My Fault

It all started in 5th grade. It started as a game. I heard a good friend say, “I saw Slenderman,” followed by a few others saying me too. I decided it would be good to assert myself into this. Twist what they think and know. It was supposed to be a joke. I mean Slenderman. Real? So I went on that year. Fooling them and tricking them. And then I went too far. I got to sucked in that by the summer I actually started believing it myself. I don’t know if it is because I was alone and if “Slenderman” was real, I wouldn’t be alone. Once 6th grade hit they stopped talking to me. It was spiraling out of control. They were the ones writing the notes and pages and shaking after thinking they saw it. And now it’s just me. Scribblings into my journal, abandoned by them. I don’t know. Maybe this is my burden for twisting their mind in 5th. But I just can’t stop. At the time I’m writing this I’m in high school (9th) and I just can’t stop. This is my story. I need help. I don’t want your sympathy. And I don’t care if you believe me. But this is me now. And to think of I just didn’t hear that damn word: “Slenderman”. Of course I’m a cool and now this is my burden. And now it will become my legacy. I may not be able to make myself think “it” isn’t real so I will do the next best thing. I will force any one and everyone to believe my tale.

I don’t really believe that. I don’t think I do. And this isn’t even the idea of Slenderman. But then that’s all I thought about. After I was abandoned that all I could think about. It’s real. Because if it is I won’t be alone anymore. And all of you can suffer with me. And you will all see and believe. Either you will believe when it’s the beginning of time, or you will believe as it rises from the ashes. Again I don’t ask you to believe me. Hell none of you won’t continue reading after the first 3 lines. Just know. Just because you can see something, doesn’t mean it’s not real. After all I learned this the hard way. I just hope there are others who feel… the same way. So I won’t be alone. But it won’t matter anymore. Now, I’m fine with making you all suffer with me. I can’t even make up my mind if I wanna be alone or want help. It’s been four years since this started. And I don’t know if this will end. But I know one thing. I can’t be fixed. Or healed. This is me now. Noe you will see through my eyes. See what I see feel what I feel. And know what I know. I also have a journal. I will post everything in it soon along with other thing. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Talk to you soon.


  • PurplexiaSphinx

    There are some grammatical errors, spelling errors, plot errors… But it was actually pretty enjoyable. Better than some I’ve read. Next time though, use spellcheck before publishing.