Security Cameras

You know those stores, Target, Walmart, Gamestop, you name it. So, when you first walk into those stores, there are security cameras. And when you were little, you probably posed in front of them, or waved, well I just avoided looking at them.

I didn’t know why for the longest time until I was 12. It was just, I felt watched closely by the camera. Yeah, it sounds stupid, a security camera watching you? That’s its job. But, I felt like the person behind the camera was watching me more than anybody else.

One day, when I was 12, my family split up in target to look at their own interests. My mother went to the makeup section, my father went to the clothes section, and my sister when to the hair section. I however would always go to the books. I enjoyed reading so I would go and read books until we had to leave. Today was different.

I just walked around, stared at random things, after about 20 minutes I went to look around for my family. First I went to the makeup section, nobody was there. So, I went to the hair section, yet again to find nobody. Then finally I tried the clothes section, and again nobody.

Then I realized that the store was strangely empty. Nobody was in the store, except me. I went to the entrance of target and looked up at the security camera, there were a lot of people, everywhere, my mother, sister and father were all in their sections.

I again looked around to see nobody there. I was confused. I decided to head to the security office and do an inspection.

Once I was in the office where all the cameras were, I looked and saw everybody there. Why was nobody showing up in my vision then? I went back out, everybody was there. And of course, I freaked out.

Chills ran down my spin, I got dizzy and collapsed on the floor. Once I woke up, I was in some bed, looked like an emergency room bed. Confused I sat up, some man walked in and smiled. He sat down on the edge of my bed and told me everything that had happen with my vision.

I asked him, “D-did you do that?” He didn’t speak only smiled and nodded. He got up and left without a word of goodbye. My family rushed in and hugged me.

I’m 27 now and I work at target, as the head of security. I haven’t seen that man again. I’m still confused of what happen, but if this has happen to you tell me please I would love to hear about what you think about this.