy face.

I turn around, and I see it. A red-headed girl with short hair, her face wasn’t normal. Her hair is what got my attention the most, it was bright red, not blood-red. Bright red. Her eyes were grey and there was a scar on her neck, her mouth looked like it was painted on with blood. It disgusted me. She looks up at me. Her blood covered mouth starts to move.

“Just put on a smile”

Her voice was high-pitched, it sounded like a demon was inside her. I look at her outfit, she was wearing a dark black shirt and a skirt that matched. Her legs looked like they were losing color at the bottom, I take a glance at her shirt. it said a word, no, a name.

“Heidi” I look at her face again, her grey eyes were horrifying, no whites, no pupils, just grey. She spoke, more quiet this time.

“My name is Smiley Heidi.”

She her arms reach for my shoulders, I flinch, and fall back. She walks up to me, I black out. I wake up back in my place, I realize my tounge, it was gone! It had been ripped out. the floors were red, I hear footsteps. I get up on my feet immediately, I stumble a bit and run for the door. I open it and run outside that damned place. I called the police, told them there was a serial killer. They asked me what they looked like, and I told them every single thing I saw, her outfit. But when I told them about her eyes, they told me I was crazy.

I’ve long since moved out of that town. I live in new York now, wondering, what happened to the other people? I hope they got to smile.

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