Luna’s Dream

Luna burst from her sleep, gasping for air. It was the third time it’s happened that week. Ever since she had been possessed, she has had the same dream. She looked at the far corner, where it would always be darkest. She got up and slammed a book onto the floor. Relieved no one was there, she sat at her desk. Her sister had asked what the monster in her dreams looked like, so Luna started on her picture. Every dream was different, yet considered the same plot. Luna spots a shadow, the shadow possesses her, she kills her sister. Luna twitched and squirmed as she relived the shadows presence. Luna got dizzy and started to pace around the room.

It wasn’t until she looked down when she realized the deep cut in her right arm. She looked back at the corner and were the book lay open. All of a sudden, she had gotten a sharp pain in her left leg. She looked down again, and the pool of blood she stood in. When she touched it, her entire body froze. Her leg and arm went warm as she remembered, ‘This is my dream.’. The whole world spun in front of her as she fell to the floor.

Then everything went black.

And all she could do, was scream.

  • Bonnie Manz

    It seems like you took a paragraph from a story and entered it with out a beginning or an ending.