Nightmare Could be a Message

I am going to write about the horrible experiences which I had many a times in my life. The story started in the capital of my state Imphal during the second final year of my college days. I stayed at one hostel ‘Stoney Boys Hostel’ which was far away from my home. I heard my friends saying that of our senior committed suicide in this room six year ago, and the reason was rumours to be failed love affairs and failed to crack the entrance exam for medical. But I never believed in such story as it’s common in hostel and I never thought I would have such a horrible experience.

It was in the year 2010, the month of March. I was awake and I felt somebody pressing hard on my chest. I tried to move but I could not. After a while I was released from this captive. I was in a complete shock. I checked the time at the big wall clock, and it was 3 am. I ran to my friend’s bed and slept there. I told my friends but nobody believed me. Then for another month it doesn’t occur, so I almost forgot about it. Again it occurred in June when I was sleeping in my own room when my roommate went to his village for Summer vacation, and another time in July. From that time I understood this is something real, that somebody ghost haunts me. After that I used to keep a Bible under my pillow before I sleep and read few portion of it and then prayed and sleep. Then this haunting did not occur for awhile. But the next year, 2011 January, it occurred again. This time I was unlucky, all the hosteller have not yet returned back from the winter vacation, only three hosteller are staying at the big hostel and the warden family, but they stayed on the other sides of our room, we were not much friendly, and even during the usual days of the others years we were enemies, the other two were my senior who always seek time and chances to bully the juniors, so I feel scared a little not of the ghost but these two mad hosteller.

That day I forgot to put the Bible under the pillow. That was the last time I experienced it and the most horrified one. I was so horrified that the ghost will not give even a little peace for a seconds.

That evening our warden told us that we had to had our dinner at a nearby hotels, as the cook isn’t available, he gave us each ₹300. I didn’t tag along with my senior for dinner, I have it alone. I reach hostel before 6 pm, I do my usual things, have bath with warm water, sit down before my table, write down notes, and after that I retire to my bed watching streamed videos from my laptop, without realising it I fall asleep, that’s was my biggest mistake. I didn’t prayed, I didn’t read the Bible portion, and I forgot to keep the Bible under my pillow.

At 11 pm, I was woken up by a hard coughing noise. I thought it must be my hostel mate, my seniors. I heard it for about four times. After that, out of a sudden, the light in my room went off. The thought of ghost haven’t yet comes to my brain at that point. I get up from my bed to search for my table lamp switch. In the darkness as my hand was searching for the lamp switch, I get hold of one ice cold touch in my finger tip. I ignored it thinking it must be a water bottle. Finally I reach the switch and I press it, but the light won’t comes. I repeatedly press it, on and off, on and off, but in vain, the room is still dark. Now only my heavy breath and the song of cricket could be heard. I cursed my self, that’s I should have bought myself a cell phone, instead of gaming console during the last year Christmas. After a minute of silence, I remember that there is emergency lighting system installed in our room. It’s a candle sticks and a matchbox. I reach the corner and reach for the shelf, finally I got hold of the candle and the matchbox. I light the candle. And as I approached the table, I realised that there is no water bottle in it. The bottle is on the bed, now I got a little sensation, what was that I feel a cold thing a moment ago.

Now that my room has been illuminated by candlelight again, I lay flat at my bed, about to sleep. After about ten minutes or less, I begin to feel someone presence on my bed, but I couldn’t move nor speak out. It was like the night which I felt last year. To my horror, the things began to move towards my face, and hiss, and whispered something which I can not understand. With much strength I changed my position of sleeping. And as I take a step to get up, the light of the candles was blown off like any human would do. From out of nowhere, I begin to hear voices, so terrible that I couldn’t make out what was it. The ghostly figure begin to tie a noose around my neck from my neck tie. I scream but it doesn’t matter. After the noose had been tied around my neck, the ghost lights the candle again. Now I could see clearly the face of the ghost. His face is so familiar to me, for he is our senior who committed suicide by hanging himself.

I scream but no one does come to my aid. The ghost laugh out and says, “Tonight I will end your misery. And before that, I will make you suffered.”

I pleaded him not to do this evil things to me but he won’t listen to me.

He paused and said, “I regretted giving up my life for her, and I will avenged it.”

I ask, “What? Who compelled you to commit suicide?”

He look away from me and growl, and finally he says,

“Listen carefully. The girl you are dating is the reason I committed this act. I’m taking it away from her. Her happiness as I will never allow her to be happy.”

Now I’m in tight spot, for I didn’t know what was he talking about.

The ghost makes me stand on the chair, I resisted, but he control my movements, now all been set up, I was about to commit a staged suicide. I wet my pants, and now the ghost is laughing out loud like a movie villain. Now I’m standing at the top of the chair and will die shortly when my support is removed. I silently wishes that it was all a dream not a real act.

The ghost look me in the eyes and says, “Do you trust your girl?”

I nodded.

The ghost bring out his wide grin and says, “Don’t trust her, she is the reincarnation of evil. You will face doom, and you will regret it,” then he kick away the chair. Now I’m struggling for my breathe, but it won’t help, as I was struggling…

I wake up from my worst nightmare…

The light was still on, the water bottle was at the table, and my room mate was sleeping peacefully,

I realised and came to my sense it was all a dream. I sit up, and have a little prayer. I open my diary and begin to write out what I have dreamt before I forgot again, every detail of it I mentioned in my little life book.

The next day I talk to my room mate about the weird dream I had, the dream is so weird because in my dream I was taken back to the past and even to the present. My roommate assured me that it was only a dream.

A week had passed after I had this dream, unexpectedly, to my surprise I caught my girlfriend cheating on with my college friends. After all the ghost in my nightmare did warn me about this, it seem my heart break feeling had been killed by the ghost. This is my story about a messenger sent by devil to deliver the message via my dream.

Don’t keep or maintain a toxic relationship…