Pieced Together

This is the story about a boy with a lot of legos. And how he his family died under ‘mysterious sircumstances’ their bodies were never found

“Eric time for dinner!” Eric’s mother called “Okay Mom!” Eric replied and ran downstairs abandoning his project and sitting down to eat, after he was done he went back upstairs to finish what he started. But in addition to finding a half finished house he found a new lego person covered in blood and it’s face twisted in pain and fear, Eric just figured it was his big brother trying to scare him so he just set it aside and finished his house. After he laid down to go to sleep he heard a… Well it sounded like clicking. Not like a keyboard but like the little click when you knock plastic together. Or in this case legos. He also heard a… Like a mouse squeaking but longer. He ignored this and went back to sleep. When he woke up he saw the door to his lego house open. I thought I closed that… He thought as he looked at the house and found another bloody lego figure mangled and broken in the house. Again he figured that it was his brother so he just went downstairs and didn’t mention it. He didn’t want Sam to know that he was scared. Then Sam was winning. So he just went and ate his breakfast and snuck a peek at the newspaper looking for the comics and what he saw on the front page scared him.

Two people go missing in one day

Jon and Sara Williams


if you see them please call 911 immediately

Then there was a picture of the people. They looked like the Legos that had mysteriously shown up. He decided to keep his mouth shut for awhile. He wishes he didn’t. If he did than maybe his family would still be alive. After the comics he went back up to his room and built a car and a garage. He’d have to work on the door. But that was for a later time. He got to work on some furnature for the house and a little lock for the door. He didn’t know why but he did. And the next day he found the door locked and a lego- not bloody- with an expression of terror on it’s face. He unlocked the door and picked up the lego. Where are all these legos coming from?! He thinks and shoves the lego in his lego people bucket. This went on for at least a week before odd things happened in his own home (besides the extra legos) Occasionally he would look for a shirt but instead find a lego torso that looked exactly like that shirt and also he would look for a glass and he would find a lego one instead. It was very odd. And exactly one week after this started happening… It started. He heard an odd sound. Kind of like legos being put together with the sound of meat being pulverized. He got up and opened the door, he noticed that his parent’s bedroom door was open too. The sound was coming from there he realized and rushed in to find… Nothing. His parents were gone. He was looking at the bed as his parents tried to get his attention to no avail then they dashed into his room, went into his lego house, locked the door and hid under the bed. Then Eric saw… Or to be more precise not saw. It was a pure blackness for exactly three seconds then he was on the floor. He got up and looked at his hands. I’m a Lego! He thought with a certain level of excitement. Then he remembered that he found several Legos mangled and bloody so he dashed to his lego house. The door was locked so he jumped in the window. Then he closed it and shoved the fridge in front of it and looked under the bed to find his parents- also Legos- hiding under there. They looked even more worried to see him then they crawled out and hugged him. “My smart little boy” His mother says and kisses him on the forehead “My you’ve grown, or have I shrunk?” His father jokes. Parents make terrible jokes. Eric groans then a look of alarm passes over his face “Where’s Sam?” He asks “Probably in his room, asleep. He could sleep through a nuclear meltdown, you know your brother.” His mother says with a small laugh, Eric manages a small laugh too and glances nervously as he hears a large Bang! “Eek!” His mother shouts and dives back under the bed, Eric and his father are right behind her as the banging continues and they shiver under the bed, then the killer tries another tactic, he gets onto the roof and starts removing bricks as they cower, then Eric grabs the table and drags it over to the edge of the bed then gets under the bed and pulls the table up to the edge concealing them as the killer busts through the roof and starts tearing through the house trying to find them and in a split-second decision when the killer moves the table to grab his parents and dash outside to the car he made, thankfully he had accidentally left a small hole in the floor so nobody had to leave the car to push it they just ran and steered to try and get out. But the windshield was useless and the windows were just holes so they were helpless as they watched the killer come up with a bloody knife, the blood was still dripping and that was unnerving, he threw open the car door and in a desperate attempt to save his mother Eric kicked out the windshield and pushed his mother through telling her and his father to run as the killer dove at him with the knife, he stabbed him several times and then caught up with his parents and killed them too. The killer was never caught and the bodies were never found but some odd Legos showed up in his collection…