To give a short introduction, my name is Shaun Ryan and I would like to tell you a story about one of the scariest moments in my life.

It was a Thursday evening not unlike any other, or at least I thought this until around 7pm that evening. It was gloomier than usual outside but I didn’t feel like this was anything out of the ordinary. I had just put my phone on charge and begun watching the evening news to which the most recent story blared out, “Joe Stevens, CEO of Local corporation J&J Insurance arrested for spiking the water jugs with rare strain of Heroin for ‘curiosities’ sake of employee reactions.” This peaked my interest only because I did visit today to use their restroom. I though to myself, did I have a drink while I was there?

After hearing this, my eyes felt heavier, and heavier until I felt as if I were going to fall asleep, or pass out. I don’t know about you but I had never personally experienced such a state of lifelessness as this and I begun to wonder, did I consume this drug.

I had been contemplating this for what felt like days, searching through every news source I could find but to no avail there was no definitive floor, water source or time that this was available to employees/guests until my eyes felt heavier again.

I awoke from what I felt was an almost comatose state having had a rather curious dream. In my dream I had been making a Sunday roast with family over, and afterwards painting bowls of fruit with my family, and finally getting some rest, or so I had thought. Don’t always believe your dreams, and don’t always believe that they are dreams.

After trying to recollect the events of my ‘dream’, I turn on the news again to the headline, ‘Family brutally murdered in a horrid manner!’ The news story spoke of a man attacking his family with a kitchen knife in an unprovoked attack. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing at the time, until I really thought about the dream I had last night, maybe I wasn’t making dinner, maybe I wasn’t painting the fruit I saw and that the red paint I saw, was the blood of my family. I tried not to be too concerned and waited for the monster that could do such an awful act of pure betrayal, who could hurt those closest to him and to my utter dismay I hear the name ‘Shaun Ryan’… I drop to my knees and let out a scream so loud it could pierce ear drums.

I speak to you now, from my prison cell to tell you that I don’t know what that drug was, but it wasn’t just heroin.

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