My Teddy Bear


“What is that Rose?” Selina A small 8 Year old Girl, with Light pink bunny ears, on her Head, her Curly Brown hair Covered her Left eye entirely.

asked the pink Teddy Bear on her Lap, “let’s have a tea party,” The Bear Said in a Small, Male Voice.

“A Party of two isn’t Very Fun, and I don’t have any Friends to Invite over..” Selina told her Teddy Bear Quietly, letting her Small Bunny ears fall over her Head, blocking her Eye.

“Oh you don’t need any Friends! You have me, and we will be friends FOREVER.” the Teddy Bear reassured her, deepening its voice Near the end of the Sentence.

“Your, right Rose, I don’t need any Friends! I have you!”
She Exclaimed, picking up the Bear in her Arms, and hugging it Tightly.

“I Love you Rose…” she whispered to the Bear, smiling softly.

The Door creaked open, Revealing a tall man, with a head of Black Curly hair, He was bearing a Black Tux, with a dark Blue Tie, his Skin-tone was Tanned, and he had some, stubble on his Chin.

“Selina, its Time to Go to School.” He Told his Child in a Deep Voice.

“Coming Daddy!” Selina yelled with Joy, as she hopped up, dusting off her Dark Blue Uniform, and readjusting the Red Bow on the Front.

She Smiled as she Grabbed the Pink bear’s arm, and Walked over to her Fathers side, “Selina, are you sure you want to bring Rose?” He asked His Daughter, Who Nodded quickly in Response, “Yes Daddy! Rose is my Best friend! We go everywhere together!” She Told her Father, as she grabbed his hand.

He sighed, “Alright” he Responded, Leading Selina out of the Door, and Down the Stairs.

“Where is Mommy?” Selina asked her father, looking up at him, Pure Joy glistened in her eyes, “she is at work.” He responded to her question.

Selina opened the Door of the Silver covet, hoping in the Back Seat, she Did up her seat belt, placing The Teddy Bear on the seat beside her, she did a seat belt up around it as well.

“Were ready!” Selina exclaimed, looking over at her father, who was adjusting the mirror.

The engine started, as they drove down the Road, “Selina, are you Excited for the first day of School?” Her father asked, as he Took a left turn.

“Yes Daddy! Me and Rose are gonna get Good Grades!” Selina told her father, “Selina, I don’t care about your grades, all I care about is that you make some Friends OK?”

“Yes Daddy…” Selina said, her Joy seeming to Fade.

The Covet pulled into the School parking Lot, “be Good Selina” Selinas father told her, “Yes Daddy” she replied, as she got out of the covet, she turned, hugging Her Bear tightly, as she watched her Father Speed off.

“Why didn’t you Tell him.” The Bear demanded, from Selinas Side, “Tell him what?” She asked the Bear Softly, holding it up in front of her Face.

“That you don’t need any friends!” The Bear exclaimed, “I don’t known….” Selina Replied, trailing off at the end, as she walked into the School Building.

Selina walked down the Hall, holding the Bears arm, she walked up the Stairs, and into the first class Room on the left, 2-1 encrusted in silver on the Door.

The Door Closed behind Selina as she entered the Class Room, The Female Teacher with Short Strait Brown hair sat at its Beigh Desk, It smiled as Selina walked threw the doorway.

“Hello, you must be Selina, I’m Mrs.Busch.” the Teacher Told her, and Selina Nodded slowly, “Come over here, and introduce yourself.” The Teacher told Selina, who Nodded slowly, before walking up in-front of Mrs.Busch’s Desk.

“Hello! I’m Selina! I came from America, I like my Best friend Rose!” Selina Told the 11 other students, with confidence, as she held up her teddy bear infromt of the classroom.

Selina’s Bunny Ears twitched, when she heard somebody from the back of the class room whispering to there classmate “She Still has a stuffed bear? Lame.”

Tears began to well in Selina’s eyes, as she held The Pink bear close to her Chest.

She Ran from the Classroom, and down the hall, into the Males Bathroom, she Ran in a Stall, locking the Door.

“Don’t cry Selina, they were a Jerk, who needs to Pay.”
The pink Bear spoke, softly.

“Pay how?…” Selina asked Her Bear, wiping the Tears from her eyes.

“I’ll Guide you threw it, just Get to class” The Teddy bear reassured Selina, who nodded, before exiting the Males bathroom.

Selina walked back into the Classroom, as Mrs.Busch, looked up at her, “Selina are you OK?” She asked Selina, “Yes just had to use the bathroom.” Selina replied, before walking to the only empty seat left.

“Look who decided to show there Face.” Selina heard the Same class mate speaking, but this time she knew who it was.

Selina looked over at a Boy her age, dark red hair, covered his shiny head, and freckles Spread across his face, he was whispering to another student, in which sat beside him.

“After class Talk to the Boy” Selina heard her Teddy bear whisper from on her desk, “OK…” Selina whispered in return.

A few moments later the bell Rang, And the hole Class filled out, Selina Stayed behind, “Tell him To meet you on the Roof top.” the Pink teddy bear Spoke to Her, “Isn’t that a little dangerous?” She mumbled in return, “don’t worry, just go talk to him” the Bear retorted.

Selina Ran into the crowd of students, she Came up behind the boy with dark red hair, as he was near the back of the crowd.

Selina Tapped the boys shoulder, holding Her Pink Teddy Bear against her Flat Chest, the Red headed boy turned around to face her.

“Well look who it is, what do You want bunny Girl?” The Boy Asked Selina.

“Can you meet me on the roof? Behind the metal containers at lunch?” Selina asked the male, who nodded with skepticism, “Why?” He asked quickly, “Just be there” Selina told him, as he nodded, and walked away.

“Good job Selina!” the Teddy Bear said, complimenting Selina, “Thank you rose! Uh when is lunch?” She asked the bear softly.

“That is next Period” the bear Replied.

After the Bell Rang for lunch, Selina ran to the roof top, holding Her Bear against her soft chest.

She arrived behind the metal containers, she saw The red headed boy standing by the railing, looking over the edge.

“OK Selina this is your only chance, Push him.” The Teddy Bear whispered to Selina, “but won’t he get hurt?” Selina whispered back, almost unaudibly

“Don’t worry he will be fine, he will land in the garbage bin!” The Teddy bear exclaimed.

“OK, I’ll do it.” Selina whispered back, before sneaking up behind the Red headed boy, she shoved her hands against he back of his shoulders, he fell forward off the railing, and Fell down to the Ground, Dropping head first into the garbage can, the garbage softened his landing, but his Neck broke from the impact.

“There, now he won’t ever bother you Again!” The Bear exclaimed, joy filled its Speech.

“This feels Strange….” Selina Told her bear, holding it up in front of her face, “Can i do it again?”

  • Needs lots of Grammer and spelling corrections. Other than that I guess it’s ok for starters. =)

  • P4pr1k4❤

    Wow, It was good! Did you ever think in make this a book? If you produce that with more details and history you can publish, and God, I think its can be great!

  • Emerald Dragon

    I LOVVEEE the ending its funny she’s a murderer.

  • Netor Ananab

    This may be one of the best stories ever written. Its riddled with unnescissary commas, random capitals, and occasional typos, but other than that, good work! I really like this story! Sort of a cliffhanger at the end, but whatever. If you fix your grammar and problems, I will like this story even more. Unusually good.