Red Mask

Have you ever heard about the Red Mask. It’s a story about a teenage girl whose life changed forever. Few people have seen her walking around. Trying to find her target. People say she won’t hurt you. Unless you get in her way. So it’s best to stay away from her. Her story begins when everything was normal.

Jessica was 16-year-old girl who was popular in high school. She had many friends. She was beautiful. Every boy had a crush on Jessica. Boys tried to make her go out with them, but all boys fail. Jessica didn’t accept the boys. She prefer to be alone instead of being with someone. Even in school project she like working alone. The boys wouldn’t get mad at her for saying no. Because they like her just as she was.

A new student came to the school. His name was Jack. He was smart, kind, active, strong, brave, and good-looking. Being in a new school was hard for him. He never moved to another school before. He always was in the same school for the whole school year. So making new friends was going to be difficult for him.

Then he met Jessica. He thought Jessica was perfect. Not like a normal friend. She was too perfect to be just a friend. Jack thought that this is finally the time he can get a girlfriend. After lunch Jack decided to talk to her. Jack started to talk to her. Jessica talk back. And then Jack thought he did. Then he asked.

“Do you want to go out with me?”

But then he was heart-broken to what he heard.

“No, sorry Jack.”

Then he snapped. He ran to the school exit and ran to home. His mom saw him out of school early and asked.

“What are you doing so early here?”

But he didn’t reply and went to his room. He thought to himself why was that school the worst. He wanted to get Jessica back. Then he knew what to do.

That night he went to the house of Jessica. He had gasoline And a match. Then he sneak into Jessica’s window and then put the gasoline around her bed. Jessica was sleeping. So it was easy. Then Jack match the matches and then there it was. The fire around the bed. Jack quickly ran out the window and looking back he saw Jessica’s window in flames. He heard Jessica’s screams.

The next day at school, Jack had a weird feeling. The feeling of being in danger. He saw Jessica but she had a red mask on. Jack went up to her and said what happened. Jessica didn’t reply to him. Jessica turn around and walked away. Then she turn back to him and said.

“You know what you did. Don’t you?”

Then Jack freaked. He knew Jessica know it was him. He then ran to his class.

That night Jessica got a axe and a knife. She killed her parents and left her sister alone. She didn’t want to hurt her sister. She then went to the door and disappeared.

No one knows what happened to Jessica that night. But remember, don’t get in her way or you will be her target. – Jack

  • AZDTales

    I dont want to be too critical or offend you, but is english your first language? This story was hard to follow and didnt really work with me. I feel if you take more time, and be more detailed, and fix the grammar errors, you could get a lot better

  • Liz Booz

    Good story easy to comprehend i hope you make a sequel 😀

  • Rwby Garnett

    Good story overall , just work on grammar. Hopefully a better part 2 soon?

  • Squanchy

    Good story for a kid

  • Rose Morrison

    Very hard to follow with the mis-used words and grammatical errors, plus it was very rushed and lacking in necessary detail. The story needs filling out and editing, then it would be much improved.

  • PPnpoopoo

    You should consider rereading and reediting before you publish a story, also it should make sense, don’t consentrate on details that don’t matter to the story like where Jack went to school before, serves no purpose. Grammar is also very important.