Kid vs Kat: The Night Terrors – Part 1

It was just another day. Coop and Kat were fighting in the backyard. Supposedly Kat was trying to test a new machine, possibly to call his leaders from the planet, Catnip.

But like always, Coop steps in and fights Kat to stop him. Coop was putting up a good fight but this time. Kat tried shooting him with an acid gun. Coop dodged the acid but tripped over a rock. Kat shot at Coop again this time hitting him in the face. Coop screamed in agony, his screams getting more painful every second. Kat laughed evilly. Finally… he had won. Yes, he had killed Coop. Or so he thought… After Coop stopped screaming in agony, he arose off the grown and slowly walked over to Kat.

Kat now in shock, stepped back a bit. Coop’s face was melting. He stepped close to Kat grabbing him by the neck. Kat scratched Coop with his chainsaw claws, but it did not work. Coop punched Kat through the chest, grabbing Kat’s heart and ripping it out.

Kat in shock froze up. As Coop was laughing insanely, Kat looked up into the sky and everything went black.


The alarms went off ripping Kat out of his nightmarish slumber. Kat clenched his chest breathing intensely, he looked around the room. Light beamed from the window of the room onto his face. His hind paws shaking from the night terror he witnessed. He climbed out of his bed stretching his legs.

All of a sudden, he heard a familiar voice.

“Mr. Kat!!!”

He looked towards the place where the voice came from, and he saw Millie. Millie ran over grabbing Kat in an instant. Kat still shook from the dream, froze again trying to process what was going on. Millie took Kat towards her room passing through Coop in the process. Kat saw Coop and instantly jumped out of Millie’s arms. As Kat ran, screaming in terror, Coop started laughing.

“Hahaha, oh jeez, I guess Kat finally knows I’m the top dog here,” Coop said.

“Why did you scare Mr. Kat, Coop!?!” Millie said in anger.

“It’s not my fault. Kat knows I’m stronger than him now,” Coop said as he gave a smirk. Millie walked off to go find Mr. Kat.

Meanwhile, Kat was trying to think of a way to get rid of the memory he had about the night terror. All of a sudden a nice smell of food struck Kat’s nose. He ran towards the kitchen seeing Burton (Coop’s and Millie’s father) pouring a box of fishy frisky bits into Kat’s bowl. Kat jumped over Burton and landed by his food bowl, eating it in one bite. Burton walked away to make Millie’s and Coop’s breakfast.

After Kat ate his food, he walked towards Millie’s room looking for her. All of a sudden, Coop jumped out of Millie’s closest scaring Kat. Kat made a mad dash down the stairs, then Coop laughed again thinking this was hilarious. He thought he should call and tell Dennis. Coop called Dennis telling him all about what was happening.

“No way dude, are you pulling my leg right now?” Dennis asked.

“No dude, you have to get down here now,” Coop said.

Meanwhile, Kat was taking a nap, and he had another bad dream. When he was fighting with Coop, Kat got kicked into a pool. Kat tried swimming out but his back paws were caught on something he could not see. Kat struggled to get free, to no avail. Within one minute, Kat started to choke and gag, then he drowned.

Kat jolted awake, clenching his chest. He was slowly calming down, but then Coop instantly ran at him Dennis following. Kat screamed and ran towards the wall, shaking in fear. Dennis and Coop started laughing.

“Hahaha. Well Kat, better leave us alone, OR I’M GOING TO GET YOU!!!” Coop said, as he swiftly reached for Kat. Coop stopped reaching for him, and his hand was an inch away from Kat’s face.

“COOP, STOP TORMENTING MR. KAT!!!” a familiar voice screamed. Coop turned towards the sound, to see Millie scaling at him.

“Fine, I was only joking around,” Coop said walking away angrily, Dennis following.

“It’s okay Mr. Kat. They’re gone now,” Millie said hugging him. Kat held on to her tightly, still shook about what Coop had said.

Later that night, Kat had another horrible, night terror. This time, Millie and Kat were playing with a ball. Millie kicked the ball into the road, and she ran after it and a car was speeding towards her. Kat instantly jumped and pushed Millie out of the way, then all he heard was Millie screaming his name. Then pain.

Kat woke up screaming, tears streamed down his face. He didn’t want this anymore. He sat there in his cat bed, sobbing quietly. Meanwhile, Coop awoke and glanced around suspected that Kat would pop out, and attack him for what he had done yesterday. But nope, Kat didn’t.

“Huh, that’s weird. Normally by now Kat would have attacked me,” Coop said wondering. Just then Millie burst into Coop’s room.

“COOP WHAT DID YOU DO TO MR. KAT!!!” Millie screamed.

“What do you mean?! I did nothing to Kat. Well, not this morning,” Coop said.

“WELL, MR. KAT IS CRYING IN HIS BED, SO YOU BETTER COME HELP ME CHEER HIM UP,” Millie screamed, louder than before.

“Fine. I’ll check on Kat. But it’s your fault if he attacks me,” Coop said annoyed.

Coop and Millie walked downstairs to go check on Mr. Kat. They found him in his bed still crying.

“Oh come on, he’s faking it,” Coop said.

“Does that look fake to you!?” Millie said pointing to Kat’s tears.

“It could be,” Coop said in wonder.

“I want you to talk to Mr. Kat. I’ll go make him some food. AND YOU BETTER NOT MAKE HIM CRY ANYMORE, GOT IT!?” Millie asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I got it,” Coop said rolling his eyes. After Millie walked away, Coop looked at Kat. Kat looked back and instantly backed away from him.

“Listen here Kat. You’re making my sister bossier and sadder. This fake scared acting has to stop now.”

Kat backed up even more…

“This isn’t fake, is it?” Coop said.

Kat shook his head, tears were streaming down his face again.

“Well, tell me, what’s going on? I don’t want you like this. The more you act like this, the more I have to listen to my sister. If I don’t listen to my sister, my dad will get involved and I don’t want to be grounded,” Coop said.

Kat drew pictures of his night terrors and showed them to Coop. When Coop saw these, he was quite disturbed.

“So you keep dying in your night terrors. And since they’re lucid, they always seem real and feel real?” Coop asked.

Kat nodded gripping on to his tail, to comfort himself.

“I’m guessing the worst night terror, was the one last night?” Coop asked.

Kat nodded, trying not to remember.

“Alright, Kat, I’ll help you out with this. But tomorrow because I have to think. And on one condition,” Coop said.

Kat gulped he was worried about what Coop would say.

“You can not attack me when I help you. And you need to try and stop planning world domination,” Coop said.

Kat nodded back, he was too frightened and too tired to argue with Coop.

“Good, I will get Dennis to help out with this, but we will start tomorrow, deal?” Coop asked.

Kat meowed once and held his right front paw out as if trying to say shake on it. Coop and Kat shook on the deal. Now all Kat had to do was have one more night, of the horrible, and disturbing… night terrors.

End of Part 1.