Keven Dice

Journal entry

I would like to tell you about a former friend of mine named Kevin. In the past my feelings for him may have interfered with how I need to tell this story, however, my fear of him now will keep me on track. I’ll tell you as he told it to me.

I first want to give you an idea just who Kevin Dice was. Nicknamed “Dice” with flaming red hair and green eyes he always wore this green jacket with a pair of blood-red dice on the front. Around his neck was his heart locket (his mother gave it to him), and in his left ear he wore a spade earring. His right ear bared a clover.

Now Kevin had a family a mother, a baby brother, and a cat. He had a father as well but he was always gone due to his addiction to gambling. When he did come home he was always drunk. His father was a big man with brown hair and a 5 o’clock shadow. On bad days after losing a bet he’d come home and play a card or dice game with Dice. If Dice won then he would be the one to suffer. If he lost then after every round in the order of mother, brother, then cat they all suffered. Night after night Dice won only losing 1 round to his Dad until that last night.

They would play a game of dice with the rules being very simple. All he had to do was get 3 of the same numbers in a row every roll. Well Dice only had a pair of dice(2 die) and his dad knew this.

The game started and his father smiled. Knowing he had lost the 1st round, Dice had to prepare for what his mother would endure. It was hard to think of, but that was gambling for them. He waited for his dad to start the punishment,however, it didn’t come. Instead his father had an ultimatum for Kevin. Kevin would have to do it or his dad would kill them all.

Dice broke his mother’s arm.

While the crack was loud her screams were louder. Dice lived deep in the forest with the nearest highway miles away. This highway is where he caught the bus for high school. The screams could be heard from that bus stop by a neighbor nearby… me.

As the game continued he lost again and again being forced by his dad to follow through with his brother’s punishment. With tears in his eyes he pulled out all of his brothers hair. His dad now so proudly stated “now that wasn’t so bad was it? He’s still alive!” that’s when Dice snapped and began to laugh with his dad. They played round after round, punishment after punishment. Soon Dice had a devilish grin the next round would be his mother. She laid their beaten, broken, and crying Dice carved out her eyes.

All went silent as Dice’s father realized she was dead and he had went too far. He said “I think we should stop now and bury her. No more gambling for us. I will be a good dad from now on.”

“Wanna bet.” Dice said.

“This time you should join in the fun”as he rolled the dice. Smiling he jumped on his father and fought over the knife. Soon his dad was on top of him as he began to carve into Dices eyelids.

He carved two holes in the shape of diamonds telling Dice “you are so naive”.

Then with a wicked smile Dice said “no you are the one whose naive!”as he forces the knife to stab his father in the face. Dice then stood up over his father and rolled 2 more rounds before he took off.

It was 2:00 A.M when he came to my window and knocked. Staying in the shadows with his hoodie up I couldn’t really see his face. “I finally get it” he said. “Why he liked to gamble so much.” As he continued to tell me the story. “I like it now too. Other gamblers don’t know what they’re missing!” he looked up at me, moving into the light, smiling from ear to ear with blood on his pale white face. The muscles pulsing through his bloody diamond cut eyes.

I tried to reason with him but he screamed “I did the right thing! I’m not a monster!”

I should have called the cops, but I offered him a chance to get help stating “You don’t have to do this.”

He looked at me with a smile “wanna bet?” Then in a blink of an eye he was gone. On the ground was a deck of cards and a pair of bloody red dice.

Three days later….. I heard that his mother, brother, and cat were found all dead. His brother cut into pieces and his cat was skinned and hanged out to dry, like laundry. His father was found alive down in the basement and charged with the murder. He insisted it was his son and he was innocent, but with no proof his was sent to jail. And later found with his throat sliced in his cell. Although no knife was found they called it a suicide anyways.

Three week later… Another guy who was also a heavy gambler’s family was found dead in their home. He spoke of a boy with diamond eyes and he only got out alive because he cheated and carried an extra die. He was lucky to be alive, but still charged and taken to trial. It’s now been 2 months and 3 more families have been found murdered in different places and different cities. But at each of these crime scenes was a deck of cards and 2 blood red dice. That’s how I know it’s Dice. so this is what I say to all the gamblers out their.

“A warning be careful because when you meet kevin dice you better bring an EXTRA DIE.”