Jessica the Teddy Bear

Hello everyone. My name is Alex and I’d like to tell you all a story. I’m recording this just in case anything happens to me.

You need to hear this. It’s important, and trust me it’ll be worth your time. So please listen to what I have to say.

This is my story:

When I was little, I used to enjoy playing with my older sister and younger brother. We used to have so much fun. We also used to get into fights and argue for no reason.

Other than that, I got along with them okay. My older sister had a lot of girlish type toys, and since my younger brother, and I had no toys of our own, or any gender appropriate toys to play with, we would always play with our older sister’s favorite toys. Of course, there was one toy my sister loved the most, and is still to this day, her most favorite toy.

She had this little fuzzy pink teddy bear with big brown, yellow eyes, and a big heart-shaped brown nose. The name of my sister’s teddy bear was, Jessica. She absolutely loved Jessica, but my younger brother and I were never allowed to play with her, unless our grandma or older sister were watching us carefully.

Years went by and we were now in elementary school, but were both still living together at our grandma’s house. However, our sister was no longer living with us at our grandma’s house, and my Sebastian and I began to feel lonely. We almost felt like crying as we both looked at our older sister’s old girl toys she used to play with us.

All that changed when we decided keep our older sister’s toys and use them as a tribute to her. That sounds strange, yeah I know, but my brother, and I were just kids, and we missed our sister a lot. Anyways skip ahead about 8 or 9 years and that’s where my story really begins.

I was a young high school senior and I had just recently graduated. My sister came to my graduation, and I was so very happy. I was finally reunited with our sister, Andrea.

We had lots of fun, and my younger brother was jealous that I got to spend so much time with our older sister, but I knew somewhere in my younger brother’s heart, he missed our older sister too. Sometime later, my sister had to pack her things, and move away again. I felt sad because I was going to start college soon, so I decided to go with my mom, dad, and younger brother to Las Vegas, so I could spend one more time with my older sister.

My younger brother and I sat in the back of our mom’s van with our sister, and we talked to her and spent a lot of time with her. After we arrived in Las Vegas, I began to cry, and my younger brother began to cry too. We drove around Las Vegas for a while and went sight-seeing.

After that, we arrived at our aunt’s house and dropped our sister off. We talked to our older for only a few minutes, and helped her unpack her stuff. Once we were finished unpacking our older sister’s stuff, my younger brother, and I went with our parents to find a hotel to stay at for a couple of days.

However two days later, when we all arrived back at our mom’s house, I started to feel like something wasn’t quite right. My younger brother felt the same way and I could see the worry and fear in his face. Eventually, we both decided to just ignore the feelings we had, and focus and doing fun stuff instead.

We played on our PS2, PS3, Wii, and Nintendo DS’ together. After, my brother and I got off the video game consoles, we watched some TV and movies. Our parents decided to have their own fun, and went out for the whole day.

Before they left me and my brother on our own, so they could go out, they gave us money for pizza, and told us to call them or 911 in case of an emergency. My brother and I agreed to the terms of our parents, and they left to go out. While we were at home, my brother and I decided to watch some TV.

We argued over what shows we wanted to watch, and who got to use the remote, but all that stopped when we heard a strange noise coming from our sister’s old room. My brother went to go check it and that’s when things got terrifying. I could hear my brother screaming.

I quickly went into our sister’s room and saw my brother standing on a puddle of blood and in the blood puddle was our cats, dead. Just then, my brother saw something sticking out of the body of one of our dead cats.

He picked it up and showed me. It was a sticky piece of paper rolled up neatly and covered in blood. I ignored the feeling of the sticky blood on my hand, and smell of our decaying dead cats, quickly unrolling the paper, to reveal a letter written in blood. The writing was sloppy, but I translated it the best I could.

The letter said, “My mommy never let me play with you. She’s not here now anymore. So let’s play.” My brother and I started to freak out thinking it was a prank. We both accused each other, but then as we looked at the writing, we could see it wasn’t in our own handwriting, but in a child’s handwriting.

We didn’t know what to do, or what was happening, but we decide to find the answer together. Unfortunately it didn’t take much time to solve this spooky little mystery, because we were about to find something shocking and traumatizing for both of us. We saw our sister’s teddy bear, Jessica sitting down on a cabinet, in the closet, holding a bloody kitchen knife in its right paw.

“What the f**k is going on?!” my brother shouted. I was speechless and frozen in fear. Just seeing my sister’s teddy bear there left me utterly stupefied, and all I could do was watch as the teddy bear jumped down the closet and held the knife up, ready to attack. My brother slapped my face as hard as possible, quickly snapping me out of my confused and scared daze, and back to reality.

Just then the teddy bear charged at us, and my brother quickly grabbed it, tossing it at a dresser and knocking it down over the damn thing.

“You alright? ” my brother said.

“Yeah I’m fine. Thanks,” I said, looking back at my brother with fear in my eyes.

