Look Outside

It had happened when I was way younger than I currently am. I was at my cousin’s house with my sister and older brother, when we arrived we hung out playing video games and watching movies. When it came to dinner I wasn’t happy when I learned it was tuna but to my surprise the tuna tasted good. Once it started to get dark outside we went into the bedroom, the females and males were split up into different rooms but when we went into the room we stayed up messing around.

The atmosphere change dramatically when I saw one of my cousins looking out of the window. Everyone gathered around the window to look outside to see a man standing on the sidewalk near the house under a street light. The man was wearing a jacket and fedora but the main thing I noticed was that he was staring at the room and didn’t move as if he was a statue. Everyone jumped back and turned all of the lights off and hid, once a few minutes passed we all gathered back up in the center of the room and didn’t say a word. We looked out of the window and saw nothing was there as if we all imagined it.

I woke up the next day at nine and everyone already had left into the living room. We played more video games but something was off. My brother and cousins were acting like it had never happened which confused me but I at the time had decided to just ignore it. Before we left three of us decided to go outside and the whole time all I did was stare at the spot that man was standing at.

I left an hour after we had went outside and I told everyone goodbye. I had arrived home late but I was still wary about windows and have a difficult time looking out of them during the night hours. If I could give you any advice is if you see a man or anything outside of your window and it glares back to hide for at least a few minutes. After you get done of that it should be gone but if it is still there, exit the room as quickly as you can, go to the nearest family member in the house and stay with them or lock yourself in a room that has no windows. If you don’t follow these instructions it will find you but there is no telling what it will do to you.

  • Willock Flame

    How do you know that it will find you?

  • DiabolikalHeart

    “The atmosphere change drastically when I saw one of my cousin look out the window.” That is grammar apparently.

    • Puzzlick

      It is, not good grammar, but it is. Something that could have easily helped me when I wrote these is if I actually decided after publishing waiting a few days before reviewing it and then make the changes other than reviewing it after I posted it. I made these while I was in class at school which didn’t really help with my willingness to actually look for errors. As I read I automatically filled in for words that needed to be there but wasn’t. Hopefully my terrible grammar 2 years ago at least made you laugh.