My Grandma’s House

My name is Jackson my birthday is February 16th… On my 14th birthday something happened to me.. It hurt me.. My grandma passed away on my birthday. I was hurt, i had seen her just days before and she seemed fine like nothing was wrong. I didn’t understand why that happened on my birthday but it did… I remember the nights i spent at her house. I had fun with her , we always made cookies or some kind of sweets to enjoy before I’d go to sleep. When I’d go to the guest room to sleep; I’d feel some presence in the room watching me fall asleep. It was uncomfortable. I swear one time i saw a pitch black shadow with piercing red eyes standing in one corner of the room, watching me. I was terrified and didn’t really stay there after that.
It’s now 20 years later… It’s my 34th birthday now and i’m deciding to go to my grandma’s house .. Its been so long.. It’s about an hour away in the middle of the woods.

I arrived there. Everything was left there how it was from when i was younger. All the furniture was covered in dust. I could really see how dusty it was from the light of my flash light. I started to look around more when i heard dishes being moved around. I looked behind me and nothing was there. I figured it was in my head; until i heard whispers all around me.. I couldn’t make out what they were saying until i held my breath and listened. They were saying “jackson” and “leave now. You will die here.” or ” I will kill you.” That’s when i heard footsteps running towards me. Then suddenly stop. I started to run towards the door and that’s when i heard my grandma call my name. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked and i saw her silhouette. She was standing there smiling at me. I missed her so much and I walked towards her to hug her when she disappeared into thin air. I was sobbing so hard and loudly. I heard a slight scratch on a wall near me and i stopped my sobbing to listen and look for what was making the noise. That’s when i saw the shadow from when i was a kid. It started to run towards me and i booked it outside to my car. I barley made it and starts the car to drive away. I felt my heart pounding in my chest . i couldn’t wrap my head around what happened. I made it home that night. I was to scared to sleep. I made a choice that i wasn’t going to go back to the house. I was trying to wrap my head around what happen while laying in my bed. Then i heard the scratches again….

  • Jayde

    This is a good story keep up the good work

    • ghostydevil1686

      Thank you so much it means alot