No Escape

They say if you see it that you will die. But I escaped… Or I thought I did.  OK let’s start from the beginning.  Her name was unknown but her past was known. See she was born 1982 but died 1987. She was killed by her father but not just by a gun she died from blood loss,  when the police found her she had 6 wounds on her arms and 20 all over her body.  They took her to the doctors to see she was r***d by someone. One day after they we’re looking at her body they heard crying from her they slowly backed up as then the girl was behind them.  She had a crooked smile as blood dripped down from her eyes onto the floor , She opened her mouth and let out a ear piercing scream.  The doctors fell to the floor holding their ears, the girl grabbed some  scissors and stabbed the doctors in the heart then starred to eat them as all you could hear we’re screams. It fell silent as people rushed into the room to see blood in the floor but no trace of anyone or the girls corpse it was all over the news on what was going on people started to move away from the town cause the girl died in the woods next to it.My friends and I decided to go into the woods on the day the girl died but it was the worst idea in the world when we went in we felt loss like it changed every time we got next to the way out.  We saw a girl crying she looked in pain like she was loss we walked up to her to see bloody  scissors she had no eyes and then gave us a crooked smile and started to laugh as she stood up then turned around,  her toung was hanging out it looked like it was about to fall out then she screamed and we started to run but she was always behind us so we split up. A couple hours later I got out of the forest to hear to loud screams as I ran back to the house my mother was done packing up our house as I got into the car. I pulled down the thing in the car with he mirror to fix my hair to see her in the back seat I screamed then felt my mouth covered as a cold blade went through my heart and slowly blead out. And then I saw my friends hung up on a tree then my body was up to. The girl hates Men. After awhile the news sent crazy with people talking about are  disappearance and now we help the girl get revenge on every man or boy that enters this forest once they enter they can never leave like us we could never leave like I did we would just get killed in the dark without anyone knowing what happened to us ever again.

  • tareeq wollfe

    Ooh. Decent idea and plot, awful delivery and grammar. Also, though decent idea, the whole curse/death thing has been overused so much it wasn’t even worth reading

    • wawe

      what do you think creepypastas are supposed to be about?? Cookies and unicorns?

      • Rah

        Supposed to be interesting

      • Simon

        I’d rather read an well written, imaginative creepypasta about cookies and unicorns than this here, to be perfectly honest.

  • wawe

    I did not even know it was possible to fit so many spelling mistakes in one story XD, I kinda like the way its written tho, it feels like the storyteller is rushing the story and makes it exiting. By the amount of spelling misstakes I would say this is one of your first stories (?) and if thats the case, keep goin!

  • Stacy sutter

    I like it do some more

  • Simon

    What’s with terrible creepypastas and fusing a bunch of sentences into a single extremely long and confusingly written one?

  • Alexia Steveson

    It had thought… It also had spelling mistakes grammar mistakes and a general rushed feeling along with the fact that organ eating is so overused…