Man Eater

A young lady at her twenties is lying on the floor of a dark room. Suddenly she made a weak movement. Blinking her big brown eyes, little by little she’s gaining back her senses. A foul odor prickled into her nose. That odor made her eyebrows crinkle a little and also, it created a wrinkle on her forehead.

As she opened her eyes completely, the place she’s in and looking at right now creates a sudden chill down through her spine. Because in every corner of that room lays some bones, rotting meats with worms crawling in and the wallpaper’s covered with dark stains.

‘Such a horrible sight… so unbearable especially to a fine lady like me,’ was on her mind, and that actually made her feel dizzy. ‘It makes me wanna puke,’ she added.

The shock she had, made her crept backward. When she did, she felt something wet and slimy. She turned to look at it and to her horror, what’s actually behind her was… Jedcer! The guy she was with before ending up into this place. That devoured guy, that guy’s undeniably her boyfriend. But sadly is in the state of decomposition and the worms that are feasting on his remains are now climbing at her!

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she shouted at the top of her lungs as she struggled to look at the hideous sight before her.

She tremblingly tried to stand. She looked at her before cute bright pink floral dress that is now stained with dirt and blood, she dismayingly ripped it shorter. With all of her might, the lady tried to climb up the ladder.

She was completely absorbed of the hope she has to escape and that she didn’t notice a shadow aiming unto her right leg.

She suddenly felt a cold grasp on her leg gripping on her flesh deeper and deeper until blood drips from it. She struggled to break free from the strong grip and with courage, she tried to take a poke of her attacker.

“Oh. My. God!” she exclaimed with both eyes wide open.

The sight before her made her wanted to escape more. She kicked and kicked but nothing happened.

She heard a slight howling coming from her attacker and the last thing she knew was that she was being dragged back below. She knew there’s no point in struggling. She heaved out a heavy sigh as a sign of defeat and let a tear roll down her rosy cheek.

The creature growled, tearing and devouring the flesh of the unfortunate lady who just happened to cross its place.