I heard knocking on what sounded like glass, as I got up to see what was making the noise I look at the mirror I don’t see a reflection, actually all I see is pitch black. I walk up to the mirror and hear knocking again this time its louder. It gets so loud I can’t hear the sound of my screams. I look over at the walls, they’re closing in and I start to lose my breath, I can’t breathe anymore.

I look back over to the mirror as I feel that I’m seconds away from death and I see a shadow behind me. And as I look behind me, I see a woman with torn pitch black clothing and her hair falls to the ground in front of her face. I start pouring my eyes out and I start walking through the mirror and I pop up and look around. I’m in my room on my bed under the covers I look at the mirror and I see my reflection. I look behind me and see nothing but my wooden walls, it seems everything is fine. I lay back down, close my eyes and start falling asleep, three seconds later I feel a cold hand brush my arm.