In a world broken and beaten, a decayed hope still remains. A slight chance that everything will be okay, a reason to believe. People wanted so desperately to have a hero, a warrior, a saint. Humanity made their subject to save the world and give them piece but, humanity only made their demise.

The world in twenty sixty began to panic, and in panic made very bad choices. People were so frightened by fake war and disease, they finally snapped. Riots around the world, fire and blood burning, killers and disgusting people had their time to shine. The planet itself seeping with blood, the people slowly ripping themselves into extinction.

The subject man created and named Saint was watching. Saint looked upon his creators rotting, his gods fading away. Saint thought on many things, meditated for hours and sometimes even days. Saint did not need water, food, sleep or emotions to keep him alive. Saint was built for one job and one job only, to make the evil in the world die.

Saint listened to make a jury in his head and watched to make a judgment. Saint grew confused with what he was made for, why would humanity make him to kill evil if humanity is evil. Saint knew he had to get rid of humans in order to keep evil away from humans, not to kill one human but to kill all.

Saint knew his job would take far too long to kill humans on his own, he devised a plan to get rid of us all in a short time. Saint spoke to news, interviews, movies, anything to get people to listen. Saint told everyone to watch out for war, for disease, for your neighbors who want to harm you. Saint created two sides to fight one another and based on your beliefs, which side you’re on.

Soon Saint had neighbors cursing each other, brothers ripping at each others throats, and people terrified. People grew to rely on Saint and hang on every word he said. People could only trust Saint, people could only obey Saint. The world cracked and people saw the darkness, the depth, their disease, and accepted it.

Saint won and every human had killed each other. Saint in a matter of just five years had destroyed this world. Saint said something before it all ended, he said, “Remember my children I have been here for a very long time.” I thought on that sentence for some time, next time you look on the news or anything you watch… do you see Saint?