I got this idea when I was writing “Jack in Black Pt. 3″. I was writing on my couch and I stood up to go to my room. I turned around because I decided to watch some T.V. before I went to sleep. When I turned around I saw my body reflected in the T.V. and my head reflected in the mirror above my T.V. It scared me at first. That’s how I got the idea to make this. Again I was in the middle of writing “Jack in Black” at the time so that’s why this has come out so shortly after it. ~Your Beloved Author

Night-Present Time

Dexter sat on his couch. A small table was pulled up in front of him. He was on his laptop writing a horror story. He had written about 3 chapters so far so he decided to take a break. He shut the laptop and stood up. He started to walk out of the living room when his television turned on.

He turned around.

Strange, but Dexter just guessed he had forgot to turn it off and the storm outside had caused it to go off for a while.

His T.V. was a flat screen, rather large. The news was on. He watched for a few minutes to catch up on the news.

“Looks like I’m staying home writing again,” He said as he heard from the news that he would be missing work because of mild flooding.

He turned the T.V. off. He then noticed a dark humanoid reflection in the T.V. beside him. It was cut off by the top of the T.V. a little below its shoulders. Dexter looked up at the large mirror (A little smaller than the television) right above the T.V. to see a head from its chin up.

Dexter looked around the living room.


He looked in the nearby rooms


He finally decided to look outside even though he knew nothing would be there because nothing could open his door that quickly and that quietly and run off.

He opened the front door to look into the darkness. He could hear rushing water on the road. If Dexter had walked off his porch and onto the road, the water would go up a little higher than his ankles, but it was still dangerous for cars.

He turned around when he heard glass shattering behind him. His daughter’s hand mirror, slightly shattered, layed on the floor behind him. He picked it up and looked into it. Again, the dark shadow was behind him.

He turned around.


He closed the door and locked it completely. His wife was at work as a pilot at the airport when the flooding started the day before. He hasn’t saw her since but they had talked on the phone. She said that one of the planes were stopped in mid-take-off and slipped and crashed. 7 people were injured and 1 died, the co-pilot. When he was scared (which happened a lot since he loved scary stories) he would always run off and stay by his wife or someone else to ‘keep him safe’ (Inspired by a wuss a.k.a. me ~author).

Since his wife wasn’t home, he ran to his daughter curled up by her bedside.

“Hmmm?” Izzy said tiredly.

 “It’s okay, sweetie, go back to sleep,” He said, shaking on the floor.

Izzy stood up, annoyed, “Oh my god, get out, Dad, you p***y!”

“Okay, Okay! Geez,” Dexter said and went to his own room.

He sat on the bed and turned on children’s T.V. to make him feel better.

Dexter smiled as he felt better.

The grown man sat there and watched ‘SpongeBob SquaresPants’.

He lied down on his side and fell asleep.

Then he woke up.

Everything in his room was made of glass. Wherever he looked, he saw the silhouette.

He shook all over as his daughter walked in. She, too, was made of glass. The reflection of the man was on her forehead. She was being controlled somehow. She busted her own hand on a wardrobe, shattering her hand and the wardobe.

She jumped on top of Dexter. She tried to stab him, but, with all his might, he punched her in the chest and she shattered. The shards fell on Dexter, and he started to bleed.

He blinked.

Now the room was back to normal. He still had cuts on him but no glass was there.

His knuckles were wet.

He looked at them and saw that they were bloody. He stood up and saw his daughter on the ground. Her right hand was missing and a hole was right through her chest.

Dexter fell down and started to cry.

Early Morning-The Day Before

As the people filled the plane and the flight attendant talked to them, Darum and Sam started the plane.

“Darum, you ready?” Sam said as she looked at her co-pilot.

“Ooooh, yeah!” Darum replied, “You never forget your first time!”

“I… I don’t think your using that right,” Sam said.

Darum laughed.

The plane started to move, “Here we go!”

Suddenly, water slowly slid into the airport. The water went under the plane as it moved.

“What the f**k?” Darum exclaimed.

The water started to rise and rise.

Sam started to fiddle with the controls, “Take the wheel! We have to stop this plane!” She yelled.

“What the hell happened?”

“The port is being flooded!”

