Reflection of the Water

Have you ever seen your reflection in the water? Like, you look into a pool or lake and there you are, staring at… Yourself.

Well that person you see, is alive, and tries it’s very hardest to copy you, so it’s not found out about. Well, sometimes, they get jealous, and they want to be you, because their world is awful, the opposite of everything in our world. Civil war? Slavery is still a thing. World war 2, yeah Germany owns all of the United States.

So you can see why they want to escape. So let me tell you my story.

I was at a river with my friends Jimmy and Tony. They left before I did so I kept swimming. I looked at my reflection while I was drying off and started talking to it. “Hey what you looking at? Haha” I’m a comedian I know. It looked like my reflection… moved. I walked over and put my face right up to the water. A hand reached through the water and ripped me in. I blacked out and next thing I know I’m looking at my room. But, there’s a glass wall blocking me. I screamed for help but nothing happened. So I know what you’re thinking. How am I sharing this? Well I escaped after two years. I killed my reflection before I pulled him into the mirror.

I stabbed him over and over for taking my identity. But he was smart because he didn’t ruin my life. I almost felt bad for killing him. But he left me to die. So now every time I look in the mirror, or water, There’s nothing. Nothing staring back.

  • Yara Hawkins

    Nice basic idea . A juicy teasers to whet our reader-appetites but the sequence was too short to really deliver. (I could see this as a full size novel)

    A little clunky and first draft like .needed some refining. Maybe read and reread a few times or write and trash then rewrite from memory only.