Nightmare Child’s Stories Chapter 2

CHAPTER TWO: Proper Introduction

If you are not aware of what happened in the last chapter then let us recap.

I had a terrifying gory first memory that involved amped up stereotype monsters. Who of which tickled me and dug out my insides like I was some kind of supreme beef burrito. And if were you also wondering what happened when one of the monsters killed me in my dream/nightmare/memory. Well I woke just woke up inside of my bed with a very disturbed look on my face.

Seeing since we are past that first story let me actually introduce myself. My name is Max and I live in Oregon. I have long brown shaggy hair and brown eyes; I weigh about one hundred and eighty pounds while also being 6’5. I have an average build and no matter what I do I can’t gain weight so people can stop seeing my rib cage.

I am not going to tell you every single dream and odd occurrence that has happened up to this point in my life so I won’t. But I will tell you what is happening recently.

Lately I have been paranoid and stressed but I just assumed that’s part of moving. But it this started back in October, and my parents and I began moving in May.

So this was somewhat odd in my view but I assumed that I was going through some sort of “faze” and just brushed it off.

These feelings mainly began more or less at the beginning of October when I was getting ready for my first year of Halloween when I would stop going out and trick or treating from house to house asking old people and young adults for candy. This year my friend and his family would come down to go to a haunted house with both of our older sisters. His older sister’s name was Bailee and mine Stacy, and my friend’s name is Josh. The haunted house was called circus of screams. And I had never been to a haunted house beforehand so I was a little excited, although a bit nervous because of what happened on that Friday one day before we were to go to the attraction. I woke up like any day before and did my everyday routine by taking a shower, eating breakfast and brushing my teeth.

Afterwards I sit at my computer desk and power on my laptop to begin my school work online since I am homeschooled. I worked from eight in the in morning to four or three in the afternoon. I signed off and watched some of my favorite YouTubers for a while and then went for a bike ride and got our mail at the end of our dirt road. I don’t usually read the mail since I never get anything and it’s always for my parents but on this one day one of the letters caught my eye. It was a purple envelope, and when I looked at the details in the corner it read:

From: Management
To: Max Schenk

I assumed that it was either a funny letter from one of my friends or from one of my teachers. But that didn’t make sense seeing that none of my friends know where we live because we are moving and none of my campus teachers would send me something that they could send over the internet. I rode my bike back to my house and dropped the mail, while keeping the letter assigned to me, onto my parents desk in their room.

I went back to my school desk and contemplated on whether or not should tell my parents that I received a letter. They wouldn’t mind if I read it. And if it’s something important then I’ll tell them. I grabbed the letter and cut it open with my dad’s letter opener. Inside the envelope was a hand written letter that read:


You have been chosen to attend our new attraction this Saturday! NoEnd House! Our haunted house has nine rooms to cross, successfully cross through all nine areas and you will win $500!


I smiled and thought for a second. This sounds more like advertisement than an actual place. I read further down, who is management? I looked lower and read the location of this place. I pit the letter down and occasionally thought about it through the rest of the day. It was now night-time so I prepared for bed and decided that I wouldn’t tell my parents yet and see if my brother could take me while my parents went out for the night. The next morning my parents and I cut wood and by the time we were done it was late afternoon and I was tired. I walked inside the living room and sat down on the couch; I sighed and began to relax. This did not last long as my mother called to me from the kitchen, “Did you get the mail yet?” Craaaap I forgot the mail. I sighed and got up from the sofa. “No, but I’ll go get it now.” I turned and walked toward the door and put my shoes on.

I went outside and trudged to our garage to grab my bike. I entered through the door and road my bike out to our dirt road down to the mail box. After a few minutes my parents rode past me to go to some dinner meeting, I made it down the road and parked my bike while looking through our mail box. I didn’t see anything at first because it was getting dark. But my eyes eventually adjusted and I saw something in the very back I reached in and yanked it out. It was a purple envelope with my name on it. From Management.

I ripped open the envelope and read the hand written the letter inside:

Hello lucky winner!

We here at management would just like to remind you that you have been invited to appear at our new haunted house to win $500!

Oh crap! I forgot about the haunted house! My brother had already left and my parents had just left! I was about to let out a long sigh as I looked down to see there was more written.

We realize it was short notice but we would love it if you could appear! But if you do not think you can make it than we understand.

It will be difficult to find someone else upon your non arrival. Maybe you could come tomorrow! We hope to see you there!


I finished reading over the letter and shoved it in my pocket with the other one from the previous day. I rode back to our house and left my bike back in the garage. I walked inside and lied down on my bed. I began to think if we could make it to NoEnd House after we go to the circus of screams. I kept thinking about it until sleep eventually caught me by surprise.

That day we prepared the house for Halloween and I went dirt bike riding with my friend. After dinner that night we set out to the circus of screams. My sister, Staci, drove Josh and Bailee and I. We got there and waited in the line for almost two hours. It was midnight by the time it was our turn to go inside.

I would have asked my sister if we could stop by NoEnd house after this but it would be way too late and they would probably be closed. After the people at the entrance of the haunted house finished explaining the rules and safety hazards, we walked towards the main door. We had to go in a single line and I was in front of the line. I walked a little ahead so I could open the door for my sister and the rest. I opened the door and walked inside. I turned around to open the door the rest of the way but it closed when I came in. I turned the knob but it wouldn’t open. What the hell? (Did they lock the door?) I waited for a few minutes looking around the room. It wasn’t really scary, it was lit room with little toy mice running around on wood paneled flooring. I smiled and noticed there was a door opposite the one I entered with a number one written on it. I looked around the room more and noticed a note on the door. I took it off the door and folded it open. I began to read the hand written letter aloud:

Welcome to the NoEnd House! We hope you enjoy!


I gasped and dropped the note.