“How the hell did our sister’s teddy bear get here?!” I thought, “more importantly how’d it come to life?!” I began to panic, but realized my brother and I had to get out alive no matter what. My brother and I ran out of our sister’s room.

As we exited our sitter’s room, the walls began to rot away and a thick gooey looking substance, presumably blood began to ooze down the walls and roof. My brother and I looked at the walls and noticed they also began to crack and break apart. What the hell was going on and how was it possible that our sister’s teddy bear was alive?!

My brother and I ran into the kitchen and armed ourselves with knives, air freshener, matches, rags, handguns, gasoline containers, and even bottles of wine. We wanted that demonic teddy bear dead, and we had all the right weapons for the job. Just as we entered our sister’s old room again, we noticed the teddy bear was gone, and the air vents were open.

“S**t! It’s in the vents!” my brother shouted.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it!” I said as I began to build a homemade molotov cocktail and lit it up. “Time to flush you out, you little b*****d!” I shouted as I threw the molotov into the open air vent.

“Get down!” I shouted as pushed my brother down and covered him up to block the blast. There was a massive explosion inside the air vents, and it was in unison with the sounds of high-pitched screaming, almost like a demons. I was burnt badly, but not enough to kill me, so I got back up and decided to find a plan to destroy our house and this demonic teddy bear¬†permanently!

Suddenly, we heard a pitter patter sound, coming from the inside of the vents, and we were paralyzed in fear. We quickly snapped out of it, realizing we would be killed if we couldn’t escape on time. My brother and I ran down the stairs of house.

“How is that thing still alive?!” my brother shouted holding out his gun.

“I’m not sure, but we have to kill it once and for all,” I said as I prepared another molotov as quickly as possible. Just then my brother was grabbed from behind my the demonic teddy bear.

“Help me, Alex!” shouted my brother as the demonic teddy bear covered his mouth.

“Let him go!” I shouted as I hesitated to throw my molotov at the bear. The evil bear let out a demonic laugh as it impaled its knife into my brother’s stomach.

“NO!” I shouted as I watched my brother being stabbed. The teddy bear then looked at me with glowing red eyes.

“Run Alex! Run!” my brother shouted, before dying.

I cried and felt a huge amount of anger in my heart. This thing killed my brother and now it was going to kill me?! I don’t think so!

I ran down into the basement of my house and stab holes in all the gas pipes and containers. Just then I heard the tiny pitter patter of the teddy bear as it came down the basement stairs. I had never felt so much fear in whole life, but at the same time I was more angry than I had ever felt before, and it somehow made my fear go away.

I heard the teddy bear laugh as it scraped it knife down the metal wall of the basement. I knew if I died this evil bear would be set loose upon the world and I wasn’t going to let happen. I waited for the evil bear to approach the gas containers and then shot them, causing a massive explosion which engulfed the house in flames and destroyed everything in its path.

I woke up in the hospital a week later with no memory of what happened to me. My memory came back after about a week and I remembered everything. However, I don’t even know how I survived the explosion and fire, but I wish I hadn’t because my brother died protecting me from that evil bear. But maybe, I should be glad I’m still alive because now I can tell you all my story, knowing I stopped a great evil from taking other lives.

I still have nightmares about my experience and it’s been difficult to sleep. I managed to find a nice house here in a very religious area and it seems the positive atmosphere here has helped my nightmares go away. I still have a fear of teddy bears and the supernatural.

However, another thing that scares me is, my parents never came home that night, and my sister never contacted me back from Las Vegas. To this day, I still do not know what happened to them. I’d rather not think about it.


*Sounds of girl giggling*

Alex: What the hell?!

*Sounds of children crying*

Alex: Oh s**t! S**t! S**t!

Little Girl Voice: Play with me!

Alex: No! I destroyed you! The house was burned down!

*Sounds of children crying*

Alex: How’d you survive?!

*The narrator cries*

How’d you find me?!

*Sound of knife being taken out*

Alex: Stay away from me you evil demonic teddy bear!

*Sounds of knife stabs*

Agh!! Ugh!!

*Alex chokes and dies*


*Sounds of girl giggling*

Demonic Little Girl Voice: Don’t worry. Soon it’ll be our time to play, because I’m everywhere.

*Sounds of demonic child laughing*

Demonic Little Girl Voice: I see you and I know where you live!

*Sounds of demonic child laughter*

Demonic Little Girl Voice: I’m coming for you. I’m coming for you all! Time to play!

*The story ends with a closeup of a demonic pink teddy bear’s face with glowing red eyes staring right into the screen with blood on its face*

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    That was quite original. It wasn’t written poorly and the ending was the first I’ve ever seen like that on this website. Very interesting idea; nice story.

  • Rose Morrison

    Good. Needs an edit to root out the spelling and grammatical errors, then it would read easier. I look forward to more from you.