“I won’t let him kill me. Not yet… and certainly not here.” – HollowRose

Amelia worked a small job at an asylum for a decade. She saw terrible, awful things like people ripping open their skull, or gouging out their eyeballs. All for her boyfriend, Chris. Chris was abusive and lazy, making Amelia work and pay for everything. She was being destroyed by debt and loan sharks, her boyfriend batting not a single eye… at least, not Amelia’s. Chris had gouged out her daughter, Lilac’s eye out using a baseball bat sharpened to cut Amelia. Chris threatened Amelia, saying that he’d gouge out her eyeballs too if she told a soul about Lilac. So, she buried her in the backyard.

But one day, she left for work and told everyone there about Lilac. He was arrested, and swore revenge. She eventually forgot about him… until he got out of prison. She heard a yelp and scratching at her door. Thinking it was a dog, she opened the door and yes, she saw a dog… A dog stabbed in the neck. Chris ran in, with a sharp knife as he had ripped it out of the dog’s neck. She ran through the house. He swung and the knife slashing her leg down to the bottom of her foot. She tripped, landing flat on her face and was stabbed many times on the back. Blood poured down her back, surrounding her on the carpet. She began to lose reality, life slipping away to be out of her reach. Chris picked her up, and threw her out the window. The driveway was where Amelia had landed, and she tried to crawl away. Glass cut into her skin, and she could not even crawl away. A whisper promised a blood-soaked revenge, and she knew what was next.


“Samantha Richards here, reporter of 7 City News, I am at the crime scene of a gruesome murder. Today, of April 27th, the homicide of Amelia Lilyheld has occurred. The police have given us some information about the murder, Officer Huntingson?”

“Hello Samantha, yes we have some information  to share, The victim was found dead on 567 Westbrook Lane around 5:00 today. The victim had 12 stab marks in the back and a cut on the back of her foot presumably from a knife beside her corpse. Currently, a friend of hers, Chris Abraham is needed for questioning. Chris says she’s her boyfriend, but coworkers suggest that he was merely a friend of hers, and was her roommate. If you have any information, please contact 911-234-6545.”

  • Puddin Tane

    Very sloppy. You have one sentence where Chris goes from being a boy to a girl and back again. It was, also, rushed. Needs more detail, maybe about the “baby” that was murdered. You kinda just threw that in like a last minute reservation.