Lurking Fury

Out of which crypt these damnable creatures crawl I cannot tell, but every time I roll over in my bed and sleep I hear the slow mundane creep of these creatures in the darkness of my dwellings. I have tried many times to call out to them tell them to leave, to go back to which hell they came from.

But alas they do not heed my advice, their slender bodies and long expressionless faces stalk me from the dark as they have done to my kin many moons ago and with every night, every shout, every sanity deriving moment these creatures lurk closer and closer to me promising me false paradise only if I join them in the murky darkness but Ho, I shall not listen to their false statements like the men before me for I have seen the bones and crumpled bodies of those before me in that solid darkness.

In the end I am doomed with each tick of the old grandfather they sneak forward no longer wishing for my consent, their hunger a fury in their grotesque and twisted stomach in but a few hours I will join my kin and the sharp ripping claws of those abominations will take me by a storm I try and comfort myself saying it will all be over soon but I heard the screams of my father the night they took him. Raw and unbroken full of pain. I now must stop for they have surrounded my bed I now must accept this fate. I must close my eyes I do not wish to see their long expressionless faces ripping into my stomach as I scream as my father did many years ago

  • Bonnie Manz

    It would be great if you had a story that leads to the conclusion.

  • ThatSoto

    I see a figure within the text. The spacing between word and lines go down the story and where he speaks of the sharp ripping claws is where the claws are. I needed this right now it soothed me yet added to my fire inside

  • Jed

    1/5 A tad pretentious and poorly written, if I do say so myself.