The plane was turned off course. It was handing towards another plane that was parked in its port.

Darum looked at his reflection in the plane window. All noise stopped as he stared straight ahead at the other plane. When he heard the passengers panicking, he was brought back to Earth.

Sam started to sweat, “No, No, No!” She stood up and ran out of the cockpit, “I’m sorry, Darum!”

Darum started to fiddle with the controls like Sam did, “Oh my god…,” He slammed his his head on window, “Y’know what? F**k her,” Darum straightened up and got back to work.

He finally thought he had stopped the plane, “There we go,” He sighed and looked up into the window.

He panicked.

The plane was about to hit another plane. It was a different plane than the first it was going to hit so his mission was complete, but now he had another one.

But it was too late.

Darum tried to take of his seatbelt, but it was too late.

…too late.

He looked at his reflection in the window, “Curse you, Sam, you b***h!”

The wheels started to screech. Darum pulled back the wheel.

And then he crashed. Glass shattered all over the cockpit. Darum could here metal screeching. He saw a steel frame piece get smashed into the plane. The frame piece hit Darum roght in the chest. Blood covered his eyes, “Damn you!”

Dawn-Present Time

Dexter sat on his couch. He was watching the news. It was just now giving all the details of the crash. Or so he thought. The flooding had stopped and his wife would be home soon. They had talked on the phone but Dexter wanted to tell her about Izzy in person.

His wife, Sam, pulled up in the driveway. Dexter waited until she came in but she didn’t. He had waited for 5 minutes but she didn’t come in. Dexter decided to go outside to see her.

He walked up to her car. He looked in the window. The windows were dark. He couldn’t see through them. All he could see was the side of the head of the man’s reflection on the driver’s window. This angered Dexter and he punched the window, shattering the window and busting his knuckles.

He looked at his wife’s body. The horn went off as Sam’s headless neck fell on.

Dexter screamed, “What the hell is happening?!”

He looked into the side mirror of the car and saw the reflection again. He turned around and, this time, someone was there. A man stood there, a large hole was where his chest should have been.

The bloody man looked at Dexter and said simply, “You’re next.”

  • Fiver

    There were a few grammar issues in there you may want to proofread and fix. I also advise not interrupting the story to address the reader as it takes away from the reading.
    I think you have potential to write, but your issues come down to plot and the desire to do too much in too little time. You need to slow down and build tension before jumping right in to the ‘scary’ part. You should work some on story flow as well. Read and reread and reread again. If something doesn’t feel right then it us probably wrong. Flow can be an issue so work carefully.
    The final issue comes down to characters. They are unrealistic. Their reactions are far too calm and passive for the situations. They don’t handle anything in a realistic way. Try to watch how people react to things in real life to help make more realistic characters.

    • Konner

      What do you mean they don’t react in an appropriate way?

      • Fiver

        Your characters are unrealistic. They panic for a moment then brush things off. Their reaction are always on the extremes, always overreacting or under-reacting. You should work on finding a balance between them.

        • Konner

          He brushed it offbecause he though he had fixed it. He panicked again because when he looks up he notices he hasn’t.

          • Fiver

            Normal people don’t react as your character reacts.

  • Sammantha Ellyn Soto

    Now you have potential. There were a lot of grammar mistakes. The story was to rushed. You need to take your time.

    • Konner

      The entire thing was supposed to be a quick story

  • Ellpa Elgae

    ‘“It’s okay, *sweatie,* go back to sleep,”’ Your daughter must work out a lot if her nickname is referencing bodily fluids…

    • Konner

      XD Good ol’ Ellpa

  • Ray Ramirez

    I liked it, and I freaking love the idea of a monster/entity made entirely of glass. That was unique.

    • Konner

      Wow, Ray… You liked one of my not-so-good pieces? Eeeeeeh! You’re one of the epic Three Writers. Yeah… Which also consist of Fiver and ShyGuy. Idk what I’m talking about. I’m just surprised!

      • Ray Ramirez

        I’m nobody special lol and I think you’re a great writer. Just cause a word is misspelled it shouldn’t take away from a story, people tend to pick apart a story and find what part to complain about. Keep it up you’re doing awesome

        • Konner