Pizza Delivery – Part 1

It was late back then, I had gotten my first job, a job of a delivery boy and something happened to me which I have not forgotten to this day. Nobody has believed me, I know some of you won’t either. But If you can accept this as a creepypasta.

It was late at night,at about 10:00, I was just waiting for my shift to finish. When it struck ten, I was just closing out the building when a call came to our office phone.

“Motherf**kin’ customers,” I said and went in to pick up the phone. “Hello, this is Smith’s Pizzeria, how may I help you?” I said.

She said, ”Um, I want to place an order, one large pepperoni pizza.”

Afraid that if I denied that customer I might lose my job, I said, ”Okay ma’am, may I have your address please?”

She told me her address and I wrote it down. She said as if in a hurry, ”Make it quick please.”

“Sure,Okay It’ll be there by 10-20 minutes,” I told and she hung up. “S**t,” I said almost screaming.

I went to the kitchen to make the pizza, after making it I went out, closed the shop and went to the location.

The address she had given me was of a middle class, two story house, the house was in a deserted place, I said to myself, “Well, let’s finish this f*****g delivery and go home.”

I went up to the door and knocked.

A young lady opened the door for me, she said with an odd smile, ”Good, you’re on time, get in.”

I got in, the house from the inside was pretty rich though, LED TV, jewellery stand, I didn’t bother to see all of the stuff, and asked for the payment. She handed me a 50 dollar note and asked, “Do you have change of this?”

I said, angry on myself that I forgot to take changes, “No.”
She gave me a frowned look and said, “Wait till I bring the money from upstairs.”

I said, frustrated, ”Sure.”

I was just standing there and watching TV when I realised that she was taking a long time. I was about to call her when the lights went out. Terrified,I screamed, ”Ma’am,Are… are you there?”

No answer.

I was really scared at this point, I was about to run the hell away from that place when I heard, like someone was speaking, urging at this point I went upstairs, I went past the kitchen to the bedroom, the bedroom door was open, I went in, and I saw that.

That the girl was lying on the floor, dead and beside her was an inhuman creature. His face was badly deformed. When I entered, it looked towards me with those yellow, dead eyes. I was about to vomit, I felt nauseous, but somehow I kept it together, slammed the door and went downstairs and tried to open the door, IT WAS LOCKED.

I came to the TV room and tried to figure out what shall I do, as the f*****g place only had windows upstairs. But then what caught my eye, I was even more terrified, the pizza box was open and a slice missing. I almost had fainted when a phone rang. It wasn’t mine, it was the phone of the woman who had died or to say she had been killed. I answered the phone.

A middle aged man spoke,“Hey Jane, how ya doin’? I am just there, open the door for me.”

I said with a stumbling voice, “Sir, Jane, sir… is—”


I said, “Sir please listen to me, Jane is… She’s dead, I am here to deliver pizza, the entrance door is locked, sir please open it for me…”

He said, “What?Jane’s dead?… Are you f*****g joking?”

I said, “No sir, I am not, I AM F*****G NOT, there is a creature who killed him. He is in this house with me. Sir, please help me out.”

He said then, “Okay, I have come here,” I then heard a car pull over, I then peeked through the keyhole, a car was parked beside my bike.

“Sir… Please open the door.”

He said, “The door is locked, there is a key in our bedroom, get it and throw it out of the window.”

My heart started pounding, not that room again. I went upstairs to the kitchen, and grabbing a knife I entered the room.

The monster wasn’t there, nor was the body of the woman who was murdered.

With a sigh, I opened the drawers and checked for the key, I found it and went towards the window.

I said on the phone, “Sir, I found it, throwing right at you.”


“Sir, you there?”


I turned back on hearing a sudden creak and then I saw that both the man and the woman were nailed together with that Monster in the middle of the them, he ran towards me and pushed me, I fell to the ground, fainting.

I woke up in a hospital bed. I had been retrieved by a person who claimed to be passing by that house.
The police were there to interrogate me as I had entered a sealed off crime scene for 12 years. I was perplexed. They told me that there were a couple who were murdered by a person. Though, forensics say that the blood samples found weren’t that of an animal or a human.

Two years have passed since then. I am writing this on my phone, now it’s late at night and I have just arrived to deliver a pizza. The woman said that she was going upstairs to bring some change when
The lights went out.

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