Jacob was a 12 year old boy. He loved to write. One day when his teacher brought up that the class was going to be doing penpals, he jumped with joy! Everyone wrote their first letter.

Jacobs letter said this, “Dear penpal, my name is jacob wills. I am from a small town in Kansas. I love riding bikes, playing soccer, and hanging out with my friends. Next week is easter. I am super excited! Whoever finds this, please write me back”.

The class, including Jacob, tied a balloon to their letter and let it blow away. The letter had the schools address so he could get his letter back.

That night, he went home. He told his mom all about the penpals. She then told him it was time for bed. He rushed to bed eager to get to school the next day.

He climbed in bed eager to fall asleep. Then he woke up. Click! Click! Click! It sounded like a camera. He looked around in his bedroom. Then, out his window. Nothing. Oh well, he thought.

The next morning he arrived at school. He asked the teacher for his penpal. She said “it’s on your desk”. He ran to his desk and opened the letter. To Jacob wills it read on the front. Inside there was no letter. Just a picture. Of him, laying in his bed. Asleep.

  • Mistress Of Fear

    I would like to see a continuence of this

    • Cosmo.1127

      Yes, I published it but it’s under review.

  • Alissa Isley

    Ooo nice but *excuse my criticism (I always feel like my opinion is needed lol)* it would have been better if you left more mystery like saying it sounded like an animal knocking or Smith 0-0 but awesome story 😊

  • Ana Lucia Gonzalez

    So how did the person know where he lived? Did he put his address to his house because i thought it only had the school’s address. Just wondering….

    • Cosmo.1127

      Every week at school he got a letter

  • Sierraa

    This sounds like a short version of another story I read on here. I forget the name. They did the balloons and everything and the person replied back with only pictures and the kid was in all of them, the guy was coming to the boys house and everything.

    • PaperMan

      Yeah, it’s also called Penpal. This is a rip off of that story.

      • Sierraa

        Yes!!!! That’s why I couldn’t think of the name, because it’s the exact same name lol. wow. There’s no way this person wrote this short version without reading the original.

      • Sierraa

        it’s just wayy too much of a coincidence

    • Cosmo.1127

      I have never heard of another story if there is I didn’t mean to rip it off and I’m so sorry😶

      • Dante

        It’s alright but don’t continue a shorter copy of the book Penpal, instead just use the skeleton of the story and make something original.

      • Advice from a pizza

        I don’t want to really question your statement because you really could be ignorant (unknowing, not the insult) of the fact. It just hard to imagine someone writing Creepypasta, new or not, without knowing or at least hearing about Penpal. That’s like not knowing Jeff the Killer — these are prime popular stories of the genre.

        • Dante

          And also write the exact same plot of ‘Balloons’ from the story.

        • Cooper Us

          FYI I’m not real new or very old on here honestly myself I haven’t seen or heard of those 2 stories lol u just mentioned🤔

  • Amy

    Total ripoff of Penpal (even the name).

    • Dante

      Yeah not sure why a (almost) plagiarized story even got published

      • Amy

        I thought the same thing. You’d think they would have caught this because it’s pretty obvious.