Silent Scream – Part 1

Hello reader, my name’s Rose, well at least it was. I don’t use it anymore, but that’s not really important right now is it? Anyway, let’s get on with my story, starting with my first kill in seventh grade.

I was walking home with my blue haired best friend, Dallon, and I suddenly got the feeling we needed to use a different route home. “Hey Dallon, maybe we should find a different way home,” I say. “Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen,” he says, patting my shoulder reassuringly. We keep walking and a young girl runs out from an alley in front of us, holding a bloody kitchen knife. I stop and she looks at me giggling, while Dallon just keeps on walking, as if he doesn’t see her. He looks back at me, “Rose, why’d you stop?” I blink my eyes and the girl is gone. “I-uh, nothing, don’t worry about it,” I tell him.

We carry on until we come across a local bar, two drunk men stepping out. “Hey-*hic-there kids, wanna help-*hic*-us lettle a bet?” the taller one of the two asks. He pulls out a pocket knife and charges at me, knocking me down and placing his foot on top of me. The second man grabs Dallon and throws him harshly against the bar wall. “First one to-*hic*-kill a kid wins-*hic*,” the taller one says. He kneels down and holds his knife over my throat. I grab his wrist with both my hands to keep him from stabbing me, but I’m not strong enough and instead accidentally move the knife to my face. The knife slices deeply into my right cheek, causing me I hiss in pain.

My vision blurs and suddenly, I see the girl from earlier, only this time she’s not alone. With her are two other girls, one holding a toy gun and the other holding a doll with blue hair and a black hoodie. The original girl holds up a paper heart with a messily cut hole in the middle. Their eyes turn bright red and they all start laughing. The original girl says “Don’t scream, you can’t speak anyway,” then my vision goes back to normal, bringing me back to reality. The two men are gone now leaving almost nothing behind to even signal anyone attack us. Well, I did say almost. I go over to Dallon to see if he’s alright, and that’s when I see it. Dallon’s body layed still in a puddle of fresh crimson blood. There was a hole made by a bullet, right where his heart should be.

*Three weeks later*

I lay down on my bed in the dark, contemplating my next move. I’ve figured out where the two men that attack Dallon and I live, luckily they’re roommates. I still have the scar from the attack on my face, and every now and then I get nightmares of that day, except people are watching, doing nothing as it occurs. I get up and change into my gray hoodie, black jeans, my gray allstar hightops, and black gloves. I tie a black bandana around the lower half of my face and move some of my shiny, black brown hair in front of my left eye, leaving only my right eye and the area around it exposed. I grab my backpack and pack a kitchen knife and a pistol.

Suddenly, my vision blurs again. This time I see a teenage boy hiding a brown box under a bed. He turns to me and points at it, grinning with sharp, yellow teeth. He lunges at me and bites my arm, making me scream in pain, but when I do, no sound comes out. The boy covers his ears anyway, face scrunching up in pain, like he just heard the worst noise ever made. When I close my mouth, he doon goes back to normal and backs away from me, nodding in approval.

My vision goes back to normal and I crawl out my window, making my way to the apartment where the men live. I arrive in time to see the shorter one of the men leave. I pull out my gun and aim at the back of his head and pull the trigger. The bullet hits him, sending blood and brain matter out of his head. The man slumps down onto the floor and I walk over to him, dipping my finger in the puddle of blood that has already form. I lick the blood off my finger, smiling at the sweet metallic taste.

I go to the door to the apartment and knock on it. The tall man answers the door “What do yo-,” before he could finish his sentence, I tackled him, knocking him down. I quickly shut and lock the door. I turn to face the man, but he’s already gone. ‘He recovered quick,’ I think to myself, carefully searching the apartment for him. I hear movement coming from the bathroom and I open the door. A ball of black fur quickly jumps out, tackling me down. It pins me down, snarling at me with sharp white teeth. “Thought you could kill me girlie? Well, it seems like the tables have turned,” the man taunts. The ball of fur bites my arm, and I scream, but nothing comes out again. Both the man and the fur ball flinch at the noise. The fur ball lets go, giving me the chance to push it off and get up. I pull out my now bloody knife and charge at the man, stabbing him in the chest. “AAAGGGHHH!” He screams, falling onto his knees. I drive the knife deeper until I’m sure the man has stopped breathing.

I look at the ball of fur, which I now realize is a creature that looks like a wolf pup, except its eyes are pure white. It dissapears for a second in the dark, then reappers in another dark spot. It does this a few times before crawling into my lap. ‘It uses the darkness to travel,’ I think to myself, petting the wolf pup, creature, thingy. My vision blurs again, and I see the teenager from before, pointing at bedroom, then my vision goes back to normal. I carry the pup with me as I walk to the room. I put it down for a moment to search under a bed, and I pull out the same brown box I saw earlier.

Inside I find two brand new silver daggers. “You’ll need these soon. Don’t try to get rid off them, they’ll always comeback.” I hear a voice behind me say. Quickly, I turn around, only nothing is there, except the pup. I put the silver daggers in my bag. “Ruff!” The pup yaps moving towards me. When it touches me, everthing suddenly goes dark. A few seconds later, I’m sitting in the darkness of my room with pup. I look at the pup and a name comes across my mind. “Dark Star…,” I whisper out loud.

I’m sorry reader, but I’m afraid we’ll have to stop here. I’ll tell you the rest some other time, but I must go now, I have to meet someone… Bye now!

  • Puddin Tane

    Loads of spelling errors and sounds way too unbelievable. How did your 7th grade character get a hold of a gun and where did she get this sudden strength from? Where did she learn her moves? You leave a lot of questions. What about her parents when they saw her face? 2 out of 5 stars. Sorry.